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I have been thinking lately about how different everyone and everything is; size; shape; personality; attitude; country; culture; and well being. As I am sat out in the not-so-hot English sun, I have realised that there is so much more to life than judgements; mishaps; abuse; racial comments; and fattists [lets just say weight judges], when there is a whole world out there we haven't explored; people in the world we haven't met. 

We see a substantial amount of hate and crime, even hate-crime, but what happened to the 'peace and love' most people wish amongst themselves? Our journey in life isn't supposed to be about judging, as this causes others to retaliate and hold back from being on their dream journey - we all have goals. All of us - yes that includes myself - need to get off our ass, apologise to those whom we have hurt, and make today a brighter day; make the world a better place.

Constantly there are children, adults even, committing suicide or hiding away from everyone and everything, plainly because some dit-whit has said something mean or bullied that person for their whole lives. People are only bullied as a result of 1) jealousy - more? There is no more. Bullies attack as a result of jealousy; that victim has/is what/who they will never have/be. (That made sense to me.) 

Jealousy can result in a whole lot of unnecessary drama that no one wishes upon anyone else. Bullies are bullies, there is no stopping it until we take action. The journey to accomplishing our dreams is halted by hate; halted by crime; halted full stop, because of all this shit going on. Man up and stop being scared - stand up to those who hate you; stand up to those who pick on you for no reason whatsoever. 

Everyone is beautiful in their own way - I have realised that the hard way. Yes I was a fattist; I hated the fact that 'fat people' are so lazy and claim benefits without even considering the hard work the employers and employees do to afford to live, let alone afford to pay for the laziness of those claiming benefits. No longer am I a fattist [excludes the people I just spoke about - they still grind my gears], I believe everyone has their own personality; their own beauty; their own attitude; and their own well being. If they are happy, then I am happy for them.

Stop judging people. Stop hate. Stop crime. Let people conquer the journey that matters most to them - they have dreams and goals just like you. 

I am not perfect; I have never thought that for a second; I have flaws just like you do; I have moments where I wish I look better; I have moments where I just want to curl up into a ball and cry. But then I remember, I have moments of pure joy; happiness; radiance; and being over the moon. Why? Because I am alive; I am here to this day writing this blog post you are so kindly reading. Life is precious and life is short. Make the most of it.

Recently there has a huge controversial issue with an #AreYouBikiniBodyReady ? advert plastered all over the place where the women, who do not look like the model or do not agree with the ad, have been vandalising the poster with opposing hashtags and being extremely dramatic. Honestly, I think the ad is like every other weight loss advert displayed. You can choose to want to look like the model OR you chose to not be so dramatic and vandalise the poster because you don't agree with it. 

This ad is purposely for those who want to achieve the weight loss goal like the model, which is what most women are not understanding; the company is not mocking you; the company are not trying to belittle you; the company realistically are just making a profit from those wanting to look similar to the model. Yes not everyone looks like her in a bikini, yes there are women infuriated out there because they think they are "bikini body ready" and are claiming the company is saying women all should look like the model. No, that is not what they are saying.

You are bikini body ready. There is no reason to be over dramatic and say "my bikini is on my body on the beach so I am ready." DUH. Really?! Its for WEIGHT LOSS GOALS not to belittle you. You are obviously beautiful in your own way. If you are happy with your own body then I am happy for you. You will only ever be happy if you are happy in your own skin. You are you.

Everyone deserves to stop being bullied.

Everyone deserves happiness.

Everyone deserves to be happy in their own skin.

Everyone deserves to experience the journey that matters.

I am sending my love to all of those who are sad and feel lonely; to those hiding in their bedroom away from the rest of the world; to those who wish they looked like someone they have admired [a celebrity maybe?]. You, yes you, smile. You are beautiful; you are amazing. Please take a stand and look after yourself - you will only feel beautiful if you believe you are beautiful.

Take those baggy sweats off, take that make-up off - wear what embraces your figure. Show your teeth whilst you smile. Let your hair down! To anyone who bullies you - tell them to F*** Off. Tell them you are you, you are gorgeous, you are happy in your own skin and everyone else can go suck d**** because you are number one and number one is all that matters.

You, you are beautiful. Don't forget that.

Much love,

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