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(This post was first created on the 27th July, and carried on as from the 27th August)

Don't throw God at me

Here, in England, UK, times, perspectives, values and opinions have all differed compared to other countries - maybe yours if you live outside of the UK. What I want to talk about today is God and the Bible, so if you are all touchy-feely [sensitive] about religion and other people's opinions to oppose, then please click away. 

I don't mind debatable comments, but never call me wrong - everyone has the right to their own opinion (don't contradict that and make out your rudeness is acceptable as it's "free speech" either. Thanks.)

Recently, I have joined a [non-blogging] group on Facebook that bring a wide variety of women from a range of countries together to talk. At the beginning, I was having a debatable conversation with a few women about marriage; what it represents; why I don't think you HAVE to get married before choosing to have kids; and also, why you don't need the piece of paper and the ring to show you are committed to your partner.

Don't get me wrong, I am pro-marriage and I will want to get married in a few year. Heck, I have even had the whole "Where would you like to get married?" conversation with Alexander. Why? Because I like forward planning of possible outcomes, but it is also fun to get creative and a little surreal at times.

Anywho, so as I was talking to a few women who had the same perspectives as me, there were also the odd couple of women who decided to tell me that 'God doesn't approve kids before marriage,' and that 'you work for the devil if you never get married and have kids.' Right, where should I start? How about I sit down for 5 minutes, relax, get my thoughts together, and act rationally on my blog.

Let's start with Religion as a whole:
Honestly, I am Atheist.  Religion was something I never really connected with - I do not say it is wrong, I just don't believe in the Higher Person. Science, to me, makes me believe more in evolution and we weren't actually created fully human; we were like monkeys. We were hairy with mahoosive foreheads, and we lived on dry land hunting for food; we eventually evolved into the humans we are today. 

God, in my opinion, is a fictional character than was created so people felt better about their life decision. Did something wrong? Pray. Want to pass your A Levels? Pray. Okay, now I understand praying for someone to be healthy, or to come out of a coma etc stuff like that, it's when people force the religion in your face and say that whatever you do, God will judge you. I don't even like my Mum judging me, I don't need religious followers to do that also.

The whole "God says it. I believe it. That settles it" attitude is appalling and, quite frankly, embarrassing. Just because a book openly let's you read something in a way you persevere it, doesn't mean it is right; there are many meanings to certain expressions and quotes, so that doesn't mean your perspective is right.

Now let's get to the marriage section:
So God says you HAVE to get married before you have kids? Or does God say you should accept and honour humanity and their decisions? I am not judging your views on life, so why do you need to throw the Bible and a verse at me to tell me how I should live my life and how you judge me? 

Who wrote the bible? Who wrote all these stories? Can you go back in time and show me Noah's Ark? Yes, I have heard that Jesus actually existed, but the story of his life is fiction. You can't prove he rose from the dead, you can't prove that Mary was a Virgin, and you can definitely not prove the God gave her a pregnancy. Don't tell me I have to follow God, and I have to respect God.

Truthfully, the stories in the Bible also made me second guess. Why? Because there is no proof. 

I respect your views, beliefs and your religions - please respect the Atheist and their views too. Don't judge people on how they want to live their lives. This is not 1800s England; we don't have to get married and THEN have kids. Women are beginning to become more independent and men are becoming stay at home Dads. Times have changed. 

Truthfully, the only religion that relates to me and my views is Buddhism.
Maybe I will create a post in dept in future about why my views relate to Buddhism in the future.

Do not throw God at me.
And I will not throw my beliefs back at you.

Much love,

Are you a Real Writer?

I remember not too long ago, a writer told me that when a Blogger has writer's block that they are not truly writers. Why did she tell me this? Because she made out like she was some incredible writer with creative ideas shooting out of her ears, left, right, and centre. Impossible, I thought. 

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