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This post may come off as a Diary entry.
Love it or hate it; consider it the Marmite of the internet.

If you remember my job that I left around last April last year, then you my friend are one hell of a dedicated reader (and I love you for that). Main thing is, I only left that work place because I hated the managers that much I left after only 3 weeks of working there; in only a short amount of time I managed to hate my bosses - score! 

Sadly, I have not been working for the past ten months since I left the factory I worked at for three months before getting "let go" so all I have done is blog, sit on my arse, and become "fat-thin." This means that I do everything a 'fat' person does but stay slim; no it's not a good thing, as I have become really really unfit. 

Dear regular and dedicated readers, do you remember my old Bierkeller uniform? Do you remember how bad it was? How much I hated it? Well, if you don't remember, take a look at this photo of me:

Now I am not a waitress in the actual Bierkeller Bar (there are four bars in total in the Bierkeller) I only have to wear a black uniform which can vary from: Skirt, shirt, tights and trainers/dolly shoes OR pants, shirt, trainers/dolly shoes. Knowing I was a Waitress last year, one of the managers keeps asking to be one, but unless he either drives me home or pays £30 for my taxi every night, the answer is NO. Finishing after 11pm is a no-no as I have to get back home and the only travel that can do that is the Metrolink - if I miss it I am fucked.

Back to my life, last Thursday, my friend who works at the Bierkeller (I worked at in April 2014) put on Facebook that there was a weekend job going for two people. As I needed a little money to myself, I told him I would do it. Obviously, having friends who work there and my friend then becoming my boss, he agreed to let me have to job. Also, he asked me if I wanted another friend to work with me doing the same hours, and as I recall, I remembered my cousin needed a part time job over the summer - she now works with me, too.

On Friday 14th August I started my first day on the job - on my own. Fortunately, having worked there the year previous, I know the place pretty well. As well as knowing a couple of the managers already, I got to know some of the new ones too; they are soo much nicer than the managers from last year - thank god. From working my first day, I knew I was going to enjoy my job from then on; there was a whole new lot of staff, and the ones that are left I have been friends with for over a year.

Do you know when you start a new job in a strange place you have never stepped foot in, and having to associate with people you've never spoke to before, do you ever get the butterfly feeling and the feeling of anxiety or panic? Yeah, well I skipped all that which makes me feel a lot better about starting my new job. Skipping the whole anxiety part makes me feel more confident in the working place - I feel at home.

I guess I grew with age. Being a shy person a year ago, I would feel tension around customers and get scared about doing something wrong all the time; the fact that I had to use a pad with German Beers made me more nervous because I don't know how to understand foreign beers and accents. What? Haha! My Cousin started work on the Saturday, quite frankly, the place was half dead for the first six hours of the shift, but after she left at the end of her shift, people decided to flow in and I was stuck doing the work. I didn't mind, I was bored all day so being busy for the last three hours of my shift was great - time flew much quicker. 

Though working at this bar is fun, you do get the odd customer that doesn't understand the rule of "DON'T TOUCH THE STAFF." There was one incident on Saturday where when I was collecting empty glasses and finished plates, one customer decided to pull me and try and dance with me, then when I said I have worked to do, he decided to pull me into a hug and kiss my cheek. Though it was harmless, I don't appreciate it. I work for money, I don't work to be harassed; luckily for him, I didn't report his actions as I hoped it was a one-off thing as he had been drinking - it was.

Right now, I am not sure if anyone who works at the Bierkeller with me will read my Blog; this is the only thing that makes me anxious and a little panicky. Oi you, Bierkeller worker: if you are reading my blog, you don't have to worry, I never bad mouth a company. (Unless I get sacked, then all hell will break loose!) Only joking - or am I? *wink*

No but seriously, I don't appreciate it when customers think it's alright to touch the staff. P-lease, I am here to serve you FOOD not MYSELF - FILTH. 

That night, I came home to find that Alexander had been busy sorting out our bedroom whilst I was working. He ended up putting new sheets on the bed, and then lighting candles on the bedside table and the table at the end of the bed. As well as the candles, he placed my Nana's teddy and a Rose Quartz in the centre - it really touched me that he went into all this just to make me happy when I went to bed. After a long day at work. Alexander even gave me a massage as my muscles were hurting. (I did tell you I haven't done any exercise in TEN MONTHS.) It was the perfect ending to a long day.

Furthermore, yesterday (Sunday) was the last day of my weekend shift and it was pretty dead allll day, which is weird because it is football weekends from now on! My Cousin was sent to help one of the barmen in another bar, but five minutes later she came back with a sliced thumb and blood dripping down her hand and arm. Turns out, when the head-chef sent her to help the barman, he meant with glass washing; the barman asked her to cut up some limes. If limes really meant thumb then she passed. She admitted it was her own fault and not to blame the barman, but I guess as he was supervising her, he had responsibility. She survived - what's the big deal? 

You can see the issue on both sides, but she was fine after cleaning up her wound and carried on working. Happy days? 

Honestly, i'm not even sure you are interested in this post, but I thought I would give you a little life update about what's important in life right now - I have a job. It's a big deal to me! 

I'm so Adult.

Much love,


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