Blogmas #16 | Falling into hair dye

As I get bored of the same look so easily, this year I have gone through three different hair colours; pink, purple, and blonde. Seen as it is the festive season, the winter chill has begun and christmas spirit is high, I thought it would be fun to do a 'snow queen' kind of thing. Which meant dying my hair BLUE, because i'm a chilled person like that *drops the mic* i'll leave the room now...

Being pregnant you have to be cautious about certain dyes you put on your hair as it could contain chemicals that COULD cause harm to the unborn baby. My trusting hairdresser found the perfect dye for me that doesn't contain chemicals - perfect!

A test strand was needed to be done so I decided to do it alone just in case my face ballooned (haha!) But I have never had a problem with any kind of dye in the past. At home, the test strand turned out fine, therefore, I got my friend to do my whole head of hair.

The dye is supposed to be a Midnight colour, but because it is hard for my hair to take on colour, it turned out mermaid blue instead... and I LOVE it!
I showed Alexander a few pictures of my hair and he also loves the colour! To be honest he says I look beautiful whatever colour my hair is - he truly is the cutest. Because of this, I decided to show my Mum as I wanted a true answer and judgement on the colour. She likes it, but it is just so "In Your Face.'

I've never been one to blend in with the crowd so being 'out there' and going a crazy colour is perfect for me! I think the colour is festive because it's like ice and winter wonderland-y, but my step-dad said red is more festive. Been there, done red, didn't like it so much; it easily turned orange after a few washes and it takes so much effort to keep the red a nice shade!

Blue is definitely the colour to go over the Winter season! Plus, when it fades it goes to a baby blue colour which is still cute. In my opinion, Blue, Pink and Purple are the best colours to go especially when they start fading; they just turn into lighter, cuter versions of the dye! 

What is your favourite festive hair colour??

Much love,

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