My First Kiss

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As a newly-sprung teenager just going through puberty, you feel a strong attraction to the opposite sex (sorry - to the same sex if you swing that way) and you start to imagine what your first kiss is going to be like; the perfect mixture of movement and tongue that you fall into your own little bubble not hearing anything or anyone around you - it's just you and the other person; a peck so sweet and tender that you can hardly feel it; or horrendously bad where there is too much tongue and you feel like you're in a washing machine.

Me, I pictured my First Kiss being soft, tender, and perfectly in sync, whilst at the lake district watching over the untouched natural scenes of what nature intended. Sickening, I know, but I was young and typically pictured it being so Hollywood. However, that was not the case; my first kiss was different but perfect in a way. Here's my story:

Jitters of butterflies raced around my sick-felt stomach whilst I watched my large mixed gendered group of friends play nervously: 'Spin the Bottle Kiss.' Like every young teenager who's played Spin the Bottle, it was a lottery - it was the chance of good luck or bad luck; do you kiss the person you have had a crush on since you first set eyes on him, or will you kiss the person who you would rather eat your own vomit over than give them a smooch? Spin the Bottle was a 50/50 chance, your only goal is to wish and hope for the bottle to land on your crush; for him to lean over, place his soft hand upon your cheek, close his eyes, and give you the kiss you have been longing for. 

It was my crushes turn to spin the bottle - you could feel the tension and hear the heartbeats picking up of every single one of the eight girls in the room as they hoped it was them the bottle landed on. My crush's beautiful brown eyes scoped around the room; his hair so lusciously brown and styled with a long swoop fringe, highlighted his tanned skin tone and eye shape; his pale pink plumped lips outlined his adorable yet attractive smile that pulled you in like a moth to a flame; a jawline so masculine you just want to run the tip of your fingers along it before you take a nibble. Yes ladies, that guy you have dreamt of. He exists.

Spinning so fast, the bottle began it's countdown - was it you or them it was going to land on? Unexpectedly, the four walls of the room felt as if they were closing in, the bottle span in slow motion, and my heart beat so hard I thought my friend's next to me could see and hear it through my chest. The bottle slowed down, to her, to him, to me. Staring stunned at the bottle, I couldn't believe the bottle landed on me; my palms started sweating; my heart beat faster and harder; my mouth dried and opened slightly - I looked at him. I won the lottery. It was an 8:1 chance and for the first time in my life, the chances were on my side. 

So shocked and still, my body refused to interact - I looked as if Medusa was the bottle and I was the victim. Politely yet so gently, my crush walked towards me; he leant down so his gorgeous face was only a breath away from mine; he closed his eyes slowly as his eyelashes wafted a tiny breeze edging my eyes to close too, and he placed his soft, delicate lips upon mine. Our lip action was in sync, every few movements the tip of his tongue touched mine - it was intense. Friends were counting down from ten, but the world disappeared from mind and my ears closed. I couldn't hear anything, all I felt was him; the touch of his lips; his breath; his sensitising tip of his tongue; the heat of his skin; and the touch of his palms holding my face into his. 

Countdown ended and friends were shouting for us to stop, yet both my crush and I couldn't hear them - the kiss was long, intimate, sensual and just one of the best First Kisses you could ever dream of. Yes I was not at the lake district surrounded by breath-taking landscape while having a Hollywood kiss, but I was at home with my friends having the experience of my lifetime at that exact moment. After what seemed like the perfect eternity, the kiss sadly came to an end - I could finally catch my breath; I came back into reality.

Big brown eyes looked straight into mine, however, I shyly looked away. Sad thing was, I never really spoke to him after that - it wasn't awkward, we just natural never spoke. Cute, yes, but we never really clicked; we were better off as friends. 

Though the kiss was more than I expected, it was almost six years ago, and it isn't one I miss. I do, likewise, treasure the memory as it was one of the best first kisses you could have asked for as a newly-teen. 

My First Kiss is a memory I cherish.

How was your first kiss? Would you rather cherish it or forget it?
Comment below, I would love to know.

Much love,


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