Pregnancy Diary | December

Yes, I have needed to update this Diary during December, but honestly, I failed Blogmas and decided to wait and redesign my blog before I start writing posts again. I know some of you do in fact like reading my Pregnancy Diary's, therefore, I am going to copy and paste the dates in December that I have already done, plus add the new ones (obvs!) to this post. 


1st December

Today marks seventeen weeks and six days into my pregnancy, and every week around this point my belly seems to grow a little bit. The baby has moved up my stomach so I can feel more kicks and swimming going on. Yesterday, I didn't feel any kicks as the baby was being stubborn - a quiet day? But this morning I woke up to feeling little kicks every few seconds for a few minutes; the relief that knowing the baby is fine was such an amazing feeling.

Not much happened today, and even if it is the 1st of the Christmas month, I still don't have my Christmas tree up! Though I am Twenty, my Mum still got me an unorthodox Advent Calender. What I mean is, instead of those boxes with doors on (my brother and little sister has them) me and Hayley have little stockings hanging on the wall with two small chocolates in each. Cute, right?

When is the right time to put up the tree - the twenth?

So yeah, today wasn't eventful, it was just a day of sleeping, eating, watching TV and Alexander coming round to stay and watch more TV & eat with me.

2nd December
You never knew this but me and Alexander both decided it would be such a fun idea to get an early gender reveal scan, which involved seeing the baby 2D, 3D&4D, and HD Live, so that we could surprise our family with the news of what gender our first baby is. Thing was, I booked the scan for Tomorrow, but the bloody clinic rang me TODAY (yes, the day before the scan) to tell me the "machine is broken and won't be fixed for a week" so that means the next available appointment would be next Tuesday.

This proper pissed me and Alexander off. Especially because the scan was supposed to be tomorrow and we were both already hyped up about finally knowing what the baby's gender is. Okay, so I got onto the phone with other clinics for a last minute booking as they were advertising them on their Facebook pages, turns out there were no available appointments until the following Tuesday - what is it with bloody Tuesdays? My original hospital gender scan is on the 11th so what's the point in getting an early scan on the 8th? 

I gave up with the idea of the early gender scan idea. Plan was ruined. My hype was gone. I can wait another 9 days to find out; no biggy.

Today marks 18 weeks exactly in my pregnancy. I think that's the only good thing to tell you in the entry because after this it all just went downhill; on Sunday a friend of the family and a local at the pub was hit by a car and around 8:30pm today he passed away as his injuries were too severe. He passed away peacefully and painfree. RIP ♡

3rd December
What I never expected was ANOTHER call from the same clinic that told me the machine was broke and had to wait until Tuesday for an available appointment. This time, the woman told me that the "people coming to fix the machine won't be coming in until the 11th to fix the machine," so I cancelled my appointment and told her that what is the point when I have the same kind of scan on the same day? 

Being pregnant and being messed about really gets on my tits; even Alexander was surprised at how stupid I was to book an appointment at that place in the first place. 

Things aren't going so well these past few days and to top it off me and Alexander had a bad conversation and was close to breaking up. I reckon it was down to what had happened this month so far and my hormones - I wasn't coping too well. We spoke via text but also on the phone and I cried myself to sleep! Today was not a good day!

The highlight of my day was when I was eating my tea and the baby was kicking the plate to stop me from eating. Either the baby was really excited that I was having chips and gravy, or the baby hates it. 

4th December
When you have no Christmas Tree up and your house isn't very christmassy, you don't really get into the Holiday spirit. As this month so far has been shit, this entry probably will be too haha! 

This morning around 10am the delivery guy was at the door but someone had moved my keys, I went to the door to shout and tell him that I can't find my keys and to hold on a second. By the time I found them (where I never put them, a family member did) the delivery guy had wrote a note that I needed to go to the depo. Luckily, when he turned to face my door I had opened it in time; he told me "my son is a fireman you know, and the biggest killer when there is a fire, is people losing their keys and trapping themselves inside to die." 

