Blogmas # 14 | when i was little I believed...

When i was little i believed that:

1.  black and white films and pictures were actual colours of the world. Like literally thinking the world was black and white until we created colour

2. That in the old Winnie-The-Pooh kids shows, if i opened a book i would see stuffed animals walking around telling the story

3. In films when the actor is a child and grew up, I thought that the film had to be stopped filming whilst the child grew up and then the director would carry on filming

4. My grandad when he told me that if i drank too much Iron-Bru, that i would shit slugs and snails

5. In films if the actor died, the actor died in real life too

6. The moon was made of cheese and that the Clangers actually lived there


Much love,


  1. Haha love your Grandad!! But I also thought the same as you about having to wait for the actor to grow up!

    1. Haha me too! It is such an easy thing to mix up as a kid, films seem so believable back then!


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