10 Things as a kid that scarred me for life (part 1)

1. Rugrats episode where Chuckie ate a watermelon seed. Season 2 Episode 12. Youtube that shit.

That shit craycray. The episode shows the toddler, Angelica, telling a story about a baby eating a seed and a watermelon plant starts growing out the baby's ears and mouth. WHAT. After that, the Rugrats 'go inside Chuckie' and take out the seed he swallowed. Now how do you expect a child under 5 to react? I didn't want no melon growing inside my iddy-biddy tummy. 

Things said in the episode that will scare any child:

Grandad says: "you can't eat watermelon until you're older, you don't want to swallow a seed and have a watermelon growing in your tummy." 

Film shown on the TV: "If we don't get that seed out of him, it's going to explode."

Chuckie asks Angelica: "what if it starts growing?" And she replies: "It will start growing. It will grow into a whole watermelon and it will get bigger and bigger and bigger and then KABOOM!"

Now call me crazy, but that episode was for sure going to scar any child that watches it. The creators of that episode are Monsters. Monsters the lot of you! I still won't eat a watermelon seed to this day and it is all your fault.

2. Octopus/pi dream that has made me have an extreme phobia of the animal for life

As a child I had a dream that I was in the sea with Hayley but the sea was completely thick with oil and we couldn't even see our legs in the water. For some reason an octopus grabs Hayley by the feet and drags her underwater and I frantically couldn't find her again.

When I got home I went to find my step-dad but I saw a little yellow octopus on the floor and as it walked/slithered/whatever towards me, it grew and warped into a human. The human was my step-dad and for some reason he was acting weird as if it wasn't him.

Me and my sister climbed into the attic above the kitchen (how is that even possible if the kitchen is on the ground floor?) and as my step-dad was trying to grab Hayley and kill her, I saw that his spine was yellow and stuck out from his skin in a weird tentacle kind of pattern.

He then turned on me and then he went on a hunt for me to try and kill me too.

From then on, I refuse to go into the sea at swimming level even if it is clear water and I refuse to even look at an Octopus at sea life centres. Even the mention of them makes my skin crawl and make me think back at the dream I had when I was little. The dream is still so clear and I remember it at every second at every detail. Just nope.

3. Laptop fires

Now I have never had a laptop fire, but when the firemen came to Primary and High School, they would scar you and show you little video clips of how house fires start and the damage it caused after it. Likewise, though it scars kids, it is really affective - if it scars a kid, the kid won't risk the fire. No harm, No foul.

One of the things that I just can't even when it comes to fires and electronics, is leave the laptop on whilst it is just sat there doing nothing on the couch or a bed. Before I go to sleep, or even in another room, I have to shut the laptop screen and flip it over so it is bottom-up. 

Risk of fires is not what I want to chance, though it is very very rare it will happen in like ten minutes while I get food or a drink or go for a piss or something, I have to turn the laptop upside down. Honestly, though it's a habit, it's extremely effective just in case. Safety first.

4. Scarecrows

Honestly, I haven't the slightest clue why I hate them so much - I haven't even seen one in reality. Seeing these things on TV give me the chills; maybe I had a nightmare as a child; maybe they are just damn right creepy as F; maybe when I see the scarecrows, I picture something more mysterious and creepy. Does that make sense to you? 

Scaring crows in the job, hence the name, but I think they scare humans more than birds. Why are they called 'Scarecrows' when the crows sit and graze on them? They should be named 'ScareHumans'TilTheyHaveNightmares.' 

5. Ghost and spiritual happenings

Honestly, sceptics can read past this point, unless you are feeling intrigued then read on.

Around the age of 4 or 5, I went to visit my now-passed Great Nana at her nursing home room with my Mum, Nana, twin and little brother. As my Mum and Nana were speaking to my Great Nana, me, my twin, and my little brother all looked at her old-fashioned chair that faced the wall opposite a mirror [as I remembered, I could be wrong with the layout.] 

There was an old woman wrapped in her red tartan dressing gown, wearing her black slip on slippers, and just sat still on the chair. My twin and I could only see the back of her, yet we were too scared to see what she really looked like and I am not sure why. Luckily and bravely, my little brother toddled over and stood in front of the woman - he giggled. 

Not long later, my little brother toddled back over to my Mum, as my twin and I watched the old woman stand up and look into the mirror - thing was - she never had a reflection. My Mum and Nana both asked what all three of us were looking at, and we all told her about the old woman; Mum and Nana both couldn't see her, but my Great Nana confirmed that there was an old woman that had died in that exact room. 

To this day, I remember to detail and can still picture that exact moment. Honestly, there has been more spiritual activity now than there was when I was a kid: I can see mists; feel presences; hear footsteps and unexplained bangs; feel unexplained anxiety and dizziness; see the recliner chair unfolding and folding itself either when I am sat on it or I watch it; feel like I am being watched every now and then; and the recliner chair moves left, right, or to an angle over night.

Here are more examples [not relating to this blog post and scarring for life as a child]:

When my friend came to visit and stay the night, we were in the kitchen when we had paused the film we had on the DVD player. Now, before I tell you what happened I must point out that we have paused the DVD player plenty of times and it never goes onto normal TV ever. Once we were in the kitchen getting something to eat, I heard Katie's favourite TV show on, but I remembered we weren't watching it. I asked Katie if she had turned the Sky Box on and she hadn't - she freaked out. Even more, I noticed the TV Remote was on the kitchen table, when I distinctly remember leaving it on the arm of the couch.

In the morning, I was told that later the night before when I had gone to bed and left Katie and Alexander in the front room to finish watching the film, the next thing they heard was the front door opening by itself; Alexander went to check if anyone had opened it and walked/run away but there was no one around - he ran to the end of the street to check if he could see anyone running away to try and explain it. No one.

Sceptics will try and find reasons, but I am a true believer. Yes, there may be logical reasons for what I am experiencing now, but go on, explain to me how my twin and little brother could see exactly what I could see?; explain the mist and the unexplained activity with the chair; and explain the TV Sky Box turning on onto Katie's favourite channel itself and the Remote moving from the couch to the kitchen table. Comment below with your answers. Well this was long - my bad.

Much love,


  1. It's funny how fears from your childhood stick with you! My uncle once pretended the car was going to water (don't ask me why I believed him) and now taking driving lessons I'm terrified of being near water...

    Followed you! http://www.absibabs.com/

    1. OMG it is so strange and terrifying how something so small could affect our lives so drastically. I hope you overcome your fear!
      Thank you for commenting x

  2. Haha YES that episode of Rugrats was terrifying! I think there was another one with 'dream Tommy' which was super freaky too. I just remember being scarred by a ventriloquist dummy on the Royal Variety show... still haunts me!

    1. I thought I was the only one who could remember the episode lol. Oh they are pretty creepy! Thank you for commenting!

  3. This post is has me thinking a lot now! We have #4 & #5 in common. I also agree with the 1st comment. Childhood fears do stick with you, it has for me. The horror movie child's play and the following sequels still scare me. I don't think I'll get over it. - Ashley

    1. Thankyou for commenting,
      I'm glad we have things in common, especially creepy stuff from childhoods. I only ever watched Child's Play after the age of 16 which I found the film pathetically bad haha. I understand as a child you would be scared though!


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