Do you justify yourself often?

Do you know what is quite sad? Feeling like you have to justify yourself to the world especially when you have nothing to apologise for. Lately, I have seen plenty of people online via Twitter and Facebook explaining their situations and why they are going to leave social media for good because they don't want to "upset others" and would rather make everyone else "happy."

I'm sorry (not sorry) but when it comes to happiness, you should be putting yourself first. Just because something you believe in isn't what the other party believes in, doesn't make it okay to wipe out your own perspectives to make the other party happy. What happened to free speech?

Many of people will keep their opinions to themselves while the ones who will openly express their views will get duped and called "bitches" and "bullies." These words get thrown around way too much, like everyone gets offended. Fuck them. 

Nowadays every little thing can 'offend' someone. I say it like that because some people act like they are offended, why? Just so that they get a reaction and a little thrill as they know a little bit of drama is about to happen. The rush of feeling important and playing victim happens a lot, quite frankly, it is disappointing and sad to watch. Honestly, if I offend you, it will be because of something huge and offend-worthy, not because some little arse-wipe disagrees with what I say and fancies a try to humiliate me publicly. 

Not saying that this has happened to me, rather that I see this happen almost everyday. Also, the victim card. Oh jeez. Don't even get me started on the victim card being pulled out. It's funny how a bully, themselves, can funnily enough attempt to do a full circle and act like they are truly the victim. I laugh in the face of fakes.

Don't get me wrong, if the victim card is played right and you really are being victimised, I will research and stalk a little to find out every detail of the full situation before coming to the conclusion of whether this person is needing to be comforted. I am not a bad person and I will give you a boost in confidence, sliding compliments and upbeat GIFs onto your Twitter timeline. I am only a DM or an email away... don't hesitate to confine in me if you need some support.

As someone who has been bullied in the past myself - years ago back in High School before Twitter was born - I have learnt a valuable lesson: You have to stand up for yourself to gain the respect you deserve from the bullies that need a good slap around the face. Damn right you deserve respect. You deserve to be treated as a human and not the shit on the bottom of their shoes. What good is it going to do if you take pelt after pelt of emotional, mental, or physical abuse? Sticks and stones and all that, right? No. Words can hurt, too, and they can bruise your ego and confidence like you wouldn't believe.

It is shocking to witness shit like this, where victims are having to justify themselves because some little gimp has decided to target and bully for no reason at all; okay, maybe they don't agree with what the person has openly opinionated on, but it still doesn't give anyone the right to make another feel so small. 

Being me, I will step in even if it is 'none of my business' seen as this person needs all the support they can get after being dragged through the rose bush of hell prodded by the pretentious thick thorns of hungry I-orgasm-over-drama pricks. 

If you feel you have to justify yourself often, please stop it. You have no true reason to explain who you are, what you believe in, and why you deserve to be respected. You deserve to be respected either way. All hail the Block Button - am I right?! But seriously, you are a beautiful person who doesn't deserve to be treated so horribly. 

If I could swap places just to see you as a happy I-love-life-again person then I would. No one gets me down anymore because I know they are just bored little old trolls getting a boner over the slightest bit of attention whilst feeling that tad bit of power. If you make them feel powerful as they hit you with insult after insult, then you are letting them win, show them who is boss and laugh at their attempts to put that crown on their greasy, unwanted, big-ass heads of theirs.

You own that crown. You wear it like the boss you are. You are beautiful, strong, and amazing. Own your life, be who you want to be, express the views you believe in, and laugh at those who think they are better than you. No one is better than you. I love you just the way you are.

To those who bully and target smaller, more vulnerable and innocent people, I say:


Much love,

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  1. Great post babe!
    I totally know what you mean about the 'victim' thing. I think people can have different opinions/beliefs and talk about it respectfully and if someone claims they've been attacked as a result, thats not cool.

    I know you're like me, we'd stick up for someone who's being bullied online but sometimes, I think there's a little too much pointing fingers.

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