2True Make-up Set Review | Part 2


Products that help go from pale natural beauty, to stunning beauty.

All the products you need to have a subtle yet vibrant look any time of the day.

Eyeliner - a) 2True Effortless Waterproof liquid Eyeliner No.2 b) 2True Pro Tech extreme Tapered Tip Eyeliner No.1
Lipstick - a) 2True Colour Drench Lipstick No.1 b) 2True Colour Drench Lipstick No.2
Nail Varnish - a) 2True Fast Dry Colour Quick Nail Polish Shade 23 b) 2True Fast Dry Colour Quick Nail Polish Shade 29

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Foundation - 2True Pro BB Beautiful No.1. 8 in 1 formula.
Concealer - 2True Pro Bright Touch Concealer Pen No.1 
Eyeshadow - 2True Pro Eyeshadow Quad Palette Shade 1 
Eye Pencil - WOW! Color for eyes Shade 4 Amethyst

Effortless Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner No.2 (Not in Stock yet)

Pros-  Easy applicable. The picture does no justice by the way! The liquid is thick but easy to spread across the eyelid. You will be happy with this as much as I was.

Cons - It is very hard to do a point if you're a wing lover like myself. Using tape, however, will help tons more! There are no proper cons with this. Very happy with this product.

To be honest, everyone loves a liquid eyeliner for the quick swipe of make-up to make your eye shape pop out. I love, love, love, liquid eyeliners and I am pretty sure I own about three of the same brand. Comparing the eyeliner I already own to 2True's eyeliner, I actually prefer 2True's. Even my boyfriend prefers this eyeliner on me, but he's one of those boyfriends who are like: "yeah, looks great, can we go now?" Feeling the love haha! Anyway, he loves the packaging and so do I - it has such a summer feel!

Picture of the liquid eyeliner on below.

Pro Tech Extreme Tapered Tip Eyeliner No.2 £4.49

Pros - Precise and lovable! I used this for the first time and I was so impressed with how much pressure you could put on the point without it bending. It doesn't bend! You can create a gorgeous wing at any angle and it would do exactly what you want. It is perfect for a sharp point on your wing. Love this product!

Cons- When using the sharpy for a few minutes whilst concentrating on the wing or the line on your eyelid, you have to then shake the sharpy a little to bring back the liquid into the point. Not a big deal, but I am not a lover of stopping in the middle of doing my eyeliner to shake the pen.

Being a wing lover like I said before, I find it hard to use everyday liquid eyeliners, but the help of a sharpy eyeliner means your life will be made so much easier. I used this eyeliner to create the wing, but used the liquid eyeliner to create a line on my eyelid. Though I used this sharpy for the wing, it is just as good to use on your eyelid. I just found it quicker to do a quick smooth line with the liquid version and use the sharpy to do the wing!

Picture below of wing and line on eyelid. You will see why I love it.

Colour Drench Lipstick No.1 £2.29 No. 2 (Not in Stock Yet)
Pros - The packaging is so gorgeous - I am a big fan of silver! These lipsticks are great for a night out and a casual day, but also you can slide these into your purse as they do not take up any room. You can guess that these colours are bright and beautiful. Who doesn't love read? Maybe go daring with brown!

Cons - Even though this is a moisturising lipstick, when you have a drink or give your partner a sneaky kiss, the lipstick will easily smudge and/or come off (depending on what you are doing at the time.) 

Who doesn't love lipsticks? BUT who doesn't love a moisturising lipstick?! Oh yes, you read right! The colours are amazing and suit my skin colour extremely well! 2True, you really did go to the extent to check my skin colour but also what colour I normally use. Thank you!

Picture below of me using both lipsticks at the same time. You can then see both lipsticks on me at the same time, and how well they go with my skin tone.

Fast Dry Quick Colour Nail Polish Shade 23 £1.99 Shade 29 (Not in Stock Yet)

Pros - Even though on the bottle it says "two coats," you actually on need one! Two you will do if you want the nail varnish to pop out, but if you're like me and like subtle, you will just use one. None of your actual normal nail colour shows through with one coat. These are perfect summer colours, don't you agree?

Cons - When trying to photography the nail varnishes, I noticed the blue is more thinner than the pink. As a cluts, I accidentally dropped the blue nail varnish *whoops* which is where I did notice how thin it was.

Perfect summer colours but the pale pink is also good for the Autumn time! (Fall if you're Amercian) The colours also go so well side by side so if you're a pattern lover, then you will love these two in a design! (I haven't took any photos of them being used a) I have very small, chewed nails b) I would have took photos of the colours on my toes but even I don't feel comfortable showing my feet, never mind how you feel about feet!)

If you loved this review, how about checking out Part 1? If you are a company owner, I would love to hear from you - I am open to all kinds of products to an extent of course. My email is lnohara95.loh@gmail.com.

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  1. I use the liquid liner and you're right, its great for thickness but a pain to try and do any intricate details with... Looks like you nailed it though!

    | princessparasox.wordpress.com | bloglovin' |

    1. After a few attempts and a steady hand I managed to do a photo-worthy picture after I thought I nailed the tip haah! Thank you for the kind words and commenting Jenna! x


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