Blogmas #15 | Twins comparing bumps

It's not everyday you see sisters pregnant at the same time, but it is even rarer to see twins pregnant at the same time! I have wrote about our pregnancy stories here back when I first found out i'm pregnant in August, as Hayley wanted me to keep her pregnancy quiet until she was ready to announce her news.

Now we are a few months on, I have developed a bump, Hayley's bump is huge, and we both know the Gender of our babies. I'm having a girl. Hayley is having a boy! Best of both worlds. And my parent's will have their first ever Granddaughter and Grandson in the same year only a few weeks apart - crazy!

Maybe soon instead of a bog-standard photo, me and Hayley could have professional photos of our bumps together. Seen as Hayley is a bit conscious about this, i'm not sure if she would agree, but I would still have my own photos anyway, just thought it would be a good idea to have twins having their pictures took together whilst pregnant. 

What do you think?

Picture courtesy of my Mum

I don't look too far off Hayley's bump; maybe I will have a big baby girl? I just thought I would do today's Blogmas all about our bumps and give you a little update. Not everyone loves baby bump pictures and updates, but I am sure there are plenty of women [or men] out there that don't mind and kind of enjoy seeing baby bumps grow. 

Our journey is being shared to you, and I love sharing my journey with my readers. After all, this is a "lifestyle" blog so obviously my life is going to be shared; all the good, the bad, and the ugly bits, too!

....and right now, the baby is pressing nerves on the left hand side of my stomach. You enjoy reading this whilst I suffer in pain (haha!)

Much love,


  1. I find it super cool that you're both pregnant at the same time! Your parents must be thrilled! And also for one of you to be having a boy and the other a girl is pretty amazing!

    1. Aw thank you! My parents are sooo excited, which i never expected. I'm glad we are having different gender babies - no arguing over outfits (haha!)


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