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Manchester Escalator Twitter - MCREscalator website - &

Manchester Escalator is the first ever venue for Press Tent to host a Blogger Event, but it is also the first EVER event I have ever been too. Honestly, I brought Alexander along with me as I didn't know anyone personally there, though, I had befriended a newby-blogger on Twitter (I will link her Twitter Account later in the post) and met up with her at the Event. For the whole night, it was just Alexander, Rachael, and myself checking out all the brands and chatting to fellow bloggers. 

Press Tent were amazing, even though it was their first event, they went out of their way to make every Blogger feel comfortable and relaxed as soon as they arrived; also giving the cheeky glass of Champagne to each of us - not complaining *wink.*

Twin Face Jewellery

Twin Face -  Twitter - @twinface_ Instagram - @twinfacejewellery 

Who doesn't love jewellery? These two identical twins (hints in the name of the brand) have created such gorgeous pieces. If I do say so myself, I was loving the Unicorn necklace the most! The twins even went out of their way to make such scrummy cakes - you know those cupcakes that make your mouth water where its soft on the outside but so fluffy that you feel like you have died and gone to heaven? Yeah, you know what I am talking about. That was the feeling whilst eating a cupcake. 

Tops it all off really. Gorgeous jewellery and fluffy cupcakes! Who wouldn't say no? On a serious note, this set of twins have created beautiful pieces and I hope to one day buy one of their products, especially that unicorn necklace I had my eye on. Alexander, if you're reading this, take the hints.

What Emma Did Boutique

What Emma Did blogtique - @whatemmadid_ Instagram - Whatemmadid_

What can I say about Emma?
Firstly, she is so kind and gentle and you can see how hard she has been working on her boutique. Everything she has created is at such a great standard at low prices! I was shocked at how low the prices actually are. See the floral dress (i'm buying) on the manaquin? That dress is only £10. TENNER! How amazing! Such a gorgeous print and the fabric is so soft - I have to have! 

Emma was explaining to Alexander, Rachel, and myself, all about how she has been blogging for eight years and have decided to create a boutique for Bloggers, as she wants to give back. She is such a sweet woman and I am so proud of her - I have/do read her blog, and I have to say, she is professional yet it seeps personality. You have to read her blog yourself to understand why. 

Please check out her boutique, especially if you are a blogger yourself!


Wicker Wings - Twitter - @wickerwings Instagram - @wickerwings 

Beautiful intricately handmade Wicker Bags - weaving individual strands of wicker. All wicker is grown naturally.

Their Story: Growing up as kids, their parents taught them how important it is to give back and would send money back to their village in China to improve their local school. Recently, Wicker Wings discovered, that back in China, their grandmother hand wove wicker baskets for a living. So they combined the two and would start a wicker handbag business that would do good in the world and give back. 

For every bag purchased they donate a bag to a child which contains a book and a note. A book to improve the quality of education and a note, written by you, which they hope will inspire happiness and success through education.

Honestly, when one of the owners of Wicker Wings was explaining the story behind these Wicker Bags, it touched my heart. I love it when companies give back, especially to those who need it. To know that the owners are from China and they came to England for the education, and the fact they want to give a better education to the children back in their home village, really does make anyone want to by a bag.

Not just because of this reason, however, these bags are absolutely gorgeous, and I myself will be purchasing one. In the second picture, you can see the pale pink version of the bag, and because that one is not in stock just yet, I am waiting it out so I can buy one. All the bags are amazing quality, and believe it for yourself, but the bags are deep so you can store all sorts in there. It is personally great for those with children.


Illuminati Bar Burnley - Bar attenders Salvatore Leone and the bar owner Thomas Ashley Twitter @IlluminatiBar

You know when someone says "free bar" and everyone piles up to get the drinks in, pushing and shoving until a fight is broken out? Well this wasn't like that. The bar staff were so polite and professional, and all the Bloggers were so comfortable and relaxed. As the bar staff were showing (teaching) us all what goes into the cocktails and how they make them, everyone stood with awe and enthusiasm as they wanted to taste the sweet liquors upon their tongues.

Truthfully, I am very picky when it comes to alcohol, especially cocktails, and I have to say that both cocktails that were created tasted heavenly. I loved the Licor 43 which tasted gingery and lime-ish more than the Gin and Tonic (the one with the cucumber) as the Gin and Tonic was too sweet for me. However, Alexander and Rachael seemed to be enjoying both of the cocktails all the same.

No one complained, everyone enjoyed, and luckily no one got so wasted they were crawling around the venue. The bar staff were so helpful and the drinks were delicious - if and when I go to Illuminati Bar, I will be ordering the Licor 43! Highly recommend them.

 The three of us
Screenshot mid-vlog
(Link to the PressTent Blog Event Vlog will soon be up at the end of the post once completed. There will be an UPDATE section in the near future.)

UPDATE: Video is now live on Youtube 

(From Left) Rachael, Me, Charlotte, and Arielle
Click the names to send you straight to their Twitter Accounts.

