Blogmas #9

19 weeks pregnant today!
Today was actually pretty eventful, to the point where i almost forgot to update my blog for blogmas (bad blogger!) To be honest, I went for a carvery for dinner with Hayley and a mate of ours but it wasn't all it was cracked up to be - i've had better. The 20 minute wait for a table was annoying seen as when we got in there, tables were available anyway!

As a typical mum-to-be, i needed to go shopping afterwards for some bits and bobs; small things like vests and socks - big things i get with Alexander. He trusts my judgments with clothes and other props and so he should!

Alexander ended up coming to mine later than planned but he got here im the end, and as the typical people we are, we headed to the local pub to watch Hayley and the pool team have a match against another pub. We lost, but only by one game; taking part that counts? Pffft we're just losers (haha!)

We're still here now playing doubles (me &Alex vs Hayley and her mate) and I have just typed this via the Blogger app which explains the format and font and the lack of photos. But hey, I didn't want to fail Blogmas this year!!

Dedication or what *wink*

Much love,

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