Blogmas #6 | Pregnancy Dreams

People say that dreams can tell you your future, and to me, I believe this. Why? Because only a few days before I found out I am pregnant, I had a dream that I was breastfeeding my child. As crazy as it may be, dreams can sometimes give you hints about the next day, week, month, or year. Think about some crazy-ass dreams you've had recently and try and piece what it is saying to you.

Recently I have been dreaming really nice, pleasant, and not-wanting-to-wake-up dreams. Some where I have given birth to a little girl and been pregnant with a little boy; some where I am just enjoying life; some dreams where I just never want to wake up because it seems my life is so bloody perfect in my sleep - my, hopefully, future life.

However, last night I had THREE weird as fuck dreams that I can remember in pieces, except the first, I can remember that all too well as it was short and sweet and I forced myself to wake up because it was cross between scary and fucked up. Let me tell you all about these dreams of what I can remember...

1. This dream felt so real that I had to force myself to wake up when I realised that I was in fact just making all this stuff up in my head. Okay, so me and Alexander were peacefully sleeping on the couch (first realisation I was dreaming; I sleep in a double bed) and I woke to see a little mouse playing around the room, but then I noticed a huge adult sized rat at the door. 

As I looked up to watch the rat, I saw a shadow of a man standing on the stairs playing with a leaf (weird, eh?) and he slowly came down stairs, turned to face me whilst standing at the door with clothes that looked like they were worn by Lenny off Of Mice Of Men. Punching Alexander in the back, I tried to wake him up, yet as Alexander typically does, scooted further away from me and  snored. 

This Lenny look-alike charged towards me and threw me in the air - trying to kill me - grabbed my arm again and threw me at the door, however, I managed to slowly drift through the air and grab hold of the door myself.

I woke myself up because I was so confused. I told you it was short and sweet (haha!) I then looked around my bedroom and then realised that I probably woke up as I was busting for a wee. After doing my business, I lay back in bed and drifted off to sleep again....

2. Now this dream I can remember bits a pieces so bear with me and try and make sense of it. From what I recall, the start of the dream I was stood in my front room pregnant and talking to my sister about some random old crap, next thing I knew we had two little boys that were already in their rockers; a chubby little baby boy called George which was my sister's son, and another little skinny baby boy called Jack in the rocker next to George, which was my baby. Neither of these names we had picked for our babies.

I picked up Jack, walked downstairs and told my Mum: "look Mum, I had a baby boy, meet Jack." Okay then Lauren... I then walked into the kitchen to see my Grandma stood there, but the Kitchen wasn't actually a kitchen anymore; it now looked like a yellow bricked garage with a random wooden block in the centre of the room. 

Next, I remember walking up the stairs outside of my house to be greeted by a little girl (was she my daughter?) the guy who plays Vincent off Eastenders and his wife. After we all went into the car and I was breastfeeding little baby Jack whilst holding some McDonald's fries and telling Vincent not do go somewhere. I think he was delivering drugs, but I really can't remember anything after that.

After waking up because Alexander had to work and I always have a kiss goodbye, I slowly drifted off back to sleep...

3. All I remember is walking up to a huge park bench whilst watching basketball, up to a guy that was supposed to be Alexander except he had a big ginger curly wig on, and his eyes were bigger (wtf!) When I got to the bench, Alexander disappeared and there was a blonde girl next to me talking about the watch I was wearing, and another girl next to me that kept drinking out of a water bottle that had a slit in the lid. As the girl with the bottle put the bottle on the table, I looked through the slit in the lid and saw animals.

Penguins were swimming near the lid and further inside the bottle were some seals relaxing on the sand, in the back was a cave. The more I looked inside this bottle, the more the bottle grew to human size. That's all I remember. What does all this mean?!

So there you go, three dreams I had last night. Pretty weird, eh? I have had weirder dreams. I wish I wrote them all down now because you seriously should make horror films or some shit out of them.

PREGNANCY UPDATE: My breasts have started leaking colostrum already and I am only 18weeks and 4 days pregnant. I obviously Googled how early you can be to start producing milk and it is 14 weeks; still shocked either way though!

Much love,

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