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2nd December
You never knew this but me and Alexander both decided it would be such a fun idea to get an early gender reveal scan, which involved seeing the baby 2D, 3D&4D, and HD Live, so that we could surprise our family with the news of what gender our first baby is. Thing was, I booked the scan for Tomorrow, but the bloody clinic rang me TODAY (yes, the day before the scan) to tell me the "machine is broken and won't be fixed for a week" so that means the next available appointment would be next Tuesday.

This proper pissed me and Alexander off. Especially because the scan was supposed to be tomorrow and we were both already hyped up about finally knowing what the baby's gender is. Okay, so I got onto the phone with other clinics for a last minute booking as they were advertising them on their Facebook pages, turns out there were no available appointments until the following Tuesday - what is it with bloody Tuesdays? My original hospital gender scan is on the 11th so what's the point in getting an early scan on the 8th? 

I gave up with the idea of the early gender scan idea. Plan was ruined. My hype was gone. I can wait another 9 days to find out; no biggy.

Today marks 18 weeks exactly in my pregnancy. I think that's the only good thing to tell you in the entry because after this it all just went downhill; on Sunday a friend of the family and a local at the pub was hit by a car and around 8:30pm today he passed away as his injuries were too servere. He passed away peacefully and painfree. RIP ♡

3rd December
What I never expected was ANOTHER call from the same clinic that told me the machine was broke and had to wait until Tuesday for an available appointment. This time, the woman told me that the "people coming to fix the machine won't be coming in until the 11th to fix the machine," so I cancelled my appointment and told her that what is the point when I have the same kind of scan on the same day? 

Being pregnant and being messed about really gets on my tits; even Alexander was surprised at how stupid I was to book an appointment at that place in the first place. 

Things aren't going so well these past few days and to top it off me and Alexander had a bad conversation and was close to breaking up. I reckon it was down to what had happened this month so far and my hormones - I wasn't coping too well. We spoke via text but also on the phone and I cried myself to sleep! Today was not a good day!

The highlight of my day was when I was eating my tea and the baby was kicking the plate to stop me from eating. Either the baby was really excited that I was having chips and gravy, or the baby hates it. 

4th December
When you have no Christmas Tree up and your house isn't very christmassy, you don't really get into the Holiday spirit. As this month so far has been shit, this entry probably will be too haha! 

This morning around 10am the delivery guy was at the door but someone had moved my keys, I went to the door to shout and tell him that I can't find my keys and to hold on a second. By the time I found them (where I never put them, a family member did) the delivery guy had wrote a note that I needed to go to the depo. Luckily, when he turned to face my door I had opened it in time; he told me "my son is a fireman you know, and the biggest killer when there is a fire, is people losing their keys and trapping themselves inside to die." 

THANKS MATE. That's a real good story to tell me in the morning *hooks keys to my skin for the rest of my life.* 

Seriously, this is the most boring entry ever. My bad.

Much love,

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