How to: know your boyfriend is a keeper when you're a Blogger

As a blogger, I think it is hard for us to find the perfect boyfriend that loves you for you but understands why you spend endless hours on the laptop/computer blogging; replying to emails, advertising; getting in touch with companies; and also joining Twitter Chats.

To be honest, I thought about how to know your boyfriend is a keeper articles I have read, but I wanted to create the "how to know your boyfriend is a keeper when you're a Blogger," as there is a huge difference! There is a normal boyfriend and then there is the Blogger Boyfriend. 

Normal Boyfriend: Someone who supports you in a "normal" life.

Blogger Boyfriend: Has to watch you on the laptop for countless hours and doesn't complain because he supports your job/hobby.

Read these points to find out how to know your boyfriend is a keeper when you're a Blogger.

  1. Is supportive of your hobby even if it seems silly to everyone else.
    You have family and friends that just don't get your passion for your blog, yet your boyfriend is all over your blog and loving your writing skills & pictures. He may even give you some ideas, or wants to write a post for himself.
  2. Makes you cups of tea and meals whilst your busy blogging or in a Twitter Chat.
    When it comes to being busy drafting posts and/or joining blog chats, you lose track of time - boyfriend to the rescue. Even if you don't ask him, he will gladly cook you a meal or make you a brew whilst you're busy to keep your diet and health spot on.
  3. Greets you every morning with a kiss and a cuddle then offers to make you breakfast and a brew.
    Okay, this is what every boyfriend should do! When he offers you don't even have to say yes; it's the thought that counts.
  4. Protects you but is not over protective.
    You have your freedom, but if anyone tried to abuse/accuse/argue etc. he has your back 100%. Every boyfriend should protect and treat you like you're the Queen on his chessboard. It is only right that your boyfriend has your back.
  5. Knows what you want and how you like it to a T. [Take that comment how you wish.]
  6. Will have lazy days with you.
    As you want to have a day where you relax with a brew; dressed in your sweats; hair tied into a high bun, whilst lounging in front of the TV, and your boyfriend comes to join you. A lazy day together is perfect - lounging around together not having a care in the world.
  7. Won't complain.
    Self explanatory.
  8. Your sex drive with each other is still sky high after the "honeymoon period" is supposed to be over. 
    We have all had past relationships and the "honeymoon period" had dried up relatively quick, but when you still feel the same way as you did when you first met, you know it's going to be a good relationship.
  9. Devotes himself to you and puts you first, even if you don't like feeling selfish.Call his money "your money" even if money doesn't matter to you. He may even pop to the shops for cigarettes and unexpectedly chucks about 8 bags of sweets and some pringles at you.
  10. Tells you that you can't come into the kitchen because he is cooking you a slap-up meal and laying out candles, whilst filling up the champagne flutes with some bubbly.
    Never in my life has anyone been romantic in any relationship. However, if your boyfriend actually makes an effort to surprise you in the smallest ways, it is amazing.
  11. Knocks Stereotypes right out the window! (Cooks and cleans.) 
    All you do is relax and offer your help, but if he refuses your help, sit down and relax with your brew whilst getting back to your Social Media Accounts and blog - bliss.
  12. Never controls you.
    Referring to point 4. If he 100% trusts you, he won't control your whereabouts and who you talk to. You may have guy friends and minimal girl friends, but he doesn't mind who you hang around with. He will even want to meet your friends and invite them round for a drink.
  13. 100% trusts you (part 2)
    He won't even go through your phone when you don't have a password, and you can also leave every social media account open and he still won't snoop.
  14. Actually wants to spend the rest of his life with you.Plans travelling, holidays, marriage and kids without freaking out.
  15. When age doesn't matter. (Unless is creepily different or against the law.)There is a twelve year gap between Me and Alexander, but to us, age doesn't matter. If you feel the relationship is right, why should age matter?
  16. Unexpectedly treats you.
    Refer to point 9. Buying materialistic thing isn't just how a boyfriend treats you, he may also buy small things that he knows you want and love.
  17. When you can look like an absolute tramp and he still calls you beautiful.This includes point 6 where you're in tramp mode and he joins you. You may want to not get all dolled up all day everyday so looking your worst is normal. I mean c'mon, who wants to perfectly draw on their eyebrows, and make their eye-liner on point all the time? No make-up days are bliss.
  18. Isn't bothered about you heading to town with the girls and boys.
    Your boyfriend may make last minute adjustments to your dress (slightly rolls your dress up a tad) before heading out for a night out and hands you some money. Now that is true love.


  1. brilliant post! Loved reading every bit of it! I want a BF like this,he would be the perfect man! My BF doesn't even know i have a blog but he is a sweetheart xx

    1. Thanks so much for the kind words Hollie :') I recommend telling your bf, it could help you so much and can be a mechanism to bring you closer! Xx

  2. Awww how sweet!!!!

    Le Derp is pretty much the same than yours, he cooks and cleans on days I'm busy with bloggers chats (basically all the time these days) and encourages me to promote and blog more!

    Actually, funny story: when we met, as my friends described me as "a popular blogger", he genuinely thought I was famous LOL

    Helena's Teabreak

    1. Awww im so glad your boyfriend is the same. I genuinally laughed at Le Derp haha!

      Alex only ever described me as a blogger but he knows to keep it to himself because i dont like being questioned about what a Blogger is! Thanks for commenting Helena xx

  3. Great list and definitely agree with most of them - especially before we were married and had kids! Dynamics have changed since having kids but not in a bad way. For me currently hubby is a keeper for all he's doing with Little Miss since I can't!

    1. Thank you Becster! I'm glad you could relate to my post. At least your OH is helping you out with the little one :)

  4. This blog is ace! Love it! I am lucky to have found a bf that ticks all the boxes! haha x

    1. Thank you :') aww im glad you got a bf that ticks all the boxes!


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