Pregnancy Diary | November

4th November
Can you believe that I am FOURTEEN weeks pregnant exactly today?! How time flies, honestly, I am actually shocked at how quick pregnancy goes. People complain that it drags, but I am feeling like before I know it, I will blink and there will be a baby in my arms.

Today, I felt a little hand or leg drag across my belly whilst I had my palm on my stomach. I'm not going to lie, I kind of shit myself a little (metaphorically) and my heart began to beat faster. Had I really felt my baby so early on? Once I had calmed back down, I re-placed my hand back on the same spot and felt the baby move again! There's a little alien inside me! 

I don't think I mentioned that Hayley had her anatomy scan when I had my first scan - she is having a BOY! I have a nephew on the way!!! You have no idea how excited I am.

6th November
On the 4th I mentioned being able to feel a little arm or leg drag across a small part of my stomach and it creeped me out a bit, so today I remembered that Alexander gets freaked out by the tiny things like this... it was time to see his reaction!

So later tonight, I placed Alexander's hand around the place where I thought the baby was, waited a little while, and quicker than I expected, Alexander looked up at me with the facial expression of shock and happiness whilst moving his hand away fast. He loved the feeling of the movements so he went to feel again. I think he was as shocked as me but excited to re-feel the baby. You should have seen how excited he was, it was so cute.

14th November
15 weeks 3 days today! Not much happened during the day so I just wanted to update you that I felt the baby properly - KICKS! I felt small kicks around eight times in my lower abdominal area. Sadly, Alexander was asleep next to me and there is no waking him when he is out of it; if you do manage to wake him, there is no chance he will remember what happened the next morning so there was no point in disturbing him. I got to feel the kicks and enjoy it to myself - little selfish. Oh well! He said, hopefully, he will catch the baby kick next time he comes to stay again.

I still suffer from headaches and sore breasts - mainly in the nipple area. TMI.

16th November
I have been complaining lately about not having a proper bump when I am almost 16 weeks pregnant. Now today I woke up and my belly "popped" as women say!

18th November
It doesn't happen often, but the baby kicked whilst Alexander was awake and he actually felt them. Believe me, I thought the kicks would be too light to feel, also, that I thought that the kicks were only felt on the inside, but NOPE, he felt them! The baby is the size of an AVOCADO today. 

Late today, as well as feeling kicks, we noticed my belly had gotten bigger too. Apparently the baby has had a growth spurt, I am not complaining, keep growing baby! By Christmas I should be huge, but Alexander still calls me beautiful everyday. 

21st November
For the first time in MANY weeks, I had worked a shift at the local pub; it was a leaving do so the landlord asked me to help out so she could get drunk and enjoy herself at her own do - of course! She deserved her last weekend free to drink and have fun at her own party; I have bar experience; I needed the money.
I worked from 8pm until 1am, and Alexander decided to take advantage of the cheap-priced beer and me being barmaid and got a little drunk - I didn't mind. When the shift finished, Alexander told me how proud he was of me and called me caring and beautiful. *blushes* well I do try. After the hours working, and not doing much for the past couple months, my body was really actually starting to ache so I was glad to have finished and get home to sleep.

25th November
Never thought I would wake up to see the baby all curled up on the left hand side of my belly button.  The baby was in my right hip for days playing music on my nerves - so painful - it was good to have a change and to see where my baby was sleeping. You should have felt it, it was like a slightly squidgy rock, that eventually slipped to the centre of my stomach and stretched out. 

It really is amazing what happens inside a woman's body when there is a baby growing inside. Alien comes to mind when you feel something sliding/swimming inside you, but it's also a magical feeling to have. You are growing a happy little baby that plays, kicks and sleeps inside you so peacefully.

27th November
As a dedicated reader, or a new reader, you should know that I love to eat and go out; today was my cousin's 18th Birthday and she decided to have a meal out in a world buffet. FOOD! Being pregnant, I wasn't really feeling up to it, but I couldn't let her down, I struggled to find a good outfit, and I even went out and brought some thigh-high boots, therefore, I had to go. 

Remember my favourite black and white skirt from Yeah, well I actually squeezed into it even with a baby bump! BONUS. My outfit was short and sweet, kind of cute actually. Not going to lie, my feet we killing at the end of the night but it was worth every single pain. How cute is my bump in this outfit though?

28th November
Just wanted to give you an update on what happened this morning. I got my first lying down bump! Normally when I lie down, I don't even look slightly pregnant or even feel the baby inside me, however, today I saw I had this bump and I could feel what seems like a rock which is the baby! 

Excuse the underwear, just concentrate on the bump!

Month summary: I never thought that such dramatic things would happen so quick. The change from a small hand/foot dragging across my belly, to popping out, to then feeling kicks from the inside and then out! The speed a baby grows is incredible, and scary at the same time, a lot can change in a short amount of time.

Much love,

Christmas month is here tomorrow, so for BLOGMAS this year I am going to do my December Diary every single day. Is that cheating? OH WELL. Blogmas is Blogmas!


  1. This is great! I can't believe the changes and.. 16 weeks already?!! Anyway! I know you don't want to become a blogger mom, but it's good to have some updates on your pregnancy from time to time :) Also, well done for doing that shift at the pub! ;)

    As always, lots of love!!!

    1. Thank you :D Yeah a blogger mum isn't what I want to be labelled because that's not what my blog is or will be about. Thank you!! xx


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