I had such a blast meeting these girls - it was also Charlotte's birthday! Arielle and Rachael were more friendly and talkative and I am so glad I have met them personally. Though, I was quite shy when I shouldn't have been and should have gone round and at least had a small conversation with some of the other bloggers.

Eh, nevermind, I did quite well for my first Event and had met some Bloggers! When I go to the next event I will make more of an effort to interact, however, I spoke to all the Sponsors that were there, including the bar staff who made the yummy cocktails! Okay, you got me, they were males and I have worked in bars before so we had things in common. I like cocktails and men - don't judge me!

I just thought this was pretty groovy wall art - no link to the event whatsoever; if it was, i'm sorry.

There were other Sponsors at the event such as DML Jeans (men's wear) and Miss Foxy (women's wear) which were both gorgeous! I have their brochures/leaflets and I have been staring at the products and prices for a while - such amazing quality for such low prices. Serious must-haves!

We can't forget the DJ's that were there to help entertain and keep the place from being so quiet and keep away the awkward silences. Sorry, I can't remember what they are called but they were pretty decent.

Lastly, there was a make-up bag and women's wear from Rock on Ruby Clothing which I could tell the girls loved! On the make-up bags there were quotes, personally, my favourite was "Inside: My Face." It's true - you know it ladies! 

For the other small sponsors that were at the event, there are links below in the "Sponsored Gifts" section of this post! Please check out all the links that interest you most. I promise, you won't be disappointed.

Sponsored Gifts
The reason there are a few items of each is because when I got a gift bag, Alex also wanted one too (he thought there would be more Male products) and Rachael gave me one of the non-permanent hair dyes.) Explains why I look greedy when I am truly not.

1. Colour Freedom hair Ultra-Vibrant Hair colour - Twitter Account

2. Kiehl's complimentary samples with a free personalised consultation. - Twitter Account 

3. Naa Naa clothing brand tote bag - Twitter Account -

4. Miss Foxy Gift Voucher for 20% off - Twitter Account -

5. Licor 43 50ml bottle - Twitter Account -

6. Vita Coco drink - Twitter Account -

7. Pop Chips  - Twitter Account -

8. ASAP sticky Notes by Knock Knock Stuff  -  

9. Gosh Liquid Gel eyeliner

10. Luxardo sunglasses (One of the items I didn't recieve - nevermind, eh.)

Brands that showcased at the event are;

Drinks brands 
Luc Belaire 
Licor 43
Luxardo Cocktails 

Illuminati Bar Burnley - Bar attenders Salvatore Leone and the bar owner Thomas Ashley Twitter @IlluminatiBar

Cellar Trends - Jonathan Boyce @cellartrends

Free cocktails courtesy of Revolucion De Cuba @DeCubaMCR

Fashion Brands 
Jailbird - Twitter @jailbird_jeans  Instagram - @jailbird_jeans

NaaNaa - Twitter @naanaaclothing  Instagram - @naanaaclothing

Miss Foxy - Twitter @missfoxycouk  Instagram - @ missfoxycouk 

Madam Rage - Twitter @madamrage  Instagram -  @madamrage 

Koko Couture - Twitter @kokocoutureuk  Instagram - @kokocoutureuk

Swade - Twitter @swadeclothing  Instagram - @swadeclothing 

DML - Twitter @DMLjeans  Instagram - @DMLjeans 

Rock On rudy - Twitter @Rockonrubyxx Instagram @Rockonrubyxx 

What Emma Did blogtique - @whatemmadid_ Instagram - Whatemmadid_

Accessorie Brands 
Twin Face -  Twitter - @twinface_ Instagram - @twinfacejewellery 

Wicker Wings - Twitter - @wickerwings Instagram - @wickerwings 

I want to say a huge thank you to Press Tent for organising such a great event; everyone was so kind, helpful, friendly, and overall, amazing! Both Alexander and I had a blast and we will be definitely be going to the next event in Manchester!

I solemnly swear, that at the next event, I will create better quality pictures (by then I would have a proper camera and not just use my phone) and I will meet and greet with more Bloggers. Being shy gets you nowhere, but at least I had a great time at the event. It also helps that Alexander isn't such a shy person and will talk to anyone - he can keep a conversation going until you have to force him to stop. 

No, seriously though, thank you to everyone at PressTent and thank you to the Sponsors that were and weren't there. Until the next event....

Much love,


  1. Oooo I've never been to an event. This looks like it was so much fun! I hope you loved the experience and I hope you gain the opportunity to go to more. x

    1. Thank you Shannon! I recommend you come to an event. And if you come to a press tent event, i hope to see your there!

  2. I love this! Was so nice to meet you, Alex and the other bloggers at this event :) can't wait for the next one and can't wait to see your vlog! I've already started saving for those bags!! Xxx

    1. It was nice to finally meet you! The vlog should be up soon :) those bags are gorgeous. Thank you for commenting xxx

  3. love this one..It is very useful information for us..
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