THANKS MATE. That's a real good story to tell me in the morning *hooks keys to my skin for the rest of my life.* 

11th December
I never really got a scan picture of my baby because she wouldn't cooperate and smile for the camera, or even budge an inch so some of her measurements weren't able to be taken. Hence why me and Alexander are going to the repeat anatomy scan next Friday. 

For weeks we were so excited about being able to find out the Gender and see her properly on the screen, but as she was face down and crossed her legs like a buddha, we couldn't even see her clearly. Hopefully next Friday when she is a little bigger, we get to see her very clearly; here's to hoping, eh!

The only scan picture I could get was this one (below) of the baby putting her thumb up to us. 

"Hey Mummy and Daddy, i'm okay!"
How adorable is this little arm?! Even though we couldn't see her face or even get a good scan picture of her face, in the end we had been given a little cute thumbs up. As normal, she was moving her arms and legs and drinking the water, and all the measurements we could get were normal. Her stomach and heart were in the right place and she is growing perfectly to date.

I never showed you, but below are some adorable socks and shoes that my old neighbour gave me for the baby (before we even hit the 12 weeks mark) because she was too excited not to buy us something. Bless her, these socks and shoes are perfect! 
I told you they were adorable!
Seeing mostly everyone buying pink for their baby girls is so cliché, I prefer choosing the unorthodox. So having an animal theme is more cute than the typical pinks; there is a wide variety of outfits and shoes for babies, I can't resist such things! If anyone knows where I can buy decent-priced and great quality baby clothing in animal print/theme then send me some links please!

The price shouldn't be extortionate, as you well know, I am a bargain hunter but obviously it has to be great quality and worth the money. 

13th December
Whoever knows me well will know that I hardly ever get out of bed before 12pm, but this morning I was up, dressed, and ready before 7am - why? - Alexander and I booked to have a 4D Gender Reveal Scan. Remember on Friday when I said that I went for my anatomy scan but they couldn't measure the heart properly or give me 100% Gender? Well we decided that we would book a 4D so we could get 100% confirmation and to see what our little bundle of joy looks like so far at 19 weeks 4 days!

Around 08:30am I arrived in the centre of Manchester to meet Alexander before we head off to the place we would have our scan; it was absolutely freezing! A quick pop into Costa did no harm plus I needed a second dose of a cup of tea to help fill my bladder *wink* any old excuse eh? The clinic was only a ten minute walk from Market Street which was really good; this place has been recommended by many with 5* reviews. 

On Friday the baby was lay face down with the legs crossed so I couldn't get a clear view of the Gender, the sonographer didn't make much effort to help move my baby into a good position and gave up so I was hoping the baby would be in a good position today with a clear view of the genitals, however, when I turned up at the clinic today the baby was in the same position - TYPICAL. 

After lying on the bed, turning my body left & right, lifting my hips and doing the "shakira shake" but also having the sonographer tapping on my belly, my little one finally revealed the genitals. 100% GIRL. GIRLY GIRL GIRL! 

Everyone, I would like you to meet 
("Ray-ah Jane")
Chubby cheeks and button nose
How cute it Rhea-Jane? I love her so much. I haven't stopped staring at the picture all day because she is so cute! At 19 weeks and 4 days, I never thought her features would be so clear; she definitely looks like Alexander, however, my Mum says she looks like me.

What do you think?

Paying for a certain package, I received a 2D and 3D/4D scan, two prints of my choice plus a DVD of the rest of the photos taken. She was definitely worth waking up at the crack of dawn, travelling to the centre of Manchester, and having/paying for the scan. I highly recommend 4D scans, it is such an amazing experience to go through.

After posting this photo on my FB, my sister and her friend both messaged me asking where I had gone to get a scan. Obviously I told them because they were so excited to be able to experience it themselves - I want to see what their unborn babas look like, too!

Typically, once I knew 100% what the gender is, I went shopping with my Mum to get a few girly things for Rhea-Jane; I had been waiting ages and admiring all the cute outfits. The urge to buy things was huge, so now I could finally go crazy! I may do a baby shop haul soon, would you be interested??

