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As typical teenagers we once were, or maybe you are one now, you always follow the latest trends and taboos, but do we ever really see how bad these trends may be?

Honestly, I followed almost every trend going in my teenage years and I regret almost all of them. There came a time in my life, after the trend following, to realise I am my own person and I shouldn't shy away from my own personality and creative looks. Best decision I ever made!

Growing up to be who I am managed to help me become my own identity. Being an identical twin is hard enough when everyone around you expect both you and your twin to dress and act the same - that just wasn't me. Though I am one half of an egg, my twin is the other, and we are two different people. We own ourselves; twins are two different human beings - a lot of people forget that.

Maybe in about ten years I look back at old photos and think: "what the fuck was I thinking?" Or maybe I look back and think: "damn, I looked fiiiiine." Either or, I am dressing my own way, shedding light on the orthodox and how much better you will feel if you weren't some shitty sheep following the leader.

Everyday I see teenage girls with the same fashion sense and hairstyle that it has become a bore. I look and always think: "well, they lack personality." High wasted jeans/leggings, converse, crop top, hair in a high messy bun/plain straight. *Snores.* 

What happened to creativity and individuality? I love being different. I love being unique.

Okay, I have moaned enough. 
The fun is about to begin as I am sharing some shocking fashion fails and trends I joined in my teenage years.

Prepare to be disgusted.

Exhibit A: The Black Tracksuit Set (Mens)
We were doing this for dance, but the outfits are no exception. Cringe.
Okay okay, yes we are performing a dance routine, but what I noticed whilst watching many groups is that our group was the only ones wearing complete matchign outfits and looking like utter tits. Literally, who wears men's tracksuits to dance in? They're sweaty, baggy, and itchy - okay, in winter they were perfect.

I can't. There is no justifying this mess.

Exhibit B: Bright illuminating t-shirts and jeggings
Check out my tan! 
When I was around 14, this whole bright coloured vest top trend started. It kind of relates to the photo before as underneath those horrendous tracksuits were all these bright coloured t-shirts. Safe to say, I haven't seen this vest top since I was in High School - good riddance.

Sometimes the jeggings are acceptable as I still do wear them when I have lost my normal black leggings. Damn... are leggings the latest fashion fail? I have failed.

Exhibit C: Over-sized long t-shirts, jeans, and fake Uggs under the jeans.
Fashion fail and a half from both me and the twin
  This fashion wasn't so bad, i guess. Until you look at the bloody shoes! Nightmare! 

Why is it we think when we are younger, shit like this is acceptable? I really wish I could go back in time and throw those fake Uggs at my younger self's head.. or maybe slap myself silly. Worse shoes anyone could ever have. They only ever stayed fluffy for week; they are useless in winter too! The point??

Exhibit D: Bubble coats & jackets in GREY/BLACK
Final picture to stop me cringing
Were we so dull that we all had to pick dark horrible coloured coats? I really love bright colours these days, they make my mood so much more positive and I actually feel like I want to go out. Here, here I guess all of us were going through that "emo/mosher" stage (which FYI was trendy back then.) 

I just spotted that we are all wearing jeans too. Hats off to the NONE INDIVIDUALITY. 
Damn those girls need a fashion lesson. Thank god I follow fashion and beauty bloggers, maybe they are my saviours! Thank you. Thank you so much! 

(I couldn't find a picture from when I was 13 where me, my twin, and my high school best friend were pretty much wearing exactly the same outfits with bright illuminating stocking socks over our jeans. Yeah, we were that classy.)

After looking at these monstrosities, I have come to the conclusion that individuality and lots of colour go a long way! I love being unique. As you saw in these photos, all of us had either mousey blonde/brown hair and we dressed like we were going to a funeral everyday. Nowadays I have the craziest colour hair: pink, blue, orange, blonde, purple. 

Oh I do love my bright coloured hair. I even shaved half my hair off when I was 17 to try and be different. (sh... I actually broke up with my first love and didn't handle it well.)

What was your worst fashion fail?


  1. I remember when I was around twelve, these faux hair ponytail holders where all the rage, where you'd have a spikey ring of various colored hair around your ponytail, sometimes with dangling braids. I think I had one that matched my hair (as much as plastic hair can) with blue bits. I thought it made me look like Lizzie McGuire (showing my age much?), but it definitely didn't!

    1. I watched Lizzie McGuire so I loved that look. And as a kid, I never realised how hideous that looked haha! Thank you for commenting Jennifer!


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