Blogmas #12 | baby scan photo and cute baby shoes

I never really got a scan picture of my baby because she wouldn't cooperate and smile for the camera, or even budge an inch so some of her measurements weren't able to be taken. Hence why me and Alexander are going to the repeat anatomy scan next Friday. 

For weeks we were so excited about being able to find out the Gender and see her properly on the screen, but as she was face down and crossed her legs like a buddha, we couldn't even see her clearly. Hopefully next Friday when she is a little bigger, we get to see her very clearly; here's to hoping, eh!

The only scan picture I could get was this one (below) of the baby putting her thumb up to us. 
"Hey Mummy and Daddy, i'm okay!"
How adorable is this little arm?! Even though we couldn't see her face or even get a good scan picture of her face, in the end we had been given a little cute thumbs up. As normal, she was moving her arms and legs and drinking the water, and all the measurements we could get were normal. Her stomach and heart were in the right place and she is growing perfectly to date.

I never showed you, but below are some adorable socks and shoes that my old neighbour gave me for the baby (before we even hit the 12 weeks mark) because she was too excited not to buy us something. Bless her, these socks and shoes are perfect! 
I told you they were adorable!
Seeing mostly everyone buying pink for their baby girls is so cliché, I prefer choosing the unorthodox. So having an animal theme is more cute than the typical pinks; there is a wide variety of outfits and shoes for babies, I can't resist such things! If anyone knows where I can buy decent-priced and great quality baby clothing in animal print/theme then send me some links please!

The price shouldn't be extortionate, as you well know, I am a bargain hunter but obviously it has to be great quality and worth the money. 

Comments are welcome especially with links to sites that sell adorable and affordable baby clothes/items.

Much love,

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