2True Make-up Set Review | Part 1


Products that help go from pale natural beauty, to stunning beauty.

All the products you need to have a subtle yet vibrant look any time of the day.

Let's start with what we all wear first and go in a particular order. This is how the review is going to be set up:

Foundation - 2True Pro BB Beautiful No.1. 8 in 1 formula.
Concealer - 2True Pro Bright Touch Concealer Pen No.1 
Eyeshadow - 2True Pro Eyeshadow Quad Palette Shade 1 
Eye Pencil - WOW! Color for eyes Shade 4 Amethyst

Eyeliner - a) 2True Effortless Waterproof liquid Eyeliner No.2 b) 2True Pro Tech extreme Tapered Tip Eyeliner No.1
Lipstick - a) 2True Colour Drench Lipstick No.1 b) 2True Colour Drench Lipstick No.2
Nail Varnish - a) 2True Fast Dry Colour Quick Nail Polish Shade 23 b) 2True Fast Dry Colour Quick Nail Polish Shade 29

Foundation - 2True Pro BB Beautiful No.1. 8 in 1 formula. £4.99

8 in 1 Multifunctional Formula:
Smooths out skin surface, evens out skin tone, conceals imperfections, hydrates, brightens, mattifies, protects, fresh & natural finish.
Pros - At first I was sceptic but when I finally tried the Foundation, I found that it matched ideally for my skin - I couldn't feel a difference...at first. After around ten to fifteen minutes later, I could feel my skin become soft and smooth; oh how I have missed my smooth skin. It was worse on my forehead and between my eyebrows. BB really lives upto it's name and I am quite impressed; easily applicable and smooths around your face conveniently when applying.

Cons - It is harder to spread BB around your face using your fingers so you'd prefer to use a brush like I did. 

To be honest I have never used any BB products before, however, all I hear is good things. For the past week or so I have been suffering with really dry, scaly skin, and it was just started to feel like my face was burning and peeling. Finding a moisturiser and foundation that is perfect for my skin had become hard work. Thankfully 2True BB Multifunctional Formula gave a helping hand.

Concealer - 2True Pro Bright Touch Concealer Pen No.1 £4.99

Bright Touch Concealer Pen
Lightweight moisturising formula helps even out skintone & brightens without looking cakey
Pros - This concealer Pen really does live up to it's name of "Bright Touch," as when I applied a small amount under my eyes about the BB foundation, I saw that there was a complete contrast. If you want to brighten up your cheekbones, I definitely recommend this concealer. Your eye-bags also just disappear. So far, after trying plenty of concealers, this has to be the best one. 2True's concealer pen brush is so soft that even when I stroked Alexander's cheek with it, he couldn't feel it - I do love a soft brush!

Cons - When you first want to use a brand new concealer pen, you have to click it for god knows how long. I think I was sat pressing the button for a good five minutes before any concealer came out onto the brush. Eh, just nit-picking aren't I? Sorry!

Truthfully, I never really wear concealer, basically because I never found a good one that hid my eye-bags and blemishes, but so far I am so impressed with 2Trues concealer pen. Whenever you have a blemish that decides to say hello and surprise you, you can just blob a tiny bit of concealer over and tell it b-bye. 

Eyeshadow - 2True Pro Eyeshadow Quad Palette Shade 1 (Not in stock yet)
Subtle yet gorgeous natural colours
Pros - Brightest shade is brilliant for under your eyebrow to highlight your brown bone. f you want to have a natural looking dark smokey eye look then this is definitely for you; if you're an extremely dark smokey eye girl like me, then refer to cons (below.) You can use this eyeshadow palette for your eyebrows, as you can see in the "after" picture at the start of the review. The eyeshadow blends perfectly with your eyebrow hairs for the accomplished eyebrow look. Likewise, all these colours blend in really well together when you want to create a smokey eye look.

Cons - For me, the darkest colour is not dark enough; it looks quite dark in the palette so when on [my] light skin, the dark brown tends to blend in. I usually use an extremely dark brown to do smokey eyes.

Eyeshadow palettes are one product I am not shy of, I tend to use darker colours (except the lightest as I use that to highlight my brow bone) to create a dramatic smokey eye image. However, as these are subtle colours, they are excellent for the fare skinned ladies out there, especially with a casual outfit or a natural coloured dress/top. 

Eye Pencil - WOW! Color for eyes Shade 4 Amethyst £2.99
No.4 Amethyst
Pros - Easily apply the pencil to your waterline, and underneath your eye too with no fuss or pain. The led is soft enough to not hurt but hard enough to glide across the waterline with ease, comfort, and the colour is vibrant with one coat.

Cons - You do need to invest in an oversized sharpener as this pencil is twice the size of a normal crayon. I can live with that and you may too. 

Being someone who loves to underline my eyes with a bright colour, this eye pencil was one that I got most excited about when I received it. How beautiful and vibrant is the colour, and purple definitely fits my green eyes well; superlative for both a casual look but also a night-out look.

That's it for part 1, I hope you loved this review.
Please leave opinions in the comment box, thank you!

Eyeliner - a) 2True Effortless Waterproof liquid Eyeliner No.2 b) 2True Pro Tech extreme Tapered Tip Eyeliner No.1
Lipstick - a) 2True Colour Drench Lipstick No.1 b) 2True Colour Drench Lipstick No.2
Nail Varnish - a) 2True Fast Dry Colour Quick Nail Polish Shade 23 b) 2True Fast Dry Colour Quick Nail Polish Shade 29

❤ ❤ 2TRUE ❤ ❤


  1. Where is 2True available? I have quite a hard time finding BB cream and concealer that's pale enough for me, but this looks like it might match. :-D

    1. hey Ami, their products are available online. If you click 2True at the end of the post, it will take you to the site :)

  2. Ooooh you've got some great bits here! I love the sound of the eyeshadow palette, those shades are definitely up my street! Great post x

    emily x ❤ | emilyloula


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