Male Guide to: Female Communication

Ever wondered what your woman is thinking and how she plans to win the argument that is brewing? Ever wondered why there is a saying: "Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus? Thankfully, I have written a Guide for you Men.

This will help avoid common arguments by bettering your understandings of how females communicate. This is the Male Guide to Female Communication.


Women want intimacy in conversation; to feel connected to others.

  1. try to avoid the appearance of "superiority."
    Men: it's your role to be superior - or so you think. Some women try and keep her superiority low and hidden to make you feel more manly yourself.

  2. want to reach consensus and consult others before deciding.
    Men: women don't direct statements without thinking long and hard before, she isn't you.

  3. communicate to build relationships
    Whether that is, family, friendship or a couple relationship. There will always be a relationship gain with communication.

  4. use more words to make a point and express more feelings
    Men: because we are illiterate and dramatic as F.

  5. use conversation to think through a problem and work toward a solution
    Men: it is easier for a woman to figure out problems through conversion rather than thinking alone herself. Solutions flow easier. Get talking and suggesting with her.

  6. give feedback with tack, tentativeness, and sensitivity to the other person's feelings
    Men: women are caring people and know how it feels when you are not sensitive - it hurts.

  7. often change the topic in the middle of a conversation, then return to it later
    Men: this may be during an argument she knows she is losing, or she has stopped responding because your points are invalid and/or stupid. Just wait until she wants to re-visit this topic later - practice what you are going to say now.

  8. often "go around the houses" than make a direct statement
    For some reason women don't like to be direct - you probably already know this

  9. talk more about relationships than anything else
    Men: women talk relationships with each other and is just a general conversation or she is bitching about you. Don't be surprised when she wants to sit you down and talk about your relationship, it's honestly probably nothing, just kiss the cross when she says: "We need to talk," because that is not good news.

  10. tend to take verbal rejection personally
    Men: try and think & talk with the mind of a woman. Reject her sensitively and show her it's okay.

  11. are likely to ask your for help with something
    She will also look and use the manual - it definitely won't be in the men's hands that's for sure.

  12. have an emotional approach to problems
    Men: that doesn't mean she cries at problems, she is more sensitive and caring to help others.

  13. Women hint
    • women are socialised and put other's first
    • women often expect men to read their minds and know what they want without actually telling them

  14. have an amazing memory for details and are more sentimental than men
    Men: she knows what you wore on May 31st 1990 at 10:00am. She even knows what the weather was like; don't test her.

  15. want compassion first when she has a problem, then the help
    Men: show her you care and want to help, then give her the advice she needs.

  16. think "big picture" connecting all aspects of life 
    Men: it's good to remember that her brooding over things and bringing up the past doesn't mean she is trying to nag, it's just the way her mind works - connecting one event to the other

  17. When women are stressed she wants and needs vent. She will often verbally recall every single horrific detail; she is often dramatic and uses the phrases: "He always...!" "We never....!"
    Men: when a woman reacts like this, remember it's just a valve on the pressure cooker. Respond with sympathy and questions that further encourage her to talk it out. Trust me on this.

  18. Once a woman feels her emotions have been heard and understood, she immediately feels better.

  19. Most woman think their man never listens
    Men: it's more than likely because you didn't give her any verbal cues to prove you're listening. Indicate you're listening by asking "how did that make you feel?"

  20. Women love being taken care of by men
    You can take that anyway you wish; women love being taken care of either way - just saying.

  21. Most woman say "I can do it myself."
    Men: it's not that she doesn't want your help, it's because she really can do it herself. Offer help, do it yourself, tell her that even know you know she can do it herself, you would like to do it for her as you like to do things for her
  22. When a woman says: "nothing."Men: she actually wants you to read her mind or guess. Honestly, you can guess all you want, just count your lucky stars that you are close to guessing the right problem otherwise you, my friend, are in the dog house. Think long and hard before you guess or try and help.
  23. When a woman says: "I'm fine."
    Men: if she is happy and bubbly saying she's fine then everything really is fine. However, when she says she's fine with no expression on her face, or she has a face like you forgot it was your anniversary together, then go over and hug her. Tell her that if she doesn't want to talk about it then it's fine, but also give her the option of sitting down one-to-one and talking her problems out. Women like options.
  24. When a woman says: " I Love You."
    Men: whether you love her too or not, when a woman tells you she loves you, she means it. Women don't often admit they love their boyfriend, so when she nervously tells you, don't verbally reject her personally (if you don't feel the same) be gentle with her. If you love her too, hug her/kiss her and tell her you love her too.

Now, Men, I hope you understand your woman more of how she thinks, communicates, and ticks. Hopefully, this stops most of your unnecessary arguments you wish to have avoided in the first place. Honestly, I taught myself a few things and I realised it's not just me in all this.

Don't worry males, I have also written a Female Guide to Male Communication so us women can understand more about you and how you tick, because honestly, we think you men are hard to figure out. Do you really mean "nothing" when you say "nothing?"

Women, find out in the next Guide to Communication!

Keep an eye out for it next Wednesday.

Much love,



  1. Love this kind of post, it's so 'real life'! Men and women will never truly understand each other I don't think, or so it seems anyway haha!
    Thanks for leaving your link on twitter, followed :)
    lily x

    1. Thank you for leaving a comment, especially with kind words :) even Alexander disagrees with this because he truly doesn't understand either. I, too, don't fully understand the opposite sex but I got the jist of it.

      You're welcome xx


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