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I've been kinda getting used to doing these tags, or reading Tags for that matter. I love learning new things about other people (being the nosy person I am) and I think that you like reading my Tags, right? Well if you don't, you can skip this and read previous posts you've not read yet!


First I just want to say thank you to these FOUR Bloggers who had nominated me to do this Tag. I completely forgot about this so I apologise for taking so long to do it! Sorry. 
Thanks to:

The only rules you have in this Tag is to list 10 things you LOVE and 10 things you HATE. 
Though, Hate is a strong word, so I better explain that these things are HATED; not disliked, not "meh," but absolutely despised. 

Time for the fun!

♥ The Loves 
(minus the obvious - Family & Alex)
  1. Notebooks
    Oh, the love of notebooks is unreal. Alexander gives in when we go shopping and let's me buy a pretty notebook I DON'T NEED. But-it's-so-pretty!
  2. Candles
    This is one of the new loves for me as I never used to be so obsessed with them any other time of year except Christmas. Maybe because at Xmas my Mum would light a certain smelling candle which reminded me of the festivity.
  3. Cups of Tea
    I couldn't be more English if I tried. However, who doesn't love a good brew in the morning? That includes Coffee to those who drink it! Though, I drink Tea all day which is probably why my teeth are slightly stained - whoops.
  4. Hospitals
    How, you ask? Well, honestly, when I was a kid I was sent to hospital with Tonsillitis with my twin sister and we both had our tonsils removed on the same day (Twin thing, I guess - one gets ill, the other follows shortly after) and I never had a problem with the hospital. Being there, I feel safe. I know plenty of people who hate hospitals, but I don't mind them.
  5. Planes & TrainsI don't know what it is about long journeys and these specific transportations but I really enjoy travelling. Cars, Coaches, and Trams are not my favourites though.
  6. Katie Hopkins
    What? You know, secretly, you love her too; the outspoken personality is thrilling! To be quite honest, my views are pretty much exactly the same as Katie Hopkins - judge me all you want.

♥ The Hates 

  1. Shade
    Not the shading away from something, but rather the Shade people are. People nowadays throw so much shade around it's embarrassing. For anyone who doesn't know what Shade means, it is: "acting in a casual or disrespectful manner towards someone/dissing a friend."
  2. Cleaning
    I am the worst person to clean. The only time I will is when I feel the mess is too much; I am pretty lazy if it comes to getting off my arse. Some days I will go on a mad cleaning spree but it is a very rare sighting. Ask Alexander. He asks if I am ill when he sees me clean.
  3. Pictures on blogs that are all different sizes
    Please, for the love of blogs, make sure all your pictures are the same width. It's even better if the pictures are the same length as your worded paragraphs! Honestly, it looks neater and so much more professional.
  4. Hollyoaks & Broad City
    Why are these even classed as Shows, even, EVEN?
  5. Life Stories for Facebook Status'
    Pet peeve and a half. Seriously, status' aren't for full on life stories where I read about you washing the pots; washing your clothes; taking a shit. Okay, maybe not the last one but you get the gist? STOP. Write a blog ffs, then I have the chance to NOT READ IT.
  6. Sexism
    Recently, there has been a lot of sexism towards me, especially from men in football groups/pages on Facebook. Just because I am a woman, does not mean I don't know what I am talking about; even when I try and help someone with their page and tell them not to ask for likes and shares as Facebook penalises your page, in return I get sarcasm and a sexist comment. Ugh.
  7. Pictures of other people's kids day in and day out
    Especially when they are pictures of their kid sat on the potty taking a shit - STOP. Keep it to the photo album to embarrass your kid when it's older. Comprendai? GOOD.
  8. More than one noise at once
    For example, when the TV is on, I can't have the window open. If I can hear people talk, cars whizzing past, and builders hammering things, it really agitates me.

I honestly could only manage as much as I did; there is not much I love nor hate. Which isn't so bad is it?? 

I tag everyone who has just read this post. You're welcome *wink*


  1. What a great tag, loved this post! xx

    Tajaljeh //

  2. Haha I love katie hopkins too, she makes me laugh =] Loved her in the big brother house

    1. Finally, someone who agrees with me haha! Thank you for commenting xx

  3. I'm a lover of candles too!

    Understand your hate for noise, I'm the same, drives me insane!!

    Gemma xx

    1. Candles are amazing hahaa! Thank you for commenting, Gemma xx

  4. I agree with you for nearly all the loves and hates! I love candles, notebooks, tea and trains and for the hates I have friends on facebook who pictures of their kids everyday several times a day, I find it excessive!

    Laura Likes Beauty xx

    1. I was pretty sure i replied. must've have worked :( So glad I am not the only one to think this - it really does my head'in especially when it is a pointless photo, too! xx

  5. Hahahahah YES the photos of people's kids one, I hate it, I don't wanna see that?!?! I think it's about 50x worse for us because we went to Elton and over half of the student population of our year has given birth already haha! (totally creepin' on your blog, sorry haha!) x

    1. Haha sooo true! Especially when they're on their second already! .. Don't worry about it, i do it to yours every now and again. I'm what you call a silent read ;) xx


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