There are buns in the ovens!

(This post was first created on the 27th July, and carried on as from the 27th August)

On the 20th July 2015, I found out I was going to be an Auntie for the first time. As you all know, I have an identical twin sister - she is the pregnant one.

After months of disappointment, both Alexander and I decided to stop "trying trying" to get pregnant. (Not protecting, but not timing everything.) Two weeks into my 9th Menstrual Cycle of "trying year," Hayley announced her pregnancy - 5 weeks. 

The news came as a shock for me, but I wasn't mad or angry at her, just disappointed in myself and how my body had let me down. Let me just start from the phone call I received only a few minutes after waking up that very morning:

Alexander had decided to run a bath and relax for a little while whilst I carried on my morning snooze. The weather was the typical English weather and I wasn't phased by anything or anyone - it was just a typical morning for me. After a few minutes of realising I wasn't dreaming anymore, and as I felt the morning chill on my shoulders, I saw I had a missed call - it was Hayley.

Few more minutes went by and I didn't bother to call back; if it was important she would call back. She did. Answering the phone I just expected a simple, "when are you coming to mums?" Question, but I was far from right. Groggily I answered the phone. "Hello?" Hayley came out with one of the most surprising statements of my time, "you're going to be an Auntie."
Astonished and not fully digesting what she said, I just kept repeating, "What?" She just kept replying, "You're going to be an Auntie." I burst out in tears. Okay, I know I am not one to cry, but this was a real shock to me; they were happy tears not sad tears - I was so happy for her. Only I would ask this question but I did stupidly ask: "Is it *John's?" Of course it is *John's! Gradually, Alexander squirmed in the bath listening to my sobs and after a few seconds he came rushing into the bedroom with a facial expression of pure disbelief and worry. 

Passing Alexander the phone, all I could say to him was Hayley's name. He pushed the phone to his ear and spoke with true worry, "Who is this?" The thoughts he was thinking were: 'Has something happened to Hayley? Has she been run over? Is she in the Hospital?' Hayley answered with the simple, "You're going to be an Uncle." Laughing, Alexander congratulated her whilst telling her that I didn't explain anything to him so he thought the worst - typical Alex. 

Still sobbing, Alexander calmly spoke to Hayley for me asking all the important  and [some] unnecessary questions. Turns out she found out she was pregnant on the 18th July at her friends house using a cheap Asda's own pregnancy test, then, understandably, waited two more days to use a digital pregnancy test just to make sure she was seeing right - still positive. 

After all the questions were asked and answered, Alexander put the phone down and I just sat there smiling; crying; in shock. I was going to be an Auntie! Later that day, Alexander and I headed down to my Mum's house to see Hayley and see how she was coping; Mum told me that Hayley was crying whilst on the phone with me but she is okay now. For a few hours we all sat downstairs talking about the whole situation.

Eventually, Hayley told some of our immediate family but she was explaining to all of them that she is going to be a single mum, as a result of *John being a dick and dumping her when he found out he was going to be a dad, again. You do all know that he already has four kids, right? 

A week had flew by and I had actually just started this blog post; luckily, by the time you had read this, Hayley would have given me permission to share this journey with you all.

Anyway, back to the actual journey.

For the week I had left before my Period was due, I started having pregnancy symptoms myself. I had the backaches, cramps, spotting, headaches, and nausea, but I did get my period. I messaged Hayley about her midwife appointment the next day. Being the supportive sister I am, I asked how she was feeling and all the symptoms she had - she was just always hungry and tired.
Thinking about the symptoms I had and the symptoms Hayley only had, I realised something was Twinning. Was I having Hayley's bad symptoms and she was having the good? Afterall, she just gets to eat and sleep all the time, whilst I felt like I was going to throw up whenever I smelt certain foods or even tried to eat. I honestly felt like I was the one due to have a baby. Was this some weird twin thing or was I just having a bad week? Weird.

I swear, if I feel her labour pains I will slap her. Just warning you right now.

