Bedtime Tag

Alexander and our God-daughter.

Nika Friday is again cancelled this week as the result of an illness; Nika isn't feeling too good and I can totally understand where she is coming from. For the past week both Alexander and I have been burning up and feeling sick; we couldn't even visit family as we didn't want to spread it to them. Sadly, Nika is feeling the same so today I am going to blog instead.

This time, I am blogging about what goes on in the bedroom - no, not that you dirty bugger; Bedtime Tag anyone?

For some strange, yet amusing reason, I have seen many Bloggers doing a 'Bedtime Tag,' and as I find it so amusing, I just thought that I HAVE to do one too! I found the first Bedtime Tag on TeaTimeTails and saw how simple and affective it really is. To set the scene, I go to bed every night with my partner, and only my partner; no baby or pet yet to join us! 

What are your favourite pyjamas?
Pyjamas? What is this word you speak of? Naked / underwear is best.

Current bedtime reading?
My Social Media websites, if I am not in the know-how then I will feel too agitated to sleep. Also, I read blog posts I need to catch up on; Internet again, what is wrong with me?

What is on your bedtime table?
Crap. Empty glasses, ashtrays, mobile phones, cigarette packets & lighters [not mine,] deodorant and my Samsung Tablet. Clutter, clutter everywhere.

Favourite sleeping scent?
My boyfriend.

What is your usual bedtime and wake up time?
Hahahaha. What is a bedtime? I sleep when I am done being bored downstairs, sometimes between 01:00am and 05:00am. I wake up when Alexander is stumbling around the room trying to find his work clothes, or when he gives me a kiss goodbye. Either 04:00am and 13:00pm depending on his shift time.

Top three bedtime products?
Honestly, I don't use any products before bed, however, if I would say any products, I would say a glass of Tropical Juice - it's a product after all.

Your most common sleeping position?
Foetus. If you have never tried the foetus position, try it, you will know exactly why babies are lay in the foetus position in the womb.

Any strange bedtime routines?
I wouldn't say I have any 'strange' routines, but I do have to go to the loo otherwise I will wake up in the middle of the night needing a pee; check my phone, refer to 'current bedtime reading;' and make sure I am on the right hand side of the bed. Maybe it's strange that I have no strange bedtime routine.

Are you a big spoon or a little spoon?
Little spoon; damn it is so comfy and I feel protected and loved when I am spooned. I love the feel of being safe. Unless Alexander is ill and needs to be spooned to sleep. I am nice like that.

I tag every blogger who has just read this! 

I've never done a Tag before but I reckon I did alright on my first one. Now you know a little bit more about me. What do you think?

Much love,


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