Getting sick of your own presence

Do you ever feel like you want to just sit in a quiet, dark room and think about your whole life and where you are heading? I do. A lot. For a while now I feel, all this time, that I want to do something new, yano, like a hobby.

Everyday, I get sick of my own presence. Sometimes I wonder if Alexander is also sick of me, which is why we like to sit in different rooms and distracts ourselves from each other. As all couples do, we all get sick of one another, but when is it right to be sick of ourselves?

Blogging is my main hobby and I love it, but even now, I want to do something new. Don't worry though, my blog is my baby and it will always be here; updated every Monday, Wednesday and Friday for you lovely readers to read about my life but also my Guest Blogger's lives (on Fridays.)

When I was in High School I used to do a lot of things to keep me occupied, however, those hobbies never lasted long. When I left school I became a "voluntary" [I was never paid] Tattoo Apprentice, but after eight months, I had to leave as a result of the Tattoo Shop closing down. After that it was almost impossible to get an apprenticeship elsewhere as everyone wanted to be a Tattooist - Hard times. 

So when I was Eighteen, I began my baby in September of 2013 when I moved out of my parent's home into my own flat. It was a new beginning so I thought I might as well try this whole blogging business out. It grew from there, today, I am more than amazed with what I had created from something so small. 

Alternatively, when you do the same thing day in and day out, you want to start creating new ideas to keep yourself occupied. These last few weeks I have felt like my blog content has gone down a slope, and don't lie to me - I know you have felt the same way. From now on, I am going to make sure my content is top-notch, but also making sure I have new things to explore, and new hobbies to partake in.

Maybe doing something new and keeping my blog will help me understand why I have gotten sick of my own presence, but also help me explore new opportunities and activities. Everyone loves doing something new, everyone doesn't want to be stuck staring at the same four walls and their own feet all the time. I feel like I am turning into some fat, boring, lazy lump and I am sick of myself. 

It's time to make a change. From now on, you will see a whole new Lauren and you will be proud of me!

See you all very soon!

Much love,


  1. very good read hun! I get into a rut from time to time and sometimes find it difficult to get out of it but i like your idea of finding something new,i hope you do find it and love it,whatever it will be lol! Always proud of you Lauren xx

    1. Aww Hollie you sweetie! Your comment made my day :D xx


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