Materialistic Products vs Experiences

I know I know, I have been so shitty and keeping up to date with my blogging and to be honest, this isn't going to be a motivational/helping out sorta blog post, it is going to be a few things I want to get off my chest that have been annoying me, and a couple other bloggers, lately.

Okay here goes.

Oh. Quick little thing. Though I normally publish posts about things that are motivational and/or inspiring, I haven't given you a life update in sooo soooo long. I have gotten a new neighbour (if you follow me on Twitter you will know how annoying she is, if you don't there will soon be a blog page on her) and I have been kind of distant from everyone and everything, hense why my blog has been slightly abandoned. I used to blog three times a week, now I am scraping once or twice which is sad. 

Not to be so sad though, I have been uploading Youtube Vlogs! (Scroll down to the end of the post to find the link.) Hopefully, once I have my head in gear, I will be going back to posting every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, but for now you will have one post between Monday and Thursday, and Nika's post on the Friday. 

The reason I have been so distant from everyone and everything, including family, is because once my Nana passed and once I wrote a post about a Diary of her illness, I shut myself off. I stayed in, wouldn't go out, and would cry everyday. Truthfully, I don't cope well with stuff like this, and as this is my first proper family member that I was sooo close to that has passed away, I didn't know how to react or cope. I'm, obviously, still mourning her passing, and would rather sit in with Alexander and try and bring my emotions back together again. 

Happy Lauren is a better Lauren.

Okay, back to what I was originally going to talk about: 

Honestly, the first thing I want to talk about is a few subjects that myself and a couple other blogger friends of mine have been discussing lately that we find completely irritating. Remember how Blogging was never a competition, and even though there are Bloggers that 99.9% of the time support one another and help each other out, there are the 0.01% of Bloggers that are, doing this hobby I love, completely trying to "one-up" other blogs.

Yeah, we all like to splash cash every now and then and blog about products (except for moi because I haven't really ever done a beauty or a fashion post) but they are just doing it to make themselves look as if they have cash and are "amazing." In all honesty, I know that, for example, a Blogger has spent hundreds on designer materialistic things, a bag for example, and are flaunting it around on Social Media and their blog, when in actual fact, they are now skint and begging for scraps after wiping their entire bank card out. Hows the designer materialistic things looking now eh? Worth it? Thought not.

It's nice to buy new things, but I would NEVER skint myself for the sake of "bigging myself up" or "one-upping" another Blogger. Seriously, its pretty much out of respect and common courtesy to help other Bloggers, not make them feel small and poor. I guarantee, once those Bloggers have spent all their money on a designer bag (or other products) that they are now eating £1 ready-meals from the Supermarket, stuck inside the house with candle light and no life.

Please, just stop trying to make yourself look "big" compared to the other Bloggers. Yes you could afford to buy a bag - leaving about £10 left in your bank account - however, why not buy things that everyone can see, admire, and also buy out of interest from your so-called "review." The reason I have called it "so-called" is because they are not doing it for Blogging, they are doing it out of pitty and trying to make themselves out the be rich as F. No. Stop this.

Truthfully, I look for bargains rather than the designer products, as I am REALISTIC. This leads to the other point I want to speak about:

Now we all like to buy pretty things, but we all love to go on holiday and travel, right? So instead of splashing your cash of hundreds of pounds on bags you can't afford and then scratching your arse wondering why you were such a tool, why not buy an experience? 

Experiences last a lifetime, plus, with the pictures and/or footage you may take, you can then create blog posts after blog posts about your travels, or even videos after videos on Youtube? I, for one, would rather do that. It's definitely worth the hundreds and thousands of pounds, rather than wasting money on materialistic things that will only be used a couple times and break within a year. It will, even, only create one blog post per product. Sounds, erm, interesting.

Travel and experiencing life, to me, is wayyyy better than sitting on your arse, scraping the bottom of the barrel trying to afford another designer product you don't actually need. On another note, even though you spend hundreds on materialistic things, did you know you can get knock-off versions for so much cheaper, and honestly, I think the cheap versions last longer than the designer versions.

Same thing with make-up. I would rather buy bargain make-up and beauty products than spend £20 and up on one make-up product. F that. Did you know that cheap brands are better for your skin? Even shampoos and conditioners made by Supermarkets are sooo much better for your hair/body than the expensive waste-of-money products. 

The day I actually see these Bloggers wiping their arse with £50 notes, the day I will take a step back and see that they can actually afford these products and are not flaunting the for attention. Plus, they will also be able to afford holidays and be able to travel & GAIN experiences. Experiences, to me, are a top priority in life. Put the designer bag back on the shop shelf and get yo ass down to the travel agents to spend that money on something worth it.

All I am asking, is for the big-ego-Bloggers to stop putting other Bloggers down. I see right through you, maybe other Bloggers can't, but I can. I hope skinting yourself was worth the candle light dinners and no life. How are the £1 ready meals tasting now?

Much love,

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