The time I started a Youtube Channel

I did it, after so many self-debates and to-ing and fro-ing, I have finally put up my second ever video. (I previously deleted my first video.)

You, my gorgeous reader, now get to experience my life through video and not just Blogging. Don't threat though, I am still going to Blog every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. However, my videos via Youtube will be up every Tuesday! 

What will my Videos consist of?
To start off, my first video is a small Vlog & Photoshoot with L.B.R Photography. (I will post her details later in the post.) Loren is an amazing Photographer that creates masterpieces from Concerts, to portraits, to still life, to nature; I love her work - not just because I know her - and I am sure you will love her too. 

Other videos will be of different Challenges I will be doing either on my own, with a friend, or with Alexander; he's starting his own Youtube Channel hopefully in the near future. When he starts, I will show the link to his Channel for you.

Please be kind to me. This is my first ever time actually wanting my Youtube Channel to lift off. I want to make people happy and cheer them up through Challenges and my Vlogs. If you leave comments, I do reply and I am very grateful for people taking their time to give me feedback. If you like my videos, please give it a thumbs up and Subscribe! Love you!

First ever video on my new channel. (Vlog)

The amount of support I am getting from Bloggers on Social Media is overwhelming. They are really the biggest reason why I started my blog and was given a massive boost to do what I have planned for almost a year.

Another person who I can not even thank enough for the time and effort is Alexander. He supports me like no one else, and he is even in my videos and taking part; he's not even shy in front of the camera like I am! Bonus!

Please do Subscribe so you can immediately be updated with my videos. I was going to put them up every Tuesday, but I have not decided to restrict myself when I already have a hectic Blogger Schedule! 

Your support means the world to me!

Much love,


  1. Congrats on starting a YouTube channel and I can't wait for more videos! I also subscribed :)


  2. I'm to nervous to start a YouTube channel, although I am contemplating making videos of my trek in Canada x

  3. Great post! I'm in the same boat you were-debating if I should start up a Youtube channel and daily vlog or something haha but good luck with your channel, all the best! X

    1. Thank you! It took me like a year to finally get the courage to start my Youtube Channel properly. Thanks for commenting x


Every comment is much appreciated and I am grateful that you had taken the time to leave your thoughts. Comments with questions and NEED to replied to will be replied to within 24hrs. Thank you.

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