Blogmas #17

For some weird reason, and it's happening to a lot of Bloggers who use this platform, Blogger is causing issues with HTML and the placing of writing and pictures. Everytime I edit my post I have to go from "compose" to "html" so that I can change the text-align to justify instead of centre. This isn't just once, this is on every single paragraph - ballache!

Anywho, today marks 20 weeks and 1 day pregnant and I am still in shock with how quick this pregnancy is going. It all feels like a dream... a very, very long and exciting dream.
I woke up this morning to the cutest text from Alexander calling me an 'aqua haired goddess' what a cutie! Even though some of you may find this cringey, I find it adorable. As he doesn't stay with me every night and he works every day, it is really hard to be away from him, and the smallest things means a lot; even a simple cute morning text or a bag of sweets.

This post isn't exciting, I must warn you (haha!) Not much happened today which is why this is so short and sweet.

Alexander turned up later than he said he would, but it's okay, he deserves to have a drink with his mates after work and I shouldn't be one to nag. Though, I do want to have some attention and spend some time with him; it's not a lot to ask is it? I understand he works a lot and it won't be pleasant for him and all he wants to do is go bed when he gets home.

Ugh, I sound like some nagging wife. In the end, there's nothing I can do and I just have to get over it. He is working for me and the baby; I really do appreciate everything he does for us and how affectionate he can really be when he isn't tired from a long day. I'm just going to stop moaning about this. I love him and appreciate his hard work. I just wish I could have more time to spend with him, alone and just 'us.'
Here's a picture of my pregnancy to date.


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