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Now you all hear the myths of twins that can 'read each other's minds' and 'feel each others pain' but what you don't know, is that is ABSOLUTE GARBAGE. Twins are not all conjoined; twins do not have some unknown super power all the none-twins seem to think we have; twins can not read each other's mind; twins can not feel each other's pain. Believe me, I have hit my twin enough to know - I haven't caused pain upon myself.

I have read plenty of online articles about Myths with twins and some of the comments and the 'debunking' are just damn right hilarious to the point I just feel embarrassed for the people who write the articles. If you want to know FACTS - ask a twin. Honestly, I am quite impressed with the creativity that none-twins have made up to make twins seem like a pair of aliens who have a 6th sense. Likewise, if twins have made up these myths, it will blatantly  be just for attention as these myths are debunked through facts.

Every single day of my Primary and High School days there would be someone or a group of people coming over to me and my twin saying: "aw, you two are so cute, you look so alike, are you sisters or twins?." Now when you hear this same shit every single day, you just want to tell them that they are f****** Captain Obvious, and to be completely sarcastic towards them. How dumb can you get? We are IDENTICAL TWINS for f*** sake.

Things I have been asked in the past (feel the sarcasm in my comments:)

Are you sisters? 
No, we're clones.... *tumble weed stroll by*

Are you identical? You both look so alike.
Same age. Same year in school. Same last name. Hm. Maybe. Just maybe.

If I punch your sister can you feel it too?
I dunno. I'll tell you what: why don't you give it a try and I will tell you how it goes?

Can you read her mind? What is she thinking right now?
Oh, oh I know this one! She's thinking: shut the eff up. No we can't.

Do you, like, speak your own language?
You mean baby talk? Yeah, yeah that is right, but under the age of 2.

If I whisper into your sister's ear, can you hear what I am saying?
Yeah, I can also hold a chair, table, eight elephants, and a dog on my nose, whilst my sister uses her powers to balance them all without me putting any effort in.

When you are in labour, can your twin feel the contractions?
Technically yes, her nervous system will react but unfortunately she won't feel a thing. *None sarcastic btw*

[Inappropriate to eff] If you have sex, can your twin feel it too?
No. No she can't. And thank god neither of us can feel the other getting giddy. Imagine if i'm just sat down, about to dig into my scrumptious tea and all of a sudden I feel a sensation in my vagina, just like: "oh, she's at it again. Give it 5 minutes." Bloody ell - Imagine.

Here are some facts that are REAL within Twins.

Twins are Opposites - I would say it is in fact 50% chance true. Me and my twin are completely different. I am the 'smart and geeky twin' who was in the top sets; I am also the 'girly-girl twin.' On the other hand, my twin is a tom-boy who plays football and wears what you would class as 'lesbian clothes,' however, she has grown out of that habit more and wears more of the girly-version of her normal clothes.

Twins share ESP - the younger you are, the more this is true. Let me tell you a story: When I was around four-ish and I was at home with one of my family members whilst my twin was out shopping with my mum, I turned to my guardian and told him/her that my twin had hurt her head and that she is crying - I even pointed to the place she hurt her head. Shockingly, when my mum arrived home with my twin, she had in fact bumped her head in the exact spot I had described, and she had been crying. Spooky.

Twins aren't always limb to limb close - I'm not sure why people think ALL twins are like middle and ring-finger close, it's not all that: it's not all 'dress the same; act the same; talk the same,' as that, to me, is just creepy. Honestly, if you are in fact a pair of those twins who do exactly what each other do, also, dress and act the same, then please walk away from me. It is just for attention and you're hiding the fact you have your OWN PERSONALITIES. No person, whether you're a twin or not, have the same personalities, likes and dislikes. Get a grip. Dressing the same is only cute when you are under the age of three, after that it's plain ridiculous and, quite frankly, cringe-worthy.

Twins speak their own language - this is 40% [fact] true. 40% of twins invent their own language, and the only reason I know this is true is the result of my twin and I did invent our own language. My parents would hear us both talking in a language no one has ever heard of, truthfully, I just think it was baby talk, but apparently we 'invented our own language.'

Twins have a 6th sense - true but only if you are conjoined. Twins can guess what the other is thinking, or they have a 'feeling' what the other is thinking, but there is no proof that we can 'read minds.' Imagine if I just turned to my friend who asked me what my twin is thinking and I just say: "food. She wants chips with gravy and lots of salt, with a side of shut the f*** up." No, that just doesn't happen.

Twins can get the same illnesses as a baby/toddler - As a baby, we both ended up having kidney problems, only real problem was, my sister has a scar now on one of her Kidneys as the medicine didn't work as well as it did me. My kidneys are fine now with the odd water infection here and there but Hayley still suffers a lot from water infections often.When I was around four, my Twin was admitted to hospital with Tonsillitis and not long after [same day] I was also admitted. The Doctors were expecting me.    

Wow, sorry I was quite aggressive whilst writing this article. You can understand why though can't you? You can understand all the pecking of the head, all the questions, all the dumb-ass myths, and all the facts that needed to be brought out, right? No, you wouldn't know unless you actually are a twin and have been harassed with all the questions and speculations since you were as young as you can remember.

Hopefully, I have gotten across to some people who believe all the myths and do think that us twins can feel each other's pain but also read each other's minds. To them, we are aliens with a 6th sense and it is time we stopped this madness.

Even the comment: "you look like your twin on this picture" needs to stop, because it's true. Every now and again twins will look the same on pictures no matter how hard they try to look how they want to express their personalities. Us identical twins have most of the same features. Get used to it.

One Random Fact about me and my twin
During the night we will go to sleep in different positions but a few hours in, we will end up sleeping in the same position. Clarified by my parents. I still don't believe it is possible to just turn our bodies into the same position, or whether it is simply coincidence.
I think - every time the topic comes up before I sleep - that at some point, my twin will sleep in the same position. Honestly, I don't know what that position is. Just a random fact for you.

Twins, please comment with your random facts about you and your twin. I would love to know what you two do the same without even realising it until either your parents or friends have pointed it out to you.

Much love,

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