18th December
Seen as at my last anatomy scan the baby was in her famous awkward position (face down, legs crossed,) this time I thought she would be more co-operative and let the sonographer get ALL measurements needed to be taken. NO. I was wrong. Rhea was lying on her side being all nice and co-operative, and even managed to get her heart measured (last time we couldn't measure it and it was the last measurement needed) which was a relief, however, she decided to flip over into her famous position when we needed to see her face. Typical.

Her arm was across her face so all we could see was her little button nose and chin. The sonographer refused to take any photos of Rhea so I left disappointed and angry; not just because I couldn't get a photo, but the sonographer was a right moody bitch. Let me just type you some things that pissed me off this day:

  1. We are given an appointment time for a reason, but at every scan so far, I have waited over 40 minutes after my scheduled appointment to have my scan. Annoyingly, I watch women come in for their appointments that are AFTER mine, they wait 10 minutes and then get called in BEFORE ME. For some reason, my notes always get pushed to the bottom of the pile. I am first there and last to go in - that's the NHS for you!
  2. When I finally got called in, the sonographer refused to let me see the screen where you watch your baby get measured. Every other sonographer turns the screen so both you and the nurse can see and do what they need, but NO this sonographer was a bitch and told me I weren't allowed to see my own baby!
  3. As this is my baby and I know how to make her move and co-operate, the sonographer refused to listen to me when I told her to tap my belly hard (doesn't hurt the baby) to make her move into a better position. After telling her a few times that I can move the baby myself, she decided to just say "nope, it's stubborn, appointment over." Appointment is NOT over. I have no had a photo of her and I can get her to move myself. Sonographer didn't even attempt to help move her!
  4. I was rushed out of my appointment and left disappointed. Even my notes didn't have all the information on it which includes the baby's size! Plus she typed that it was my 23 weeks scan when it wasn't, it was my 20 week scan!

Thankfully, I know Rhea is still perfectly healthy which is all that matters. Yes it would have been nice to have a souvenir of her and if the sonographer tapped my belly, then Rhea would have moved her arm out of her face and rolled over a little so I could have gotten a decent photo of her to show her Daddy. Alexander didn't come to the appointment because I told him he could go work instead and I would invite my Gran instead as she has never been to my scan before.

So yeah, this is why I was fuming. I actually almost cried before I had the scan whilst I were watching other women get their scans done before me even though my appointment was ages BEFORE theirs! There was also some creepy man that kept full-on staring at me from across the room - so blatant - his wife was even sat next to him and he made it so obvious. I felt so awkward. Feeling awkward and on the verge of tears just made me want to walk out of the hospital altogether; I only stayed because I already waited over 40 minutes for my scan and I knew it wouldn't be too long before I was called in.

I hate hospitals.

20th December
Being late in the puberty game, I was sixteen when my breasts began to really develop. Why I am telling you this is because this was the first time I got stretch marks; when I say my breasts developed, i mean, to a huge size for my figure. I was a lean size 4 to 6UK clothes size with 32DD bra. Yeah, my body was pretty damn good if I do say so myself.

Today, I noticed more prominent and new stretchmarks on my breasts. As they go from B (winter time) to D (summer time) I thought I had gone through the horrible stretch mark time, but then I got pregnant. I am now currently a 34E and still growing so no wonder I have started getting stretch marks again. Just thought I would update body changes!

27th December
I finally caught Rhea-Jane's kicks on video! Not just kicks though, movement, like waves in my stomach - crazy! Though I have it on video, it is only uploaded on my personal private facebook account for family and friends to see; being in my underwear, too, makes me not want to upload it all over the bloody internet haha. Sorry!

28th December
Just thought I would pop that right in there *wink*

30th December

Do you know how scary fast this pregnancy is going? I really never expected it to fly by as much as it has; Hayley is due in under 2 months an'all! Though everyone says I have a small bump, they need to realise this is my FIRST pregnancy so my uterus is pretty firm and doesn't have a clue what it is doing. IF I have second baby, then I will get huge because my uterus would have already had been expanded in the past; don't get your hopes up though, I need to know how well I cope with Rhea-Jane first. A sibling for Rhea-Jane wouldn't go amiss though - maybe in about 5 years - who knows.

This post was longer than I originally thought it would be. Hope you enjoyed this Pregnancy Diary!

Much love,

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