Counteractive Contraception & Complicated Conception

You all know me to be the typical 'go with the flow' Blogger who will express views and opinions many agree and disagree too, but today's post is all about my life since I became sexually active. Now this may be a topic that is TMI to you, but it could also help others through the same struggles as I went through.

This post will be all about my body and the affects Contraception caused, and how much I struggled to Conceive. My story will be shared brutally honestly so there will be parts you may not like or agree with, but that's just life, I am sharing my story to educate people about what I went through, also, to educate them on what CAN go on in a woman's body.

A woman's body is a wonderful machine; we bleed once a month for [about] a week; we create and grow life; we produce milk to feed the little one; and our bodies shape shift to fit and push out a life. How amazing is the woman's body?

Now, a woman has expectations, but when reality hits, you may get slapped in the face. Not all bodies do exactly what is glamorized and there can be weaknesses, fails, struggles, and discourage. There are women who were born not to be the typical way -  things aren't easy.

Let me just start with my counteractions with conception.

It all started when I was 16:
After my sweet sixteenth when my High School years had flew by, I became sexually active with my first love. In school we were taught about condoms and preventing pregnancy but we were never taught about other options and the affects & side affects that can happen to you when you use them. (Here's a link to a post I created about Sex Education to educate High School students.) 

As a naive sixteen year old girl experiencing her first time, I only used condoms not knowing that they can fail. Luckily, this condom didn't fail. My Mum found out I was sexually active and sent me to the Doctors to get one type of Contraceptive Pill so I had my own kind of protection as well as my first love using condoms. 

It was a couple of months later when the Pill began causing head aches and migraines so I had to stop taking them and tried a new kind of contraception instead - Contraceptive Implant; a small rod placed in your left arm that blocks sperm from reaching the egg. What I loved most about the implant was that I didn't have periods for around 6 months and it was all plain sailing, until the 6 month point hit; seems that the time I hadn't had a period had caught up with me and I bled for three months straight.

Sadly, the relationship with my first love didn't last and neither did my tolerance to the Contraceptive Implant. As I was losing a lot of blood and I felt dizzy all the time, I realised it was time to go to the Doctors, take the Implant out and find another option. Luckily, there is a Contraceptive Injection the Doctor will give you that is injected into the top of your bum - it doesn't hurt much - every three months you re-inject this contraception. 

As well as trying all these contraceptives, I was still using condoms, but there was a catch, I hadn't realised that the itching and rashes I was suffering with was because I am allergic to Latex. Condoms were no longer used. Me, being young and naive, decided that because I was already trying all these other contraceptives and I was allergic to typical condoms, that I would stop using them. Yes, there are other types of condoms that don't involve latex, but I just thought "what the heck, i'm protective a different way," and didn't bother buying alternative condoms.

Eventually, I couldn't tolerate this contraceptive injection also, so it was time to go back to the Doctors to find, yet again, another alternative. I didn't mention before, but there are many types of Contraceptive Pills so I was offered another type of pill to try - more head aches. As I was single and the pill was AGAIN causing headaches, I didn't bother taking my pills. Honestly, I did use condoms when active and suffered through my allergic reaction; rather that than an unplanned pregnancy, right?

It was around six months later I found my ex-fiancé and we were active. Stupidly, the only thing i could think of to help 'prevent' (I say that lightly) is the Pull Out Method; if you are young and naive, please listen to me, this is not in anyway shape or form a real contraceptive method, you will eventually catch and get pregnant. For the next year or so we used this 'method' occasionally until we decided that "what ever happens, happens" and a baby would be welcome in our world.

As all things come to an end, the relationship broke off after eighteen months together and eight months trying. As I was active after this relationship, I did, again, suffer through allergic reactions and used condoms - I was not stupid enough to have an unplanned pregnancy. After a month, I met my now Boyfriend and we started dating. I told him about my body rejecting contraceptives and explained which ones I had tried and failed with, but we were stupid and didn't protect ourselves in the end anyway.

Only after a month of dating and knowing the age of my boyfriend, we decided to try for a baby as this is what we both really wanted in life. Don't judge me. This is where my Complication with Conception started.

Trying for a baby:
Please read my baby adventures post for more info on my first 5 months of trying story (scroll down past the intro to the Title.) There is information on how to track when you ovulate too. Once you have read that post and want to know more on Ovulation Kits go to baby adventures #2 for full details.

After 5 months of no luck with conceiving without help, we decided that using Ovulation Kits to help figure out when I may possibly Ovulate. Turns out I Ovulated almost exactly half way through each month as my period had become more regular between 28-29 days and we now knew when to try hardest in the month. 

Being the mean girlfriend I am but helping both of us conceive, I would make my boyfriend hold in his sperm so the numbers would be at it's highest when it was time to be sexually active. For three to five days straight over ovulation time, we would be sexually active, and  for every other day of the month, we would be active every two to three days to keep our chances high.

Not conceiving as quick as we wanted, it became stressful and I began to resent myself for being a "failure" and "not a proper woman." At the age of 19, I was told I was at the prime age to become pregnant, and I did want to be a mother before the age of 21. The stress of having mother nature's gift of a period every month was becoming unbearable, until the most unbearable thing happened - my Nana was diagnosed with terminal cancer. 

I couldn't concentrate and be stress free whilst trying for a baby whilst my Nana was ill. Nana knew I was trying for a baby before she passed away only three months later. Times were even harder and my depression came back; I couldn't conceive and I just lost one of the most important people in my life. 

Tormentingly, a month later my sister found out she was pregnant; I was happy of course, but the fact that she accidentally got pregnant whilst I was trying, really slapped me across the face. I felt even more like a failure. Even through all this stress, for ten months straight, me and my boyfriend were still trying and timing our sexual activeness to the dot. 

Everyday was a torment knowing my sister was pregnant, but only six weeks later, I found out I had actually become pregnant myself. What I strongly believe, even with all of my timing and trying, is that my Nana helped me (in the afterlife) to conceive; she knew before she died, without me even telling her, that I was trying for a baby, and only two months after her passing I conceived. I don't believe in coincidences. 

So that, my lovelies, is my Counteraction with Conception and my Complicated Contraception story!

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 Comments are welcome! 

Much love,
ps// please do NOT take any of my experience as medical advice and do what I have done. Please get professional help if it is needed.


  1. The best thing about this is that it is honest. I love honest posts, you get so much more from the post and you connect with it better. It's lovely that you and your sister were pregnant at the same time, it's lovely to share it with someone you're close with, but your sister? That's just beautiful.

    1. Thank you so much! It's crazy that we are experiencing pregnancy at the same time, but we get to compare, go shopping, and enjoy everything together! Thanks for commenting xx


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