Blogmas #8 | Christmas Gift Guide for Boyfriends, Brothers, Husbands and Lovers

You see many types of "Gift Guides" but you rarely see gift guides for different personalised men. what I mean is, there are different types of guys; gamer, fashionable, geeky, sporty, outdoorsy, musical etc. So here is a Christmas Gift Guide for Boyfriends, Brothers, Husband and Lovers.

Christmas Gifts for Boyfriends, Brothers, Husbands, and Lovers
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People always say that women are hard to buy for, but in my experience, it’s the men that can never make up their damn minds. If you’re unfortunate enough to be buying for a picky or choosey chap this Christmas, commiserations of course, but not all is lost! All you need is a bit of time to figure out what kind of guy you’re buying for. Remember, this is different to simply knowing your man well; you could have been married for 100 years and it wouldn’t make a slight bit of difference!
I’ve found the best way to decide on suitable gifts for the men in your life is through categorisation, believe it or not. Men, whilst diversely beautiful in their strange interests and hobbies, all fall into certifiable cultural subsets. Here I’ll do my best to identify them; watch closely for any that could broadly apply to the men in your life.
Geeky Guys Geek is chic these days; people like Zuckerberg in their infinite wisdom have given credence to the mantra that ‘brains is better than brawn’. As such, buying for a geeky guy has never been easier. Does your man enjoy any particular geeky odyssey? This includes the likes of Star Wars or, heaven forbid, Stargate with its hundreds of episodes, spin-off films, and particularly crazed fan-base.
Geeky gadgets are also set to be very popular this Christmas, with phone gadgets especially on the radar of most enthusiasts. In particular, VR has been making big strides over the past few years and is set to make the leap to popular consumer-electronics product imminently. Pre-empt the craze with a mobile powered VR headset; simply insert your smartphone into the front of the kit and hey presto, an instantaneous VR experience that’s available on the go.
Sporty Guys Whilst often considered at the opposite end of the spectrum, sporty guys are just as crazed and passionate about their respective sporting institutes as geeky guys are about Battlestar Galactica. When seeking success for the satisfaction of a sporty bloke this Christmas, you’ll need to do a bit of snooping and find out more about the team he supports (as if you didn’t know already) and spoil him rotten with related merch, memorabilia, tickets, and anything else vaguely related to that particular team.
Alternatively, there’s gifts related to the sport itself such as kits, balls, bats, and other related equipment. The main problem with this is that it solely relies on the gent himself having any interest in participating in the sport. For example, he may just enjoy watching and have no physical prowess or desire whatsoever; I will let you yourselves be the judge of this!
Fashionable Guys A well turned out gentlemen takes his fashion very seriously. Purchase an ugly Christmas sweater for him at your own peril, because these guys won’t find it funny at all and will instantly point out your failure to understand good attire. In other words, the joke will most definitely be lost on them.
The solution? Get them something that will actually compliment their sense of style. Despite falling out of favour with the fashion-forward men of the world, the watch has made a strong comeback over the past few years, establishing itself as a sign of maturity and good taste. Investing in a watch means you’ll also be able to stuff his stocking full of accessories and extras come Christmas time, including watch winders, docks, storage boxes, straps, and much more.
Outdoorsy Guys For those who do have some physical capabilities, the call of the outdoors is usually too strong to resist. Whether you enjoy accompanying your man on these outdoor trials or would rather stay at home, something to ease or otherwise assist in the journey would be warmly welcomed by any rugged outdoorsman.
In these scenarios, it’s always best to get something that will actually be helpful. My top choice would be a reusable water bottle, free from the constraints of poor-man’s plastic and into the sterling territory of glass and metal; these will not only last longer but keep your drinking water fresher on long hikes. Second choice would be a pair of quality hiking boots, the ones that last for years on end if he doesn’t have some already. These are a great investment and should last your lucky fellow for a very long time!
Musical Guys There’s plenty of choice when buying for musical guys; before you start buying, you should also factor in the relative musical skill of your lucky recipient, as this will help you decide what sort of musical gift you should be aiming for.
For the more hands-on musical guy, get him something that will be useful to the pursuit of his instrumental perfection, no questions. If your particular man loves playing the guitar, there’s plenty of practical accessories you can invest in for him, including straps, strings, plectrums, tuners, bags, polish, stands, and much more. For the not-so-musically skilled music lover, there’s plenty of great listening material out there; why not go back to basics and buy him some CD’s or vinyl? This may sound strange, but vinyl is now the most popular music format behind streaming and there’s nothing quite like the satisfaction holding a record in your hands.
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Whilst of course I acknowledge that there’s plenty of other types of man out there, and that all these sub-cultures probably bleed into each other in some way, and also that hoarding men into a particular subset based on interests and hobbies alone isn’t very efficient, it just seems to work very well for Christmas shopping. Good luck ladies and gents out there!

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