Do you justify yourself often?

Do you know what is quite sad? Feeling like you have to justify yourself to the world especially when you have nothing to apologise for. Lately, I have seen plenty of people online via Twitter and Facebook explaining their situations and why they are going to leave social media for good because they don't want to "upset others" and would rather make everyone else "happy."

Pregnancy Diary | January

6th January

23 weeks exactly today!
It's around 2am and I am sat up eating... not feeling any guilt because it is salad and pickled onions. Healthy midnight snack? *wink* I'm not sure if Rhea-Jane likes it or not, but she is kicking me whilst I eat it.

Every so often now I hear a big popping sound in my stomach which I did worry about, luckily, it's perfectly normal. A lot of my family members over-react and one was saying that my waters are breaking (haha!) - no - there are eight logical reasons, one, yes, being waters breaking, but they could be baby hiccuping, baby kicking a bubble and popping it, baby smacking his/her own lips etc. stuff like that. See - logical. It doesn't hurt, it's just like a gas bubble when you have held in a fart. 

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