Pregnancy Diary | October

1st October
Oh I was doing so well with coping with the nausea but today I figured out, officially, that Dairy food cause me to vomit - great. I loved milk, eggs and cheese before I got pregnant, kind of makes me sad that the baby is rejecting them! The way I figured this out was that I had a glass of milk and a couple fried eggs for breakfast, and not long after, I threw it all back up.

On the 5th I have my second appointment with the midwife so now I have to ask for Calcium alternatives seen as I can't just typically drink milk anymore *frowns.* That may mean I have to take calcium tablets, though I already take Folic Acid so it won't be any trouble taking them. Later this evening, a friend suggested eating Ginger Biscuits to help with my nausea, and honestly, whoever invented Ginger Biscuits, I OWE YOU MY LIFE. I never thought that the simple Ginger Spice could help like medication.

However, being me, I don't take medications unless it's paracetamol for headaches and migraines, and anti-biotics for infections. Seriously, have you ever thought that just having any old medication for everything is actually causing you all to become more ill? Can you tell me that medications out there don't cause cancer and diseases, or even just simple illnesses? You don't actually know what chemicals you are putting into your system and just because the Doctor prescribes them, doesn't make them good for you. But hey, that just what me and Alexander think about medications; if there are natural remedies, then we will choose them instead. 

2nd October
Today I am 9 weeks and 4 days pregnant and the baby is approx. 2-3cm - Grape size! 
This evening is my friend's 21st Birthday Do, which I have been looking forward to for quite a while; being sat inside only working weekends was just depressing and lonesome. Sadly, Alexander could only make the last hour and a half because he couldn't get off work early - annoying. He was texting me how sorry he was and that he will make it up to me, but I got over it quickly and had fun without him for a while. 

Don't get me wrong, I love spending time with Alexander especially at parties and outings, but if he couldn't make it until later, then that's fine with me. He works hard for me and the baby, he makes sure we have a roof over our head and food on the table, and I told him I understand him working such long hours; I see him for about 2 hours a night! Alex is daft for thinking that I hate him; I love him so much and appreciate everything he is doing for our little growing family, even if it is hard to cope without him most of the time.

At the party, Alexander went all out and got absolutely plastered - I don't blame him. He was that drunk he was willing to go up on stage and sing (singing is what he denies he can do, but him and his brother are actually good singers.) Sadly, the DJ was an arse and wouldn't let him. OH WELL.

10th October
Guess what?! I have began to show! Though, it only really shows at night, which is common, it is still cute. In the morning, I look bloated, but later in the evening my belly looks like this:
I can't get over how early I am starting to show. My belly button is pushed out slightly more, and it fascinates me, so yes, I do prod it as it's squishy haha! 

15th October
A lot has changed in just a short amount of weeks; I don't even know where to start. I think starting from where I moved out of Alexander's to my parent's house. To be honest, I am only back here because Alex was worrying so much about me being alone so much and could tell my depression was progressing again - he was right. Now that I am back at my parent's, it is so much harder, as Alex works every hour God sends, which means a little text here and there, and maybe a phone call if it's not a daft hour when he's finished.

Without hurting his feelings, I have explained that I have become overly used to being away from him, which I had dreaded from the start of him working, now I just hope that when bonfire season has ended that we can then bond again. Crying is the only solution to release my anxieties and sadness of him being away & my worrying of the near future.

The fact that when he does visit and he falls asleep less than half an hour into being here, hurts like hell. Yeah I know he's tired, but I am allowed to be a little selfish and want to spend some quality time with him. Life is very hard at the moment.

24th October
What I never realised about being pregnant was how fast the baby actually grows. My belly seems to be bigger during the evening than in the morning, but even my Mum noticed the growth. Not much happened today except me and the sister went to watch Hotel Transylvania 2 haha! Plus, I just wanted to show off the bump.

Oh, ever since I had found out i'm pregnant, I have suffered with cold-like symptoms (runny nose, sneezing, and headaches) which I wake up too every single morning. So far I haven't found anything to get rid and I have had my flu shot. Paracetamol is the only thing that gets rid of the headache for the day, but the sneezing and runny nose seems to stick.