Now I got Hayley's story out of the way, I just want to say:

I am Pregnant ...
I am Pregnant ...

Taken 25th August 2016.
4 Weeks 1 Day Pregnant
On the 25th August 2016 I found out I was 4 weeks and 1 day pregnant (6 weeks and 1 day behind Hayley.) Now I just want to mention, I did NOT get pregnant out of jealousy as you already know for a fact that I have been trying for a baby with Alexander for a long time now - just clarifying. 

A few paragraphs up, I mentioned "something was Twinning" and I think that is what has happened here. Do you remember me telling you about the time Hayley was sent to hospital with tonsillitis and I came in the same following evening with that too, and that we were both in the theater having our tonsils out at the same time? I think that is what has happened here; or it was just a coincidence.

The morning of taking the pregnancy test, I was already one day late to start my period, thing is, I wouldn't have worried and waited a few more days, but for the past couple months I have started my period like clockwork. What really got me thinking I was pregnant was not just the day late situation, but the fact that my breasts had become strangely increased in size and I had thick blue veins surrounding them. 

Mum was by my side when I explained why I thought I was pregnant so she nipped to the Chemist and brought a Clear Blue Digital Pregnancy Test. As I had taken tests in the past, I simply peed *cough* on the test and just thought: "it'll be negative - it's always negative."

A couple minutes went by and the little egg timer was still ticking away until the word PREGNANT popped up in the corner. WHAT! I was so shocked, but as the egg timer was still ticking, so I shouted MUM to come and look at the test for me.

Time was going so slow - seconds felt like minutes. I thought the test would have NOT written next to it - nope, it just loaded 1-2 underneath the word. Definitely PREGNANT.

Yes I used the same GIF, it was necessary! 

I held the test in my hand and cried with my mum, but I was also laughing - best news I have heard since Hayley's announcement! Okay, I one up it [personally] as it is me that is pregnant mwuhaha. Alexander and I deserved this as a result of having bad luck happening to us at home - I still can't believe it. 

Immediately after hugging my mum, I ran upstairs to ring Alexander. Remember in the first few paragraphs of this post I mentioned me crying and Alexander being worried? Yeah, well it happened this time too; he thought something bad had happened because I was crying. As I broke the news to him, I could hear the shock but happiness in his voice, and I passed the phone to mum so he could speak to her. 

Handing the phone back to me after a few minutes, Mum told me Alexander said that he is not like *John and he will treat me like a princess. HOW CUTE IS THAT? That evening, Alexander came round to my mums and we celebrated with the family - I told my immediate family and my closest friend. We are all so excited!

So they are the stories of the first day of finding out our pregnancies!
Stay tuned! 

Much love, 

*Name changed for privacy reasons.

Stay tuned for my new chapter in my blog called "Baby Diary." More info on that will be above the very first Baby Diary post.


  1. I'm so pleased for you! Congratulations! And congrats to your sister but sorry to hear that John has left her... what a knob! And that's being too nice probably!

    1. Thank you so much Becster! There is no more adjectives to describe him - used them all haha!!

  2. I've already congratulated you but I'll do it again - CONGRATS MUMMY-TO-BE! How awesome that you can share it with your sister!? Good luck to you both.

    Sarah x

  3. "I swear, if I feel her labour pains I will slap her." AHAHAHAHAH!!!!! 8'DDD

    Well, told you on Twitter and will say it again here: CONGRATULATIONS!!!!

    So weird that you and your twin are both going to be mummies almost at the same time! but I'm glad and you're going to be a fantastic mum, I can feel it!!!

    1. haha thank you so much hunny!! <3
      I really hope i am a good mum!
      Thank you so much for commenting xx

  4. So happy for you =]

  5. Oh I'm so happy for you. I'm totaly new to reading your blog but I'm still sitting here all smiling and happy. Best of luck./Love Ida

    1. Aw Ida welcome to my blog :D Thank you so much for the kind words x

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