When you haven't blogged "your way" in a long time

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Do you know that feeling when you haven't properly blogged [your way] in a long time, so when you finally get to sit down and actually concentrate legitimately 110% on the post that you just feel weird?

Not bad weird - let's just straighten that comment out - but rather weird good as if you've missed pressing those iddy-biddy buttons on the keyboard and typing at like 60mph just to get your thoughts and opinions down. Yeah, well that is exactly how it feels to me right now. Do you ever feel that way?

After joining Blog Chats via Twitter every other night, I began feeling like I was getting the blogging rush - y'know THAT feeling - which has made me want to just blog my beating heart out! It has been a long time since i've blogged my way, as recently it has been either updates of Youtube, motivational posts, guides on How To's, or Nika Fridays. You haven't seen a heart-felt post by moi since forever. 

Basically, all I have been doing these past few days was hide away under my rock because my household internet was cut off, and if you have been reading my blog since day one, you will full on know that I cannot live without my internet; addicted, I am addicted, what is wrong with me?! Eh, at least it isn't drugs or alcohol I am addicted too, right? What are you addicted too? Are you addicted to the internet as much as I am?

Saying that, since I have started being a 'Youtuber/Vlogger' I have been doing my normal day to day life thingy-me-bobs and every time something happens or is about to happen I just think: "this would/will be hilarious in a video." Feeling so nostalgic when I say that I remember when I just used to think: "this would be great to blog about." Awwwh so many feels! *teary-eyes*

Nevermind, eh? I can now think about how good a post will be AND how good a video will be! Best of both, right? Honestly, if you do watch my videos and read my blog posts regularly, can you please leave some feedback, like right after you have read this post? I really want to know what you think and you are all shy as fuck! Please, please, please let me know your thoughts; constructive criticism is also important to me as I want to know, in your perspective, where I need to improve and what I need to improve on. Comprendai? 

Can I tell you a little secret that I think is legit weird? When I find a new Youtuber that I have fallen in love with, I will watch their videos from day one. Watching nothing else but their videos until I am up to date - what?! I know, I know; I am so sad, I already know you are thinking this. Apologise!

Before I carry on, I just want to say thank you to you for the support on my blog and via Twitter (where you all seem to comment there more rather than on my actual blog) and I want to say I love you! Your support means a lot to me, and knowing that you have my back is amazing! Plus thank you for both the nominations for the awards!

Life Update
My God-Daughter who is now 1 year old, has started to walk and attempt to talk. She can say Mummy and Dada but nothing yet, I guess she is a slow developer but that's perfectly fine, as babies all develop in their own time and we shouldn't compare baby stages. I'm not sure you will care, but my newest Youtube video that is was out on Monday starts with my God-Daughter when she visited; you see her walking, bouncing, laughing, and genuinely being nosy. Oh I do love her to pieces!

Social Media News:
Oh guess what?! Those who already follow me will already know.... I hit 1300 Friends [Followers] on Twitter and my following is still growing fast everyday! Why do I have such a following?! ME?! Speaking of followers, I have over 200,000 views on my Google Plus Page! Holy Moly! To me, that is A LOT of people! Thank you everyone, even though I pretty much already said it a minute ago, I really do appreciate all the support you give. Each and every one of you are stars! 

Okay, when I reach, 10,000 followers on Twitter, I am going to create a goody-bag of gifts to a lucky follower selected at random.All you have to do is follow me (@lnohara95) to be entered into my giveaway. Remember it is not until I reach 10k!  

Every day I join at least one Twitter chat but I have become so into them that I just love having a good conversation with fellow bloggers in the blogging community; they talk facts, tips, tricks, but also motivate and boost each other. The support is so overwhelming and I love to watch everyone show their love.
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Random News:
Not relating to blogging, I have began to get a bit obsessed with CANDLES. OMG the love for candles is too much; everyday I light scented candles in every room. It's especially nice in the evening when I am catching up with emails, blogs, and having a wind-down, and you have a twinkling candle on the side taking over your sense of smell. Bliss.

On the other hand, off the random candle topic, both Alexander and I have decided to stop "trying" for a baby as we have come to the conclusion that we want to make the house how we want: decorate; moderate; make it brand spanking new and our own; get new furniture; and get fully settled before we try again for a kid. Honestly, after almost 9 months of trying, I have felt like giving up. 

You, if you have been through the same issue as a couple as me and Alexander, you will know the stress we are going through to have not conceived yet. Let's hope once we have our place sorted, that nature will take it course and things will happen for us - stress is obviously not helping our situation so getting our priorities straight will definitely (hopefully) help ourselves out.

Finally, I had decided [about12 washes ago] to dye my hair half Purple half pink! It is semi-permanent so it was supposed to wash out within ten washes, and after 12 washes it's still growing strong. The ends of my hair have become the palest which is understandable as my hair hardly ever takes pink so it has done pretty well. On the other hand, the purple is insane! It dyed my hair sooo much better than the pink did. Though they are similar in colours now they have faded, I still prefer the purple.

