The Versatile Blogger Award

Now I am not one to really get nominated for anything to be honest, and when I do I am extremely thankful! I never really feel like I am worth a nomination as all I do is blog my thoughts, feelings, views, and about my daily life. Including my new chapter Baby Adventures that is every Monday, which is also a Twitter Chat on Monday evenings 6pm GMT! 

Honestly, thank you Brittany from
Living in June for nominating me for the 'Versatile Award,' I am very grateful and it is very unexpected. 

Like every award like this one, there are Rules to go with it. Sort of like Chinese Whispers or a Chain Message, but I find these ones fun to do. Sorry if you hate them, and i'm sorry if I have nominated you to do one if you dislike doing them. I am not forcing you to do the same, but I would just like to nominate the Bloggers whom I think are worthy of this award.

Quite frankly, I have no idea what happens after being nominated. Who chooses the winner?


  1. Thank the person who nominated you
  2. Share 7 different interesting facts about yourself
  3. Tag 10 blogs for others to connect with

Well here goes

7 interesting facts about Moi:
(I am going to try and think of things I haven't already mentioned in past posts.)

  1. I am in love with James Bay; his songs are truly inspiring and his voice is so damn fine. Bay's songs make you feel everything he is singing about. Love!
  2. Sitting alone in a room with just my laptop, a cup of tea, and music is what helps me blog at my best. Silence is so underrated.
  3. If I am in the house either alone or with my boyfriend, I won't wear pants. I don't like wearing them and feel so much comfier just wearing a baggy jumper, underwear and knee-high slippers. Obviously, if there is company in the house I will shove a pair of pants on.
  4. Being cold is a pet hate. If I feel a little bit cold I have to turn the heating or the fire on. Even in bed I have to feel like I am fire before I fall asleep.
  5. People underestimate how big my heart is and how open I am. I have even started a Twitter Chat for women trying for a baby / mothers-to-be / mothers so we can talk, swap tips and tricks, and give each other advice. I'm good like that. (Twitter @lnohara95)
  6. When I find a Blogger I love, I have to read his/her posts from day 1 so I am caught up. It's just like reading a book; if I am hooked, i'm hooked.
  7. My morning ritual is to: make a cup of tea, sit down in silence, open the laptop, and watch all the YouTubers & Vloggers from that day; Julien Solomita, Jenna Marbles and her vlog channel JennaMarblesVlog, Lilly Singh (a.k.a iiSuperwomanii) and her vlog channel iiSuperwomanVlogs. After all them I then catch up on my favourite Blogger's posts.

10 blogs I recommend you connect with:
(Okay, I picked 8 because i'm badass. No, really.)

Antoinette - Letterstoa: to me, A is one of the best bloggers of our time and she should be recognised for her talent. Her pictures are always crystal clear, her outfits are so unique and inspiring, and she is just a beautiful person inside and out. 

Brittany - Living in June: Brittany is a very open and caring person, she writes from the heart and you can see it in her writing. Worth the read and the follow.

A Bloke's Eye view: One of the best male bloggers so far. He writes about Fashion, Fitness, Hobbies, Lifestyle, and Music. Give him your support he deserves, beauts.

Laura Jade - livelovelaughwithlaurajade: Laura has only been blogging since 2014 and I would say she is doing great! Her blog is so bonny and she blogs about tips and tricks of everyday essentials. Worth a read.

Becca Rose - The Clique: This is Becca's second blog, also her newest. Becca Rose is such a confident and beautiful girl and she is worthy of being recommended by me to the rest of you.

Tori Sung - Self-Explanatori: Tori is a Lifestyle and Beauty Blogger from Toronto, Canada. She is new-ish to blogging, i would say, but I love how she writes. Her layout is also that of a blogger of a few years!

Vix Meldrew: Beauty, fashion and lifestyle blogger who I feel is very heart-warming and entertaining. Even her blog layout is so warm that you just stick around and read her beautiful work and stare at her crystal clear photos.

Megan Johnson - Tipsy Writer: A MUST SEE Blogger. I can't. I just can't. Please visit her blog and see for yourself why I can't explain why I recommend you follow her. Go, go now!

Don't hate me for doing this!

Much love,

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