Any advice on getting rid of a cold???

30th October
Around 7cm! 
This was one of the most magical things to ever happened to me.
One thing I know for sure is that I have one stubborn baby; definitely takes after it's Daddy. When I turned up at the hospital, I really didn't have to wait too long before me and Alexander were called into the Ultrasound room; hospitals are the worst for making you wait. If you have ultrasounds before you will know how horrible it is holding in an hour's worth of water in your bladder and then having the ultrasound camera pressed on your stomach.

At first, the baby was in a standing up but bending forward position which was no help at all for measurements so I had to go and empty my bladder to try and make the baby move - no luck. Lying on my right, the nurse was prodding my belly to make the baby change positions, slowly it did, but not enough so I had to lie on my left. Eventually the baby moved. Into what position? Take a look at the Ultrasound picture. 

Talk about a lazy baby! I don't know if you can tell, but the baby has one arm behind the head, one arm on the forehead, and [you can't see] both legs crossed. Okay, the laziness is from me haha! During the whole of this ultrasound, Alexander was intrigued and looking at the screen in amazement whilst holding my hand. It was adorable. My Mum was allowed to come in once all the measurements were taken.

Everything looked perfect and the baby is now growing as it should be after the scare and early ultrasound. When I mentioned the hospital wait not being long before my scan, I now regretting even saying it, as I had to wait over an hour to see the midwife to talk about my results. The baby is fine, but my blood pressure was low which was causing my dizziness; apparently I need to just drink more fluids. My iron level was better than the midwife expected for my BMI  which is great news! 

Because I suffer from mild scoliosis, I do have to visit the consultant and then have an anaesthetic appointment as a "practice epidural" so the Doctor can figure out where the needle needs to be placed into my spine IF I need a caesarean when it comes to labour-time. Though I hate hospitals, i'd rather have the practice run so there are no complications if the time came to have the needle. Here's to hoping I can have a natural labour!  

Baby 13+2 weeks
Due 4th May 2016  

31st October
What's Halloween if you can't dress up and shove a bit of face paint on you?
At first I wasn't really feeling the whole Halloween vibe, but about an hour before the pub party was about to start, I thought: "Fuck it, it's Halloween." What I hadn't forgot, was how boring it can be when you can't drink when everyone around you is tipsy/drunk and having a laugh. I was already exhausted from being up all day and the pregnancy causes me to be more tired than usual.

I wore a normal dress because it was last minute, but my face paint is half zombie and half mexican day of the dead. Also, I thought it would be fun to make my neck and chest into a skeleton, yano, because I could. I don't think you can see it in the picture. Hayley made little effort and to be honest, her face paint didn't go to plan - it's eyeliner, too.

Alexander text me that he was finishing a little early and decided to join me. Turning up in his sweats, he changed his mind about staying in work gear and wanted to dress up as the Joker just like he did last year; he joined in, that's all that matters. Around 11:30pm, I got bored and wanted to go home, Alex didn't mind joining me; he fell asleep after washing off his face paint anyway.

Guess who watched a Horror by herself in bed. ME. 


Month Summary:
So, October was quite eventful. From being quite newly pregnant with all kinds of nausea, to being 13+3 weeks pregnant with a healthy 7cm sized baby growing so lazily. A lot can change in such a short amount of time and I have come to realise that not everything goes to plan. Not everything is a fairytale with happy days, which does make good material to blog about! Here's to more months of excitement, drama, and a healthy baby growing! 

Much love,


  1. This is so cute, congrats on your baby and I really do not like taking medication, I try and find natural remedies or drink water and hope for the best! I could never imagine what it is like to have a baby growing inside of you, just must feel wonderful. I cannot wait to read more of these and see your bump grow! x

    1. Thank you Laura! :)
      You and me both, natural is the way to go right now, only in emergencies will i take medication. Right now, I don't feel anything besides the odd bubble or twinge but i can't wait for actual movements. Thank you so much! x

  2. Omg Lauren I can't believe how fast the baby is growing! Congrats to both you and Alex! :) so happy for you xx


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