Lace Keyhole Jumpsuit - MissGuided £15.00
Random Thought:
Recently, I have been reading back on old posts of celebrity bloggers, whom of which are not located in the UK, and I have seen so much backlash & hate going on; lawyers, solicitors and competitive bloggers throwing insults at one another. Is it possible that even though us small bloggers dream of being big, that maybe "big" isn't good? When you become big, yeah you are getting paid soo much more than small bloggers, but there are always people out there to criticise your every move and every word.

Is it best to stay safe? Is it best to be "unknown" to most of the public? I would love to be known by brands so I can collaborate more and widen my horizons, but even if the money is great and my life is wayyy better than it is now, is it worth the hassle? Don't get me wrong, every girl dreams of being "famous" but I hate the words "famous" and "celebrity." Every celeb is just a person who has a lot of money and constantly has paparazzi up their arse. 

I would love to live my normal life, but earn money from working hard. Becoming "big" and in the public eye is not my goal, my goal is to be able to become a full time blogger, earn myself a living, and be known to brands. I love my readership and it is growing steadily everyday and I thank every single one of you who take the time to come visit me and my little world of thoughts. You are amazing and I love you so much! You are worth my time and effort, and I hope I am worth three minutes of your time per post? 

Truly, I feel sorry for the "famous" bloggers out there, you work hard, but you get backlash and bad-mouthed. I hope the money is worth it, and I hope you are happy blogging full time. I'm sorry there are such haters out there when you are trying to earn an honest living - it's not like you are hurting anyone. The question still lingers on my mind: "is becoming a "big" blogger really worth the hassle of haters but also worth the money as well?"

Anyway, now I have bored you, you may leave, BUT FIRST, please leave a comment on your thoughts of what kind of posts you like. Do you like my Guide To's, my Motivational Posts, or my life updates best? Put them in chronological order in the comments. I would very much appreciate it!! Nika Friday will always be here because she is my guest blogger.

Much love,


  1. This was such a lovely read darling, and congrats on all your lovely Twitter friendsss! <3 Im sure it'll continue to grow. xx

    1. Thank you so much Jemma <3 I hope my friends will grow! xx

  2. 1) First thing first: you're absolutely gorgeous!!!

    2) ah! I'm planning to dye my hair purple and pink too (just pink for now, probably moving towards the purple by september as it will fit with the season)!!!!!!!!

    3) famous vs. unknown bloggers: tough one. In the past when my previous blog got quite popular and decided to do some YT vids, it exposed me to a new crowd that did not quite get what I was all about, which let to trolling, some backstabbing, etc. You're never really prepared to it as when unknown your blog is your bubble and the few people who would take time to follow it are people who genuinely get you. It is a very weird thing. For some you become an object of desire, someone they look up to, but for others you suddenly become a target. Some would enjoy challenging, testing you, some would just vent their frustration at you cos for them it feels good to shut down a ''popular'' blogger. Plus being sponsored ALWAYS creates jealousy to some insecure people.

    On the other side, you would have support from unexpected parts of the world. Again, as I said, it's all about how you can handle your popularity. Nowadays, the blogging community is more helpful and supportive, compared to when I first started so you will be more shield against the hate or trolls. Enjoy what you are blogging, enjoy your own personal life and the rest will follow!

    4) It is weird that people would follow each other on social media but yet, would NEVER comment on each other's blogs. It is a thing, social media made people lazy. Cos Twitter offers a more direct contact, they feel they don't need to comment any further on the blog, their job is done. I try to take time to comment on other blogger's space but it's not always easy as lack of time and the effort it involves but... since I want people to comment I shall comment too XD But we also have to understand that we can't force people to comment. A lot of silent readers would actually be the blogger's best followers. I had people sometimes emailing me saying they have been reading me for years, through all the different blogs I had - just that they are too shy to write anything publicly on the internet (the opposite of the blogger XD). So don't feel defeated just because of the lack of comments.

    Or if you really want comments, write something horrible about One Direction and you'll get instant results by being on their fandom's black list :DDD

    1. Helena OMG thank you for taking that chunk of time out of your day to comment at that extent. Believe me, I am so grateful for your honesty and time! You have given such great advice and really have made me believe i can become big even with the trolls and haters - there is always someone to shoot you down.

      As I have started Youtube, it isn't really that big, but I hope that even when subscribers and viewers start coming in chunks, that the good ones out rule the bad ones. I really love blogging even if it is sometimes stressful, so I reckon I could cope with hate eventually. It's life ain't it? There is always someone there that's jealous and just want to shoot you down.

      Girl, DO THE HAIR COLOURS! Plus, show me a picture when you do! I love it when people go crazy with colours!!

      Thank you again Helena for leaving such a detailed comment, I really did enjoy reading it and seeing your thoughts. <3 So much love <3


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