Blogmas #13 | Exciting Day! | 4D Scan

Whoever knows me well will know that I hardly ever get out of bed before 12pm, but this morning I was up, dressed, and ready before 7am - why? - Alexander and I booked to have a 4D Gender Reveal Scan. Remember on Friday when I said that I went for my anatomy scan but they couldn't measure the heart properly or give me 100% Gender? Well we decided that we would book a 4D so we could get 100% confirmation and to see what our little bundle of joy looks like so far at 19 weeks 4 days!

Around 08:30am I arrived in the centre of Manchester to meet Alexander before we head off to the place we would have our scan; it was absolutely freezing! A quick pop into Costa did no harm plus I needed a second dose of a cup of tea to help fill my bladder *wink* any old excuse eh? The clinic was only a ten minute walk from Market Street which was really good; this place has been recommended by many with 5* reviews. 

On Friday the baby was lay face down with the legs crossed so I couldn't get a clear view of the Gender, the sonographer didn't make much effort to help move my baby into a good position and gave up so I was hoping the baby would be in a good position today with a clear view of the genitals, however, when I turned up at the clinic today the baby was in the same position - TYPICAL. 

After lying on the bed, turning my body left & right, lifting my hips and doing the "shakira shake" but also having the sonographer tapping on my belly, my little one finally revealed the genitals. 100% GIRL. GIRLY GIRL GIRL! 

Everyone, I would like you to meet 
("Ray-ah Jane")
Chubby cheeks and button nose
How cute it Rhea-Jane? I love her so much. I haven't stopped staring at the picture all day because she is so cute! At 19 weeks and 4 days, I never thought her features would be so clear; she definitely looks like Alexander, however, my Mum says she looks like me.

What do you think?

Paying for a certain package, I received a 2D and 3D/4D scan, two prints of my choice plus a DVD of the rest of the photos taken. She was definitely worth waking up at the crack of dawn, travelling to the centre of Manchester, and having/paying for the scan. I highly recommend 4D scans, it is such an amazing experience to go through.

After posting this photo on my FB, my sister and her friend both messaged me asking where I had gone to get a scan. Obviously I told them because they were so excited to be able to experience it themselves - I want to see what their unborn babas look like, too!

Typically, once I knew 100% what the gender is, I went shopping with my Mum to get a few girly things for Rhea-Jane; I had been waiting ages and admiring all the cute outfits. The urge to buy things was huge, so now I could finally go crazy! I may do a baby shop haul soon, would you be interested??

So that was my day, how was yours?

Much love,


  1. Now this is coming from someone who is normally 100% anti-children but congratulations, she's adorable! I love your name choice and she's got such a cute face! Now you can go crazy with the baby shopping! xx

    Kimberley //

    1. Thank you so much Kim! I think so too :') Baby shopping has begun, and I think my wardrobe has more baby clothes than my own now haah! xx


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