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Here's a picture of my face because I am such a failure when it comes to Blogmas.
You know when you start getting into the routine of doing your shit, then writing about it at night and publish it at almost midnight so you have only just made Blogmas that day? Yeah, well that was me until the 18th when I FORGOT to blog.

Fail. Such a failure I am at this whole blogging everyday until Christmas.
If you count blogmas as just only 12 days of December then I have passed Blogmas with flying colours (hurrah!) or if you count it for 24 days, then I am a big fat nothing in this! I tried - I did. As much as I tried all my might, I didn't manage to pull it off. To be honest, I failed Blogmas the first year I blogged, however, then I had only been blogging for three months so my fail was acceptable; last year I didn't even bother to do the challenge, therefore, this year I thought I would give it a go seen as I have over TWO YEARS blogging experience.

Experience means fuck all if you fail (haha!) If you try and succeed, then the amount of months/years you have been blogging doesn't matter; you could be the most experienced blogger there is, but if you miss one day and forget to publish a post, it is an instant fail.

I am waffling on about my failure and I bet you have just drifted off right now. My bad, let me get to the main post - Diary Update! All about why I was so pissed off at my repeat anatomy scan on the 18th Dec.

18th December
Seen as at my last anatomy scan the baby was in her famous awkward position (face down, legs crossed,) this time I thought she would be more co-operative and let the sonographer get ALL measurements needed to be taken. NO. I was wrong. Rhea was lying on her side being all nice and co-operative, and even managed to get her heart measured (last time we couldn't measure it and it was the last measurement needed) which was a relief, however, she decided to flip over into her famous position when we needed to see her face. Typical.

Her arm was across her face so all we could see was her little button nose and chin. The sonographer refused to take any photos of Rhea so I left disappointed and angry; not just because I couldn't get a photo, but the sonographer was a right moody bitch. Let me just type you some things that pissed me off this day:

  1. We are given an appointment time for a reason, but at every scan so far, I have waited over 40 minutes after my scheduled appointment to have my scan. Annoyingly, I watch women come in for their appointments that are AFTER mine, they wait 10 minutes and then get called in BEFORE ME. For some reason, my notes always get pushed to the bottom of the pile. I am first there and last to go in - that's the NHS for you!
  2. When I finally got called in, the sonographer refused to let me see the screen where you watch your baby get measured. Every other sonographer turns the screen so both you and the nurse can see and do what they need, but NO this sonographer was a bitch and told me I weren't allowed to see my own baby!
  3. As this is my baby and I know how to make her move and co-operate, the sonographer refused to listen to me when I told her to tap my belly hard (doesn't hurt the baby) to make her move into a better position. After telling her a few times that I can move the baby myself, she decided to just say "nope, it's stubborn, appointment over." Appointment is NOT over. I have no had a photo of her and I can get her to move myself. Sonographer didn't even attempt to help move her!
  4. I was rushed out of my appointment and left disappointed. Even my notes didn't have all the information on it which includes the baby's size! Plus she typed that it was my 23 weeks scan when it wasn't, it was my 20 week scan!

Thankfully, I know Rhea is still perfectly healthy which is all that matters. Yes it would have been nice to have a souvenier of her and if the sonographer tapped my belly, then Rhea would have moved her arm out of her face and rolled over a little so I could have gotten a decent photo of her to show her Daddy. Alexander didn't come to the appointment because I told him he could go work instead and I would invite my Gran instead as she has never been to my scan before.

So yeah, this is why I was fuming. I actually almost cried before I had the scan whilst I were watching other women get their scans done before me even though my appointment was ages BEFORE theirs! There was also some creepy man that kept full-on staring at me from across the room - so blatant - his wife was even sat next to him and he made it so obvious. I felt so awkward. Feeling awkward and on the verge of tears just made me want to walk out of the hospital altogether; I only stayed because I already waited over 40 minutes for my scan and I knew it wouldn't be too long before I was called in.

I hate hospitals.

Much love,

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