Blogmas #1

How's my logo? You like?? Very festive! 

So Blogmas for me is going to just be my December Pregnancy Diary entries done on each day, but I don't want to just bore you with updates, so I am also going to do my usual posts underneath some of the diary entries. 

Hopefully I will keep up Blogmas this year, seen as I know what I am going to be posting about every day!

1st December
Today marks seventeen weeks and six days into my pregnancy, and every week around this point my belly seems to grow a little bit. The baby has moved up my stomach so I can feel more kicks and swimming going on. Yesterday, I didn't feel any kicks as the baby was being stubborn - a quiet day? But this morning I woke up to feeling little kicks every few seconds for a few minutes; the relief that knowing the baby is fine was such an amazing feeling.

Not much happened today, and even if it is the 1st of the Christmas month, I still don't have my Christmas tree up! Though I am Twenty, my Mum still got me an unorthodox Advent Calender. What I mean is, instead of those boxes with doors on (my brother and little sister has them) me and Hayley have little stockings hanging on the wall with two small chocolates in each. Cute, right?

When is the right time to put up the tree - the twenth?
So yeah, today wasn't eventful, it was just a day of sleeping, eating, watching TV and Alexander coming round to stay and watch more TV & eat with me.

Much love,

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