Pregnancy Diary | January

6th January

23 weeks exactly today!
It's around 2am and I am sat up eating... not feeling any guilt because it is salad and pickled onions. Healthy midnight snack? *wink* I'm not sure if Rhea-Jane likes it or not, but she is kicking me whilst I eat it.

Every so often now I hear a big popping sound in my stomach which I did worry about, luckily, it's perfectly normal. A lot of my family members over-react and one was saying that my waters are breaking (haha!) - no - there are eight logical reasons, one, yes, being waters breaking, but they could be baby hiccuping, baby kicking a bubble and popping it, baby smacking his/her own lips etc. stuff like that. See - logical. It doesn't hurt, it's just like a gas bubble when you have held in a fart. 

7th January
I never really thought it would be just yet when I am forced awake at night with the baby kicking. I thought I'd have a good few more weeks until she was bigger to kick me awake at night - guess not. Seen as I was being forced awake, I thought it would be a funny idea to get her to wake her Daddy up too, so I scooted over to his side, placed my back on his to spoon him, and Rhea-Jane began kicking him. My plan worked.... for TWO kicks until he fell back to sleep. GREAT. Plan failed. Screw it, i will keep her kicks to myself. 

9th January
Again I caught my baby's movements on camera but this time it was a completely different experience; I could see what looked like a small bouncy ball dragging underneath my belly. I have my own little alien in there, it's becoming more and more real! Alexander said he is going to save all the videos and pictures I take on a memory stick so we have all these memories safe for when Rhea-Jane is older. My parent's didn't have the chance to treasure small memories like this, so we thought it would be nice to keep them for our Daughter for when she is older.

12th January
My hips feel like they are being pulled apart and that someone has put a tight elastic band around my waist. A friend, whom is only one day behind me in her pregnancy, messaged me out the blue today telling me she feels EXACTLY the same. So weird! Luckily this horrible pain went away after a couple of hours; could have been gas, but you'know, who knows.

18th January
I got Rhea-Jane some cute little bows. Adorable right?!
Had my midwife appointment today and Alexander came with me for the first time as we got to hear the heartbeat! When we did hear it, Alexander looked as if he was tearing up but (obvs!) hid it. The midwife measured my uterus and told me I was growing small but it's nothing to worry about. She reassured me that it's probably because I am very slim built anyway; in 4 weeks I will be measured again to see if I have grown, if not I will just have a growth scan to see what's happening.

20th January
25 weeks today!
Even though I am measuring small, it seems to not bother Rhea-Jane, as I had my hand on my belly and she was kicking a LOT of the right hand side. I felt her little foot drag right to my side and back, which made me jump because it was so strong and weird; I wasn't expecting to feel her foot so well!

Sadly Alexander missed it but I sent him videos so he can see other kicks - not completely missing out this way. 

24th January
A few days ago Rhea-Jane was active, but since then I haven't felt much. Is she just being quiet? Hiding behind the placenta? Facing my back? Please move and kick the F out of me Rhea, you are starting to worry me and your Daddy! Has she tired herself out and sleeping to gain energy back?

11pm: OH THANK GOD! Rhea-Jane has come out from hiding and is soooo active right now; I am so happy at this moment that you do even understand. Bloody hell, didn't half give me a scare. No one warns you about quite day(s) that shit you up.

25th January
Sometimes I really do despise Alex's boss especially when it comes to my pregnancy and appointments. Today was one of the really important ones where I see the Anaesthetist about my spine and joints because I suffer with mild scoliosis and hypermobile joints. Alex's boss refused to let Alex out of work to come with me, so I had to travel to the hospital alone; I have never been there before and needed to get two buses on my own to get there - FUMING. 

So as the big girl I am, I went alone. The appointment went well, and even though it was scary to find out what kind of labour I will be having, I was told I can try a natural birth. Relief! All good. I rang Alexander and he was happy I can try the all natural way. He told me that the way I give birth is upto me so if I want to try all pain relief, no pain relief, have an organised caesarean, a water birth, or have an epidural, he will stand by my decision because it's ME who has been through the pregnancy and it is ME that is going to deliver the baby. 

I am going to try a natural birth... maybe with all the pain relief... we will see how it goes.

29th January
Yesterday I was suffering with what felt like I was peeing myself every time I stood up, but this morning I woke up to what felt like a gush of water and then I had period-like cramps to follow. I rang the maternity triage to see what is happening and they advised me to come in as soon as possible, which was an hour later. 

Obviously, thinking that my water's were breaking, I rang Alexander to come and pick me up to take me to the hospital. He told his boss he was leaving work to go hospital whether he was arsed or not - GOOD - and Alexander and my sister came with me to the hospital. When I got there, I was instantly put on the bed and a midwife came and asked me 20 questions again about what I have been experiencing. 

One of the midwives told me that the Doctor was in an emergency so I will have to wait to have my cervix checked to see if it is wet and if he could see my waters leaking. Ever worn a maternity sanitary pad? It's like a nappy - so thick - Alexander took the piss and said when I stood up I looked like I had a bulge >_>. After about an hour of waiting, I was put on the monitor to measure the baby's heartbeat and any level of pain in contractions. I wasn't having contractions but they put the monitor on anyway as precaution.

Rhea-Jane's heartbeat is a healthy 145 to 152bpm! SO happy! I still had to wait to see the doctor so I could be checked; he eventually came. I kicked Alexander out of the room so the Doctor and Midwife could check my cervix; everything looked fine so the outcome was: "it's just something that happens." As in, I was just leaking fluid that ISN'T my waters. Who knows what it is, but I got the all clear and could go home! Happy days.

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Month Summary: turns out this month wasn't that eventful but Rhea-Jane is still happily growing strong. I do worry that I am not big enough for her to grow but she seems to be playing inside and letting me know she is okay. The only days that really bothered me were when I couldn't feel her, and the day I had to go to the hospital of possible water's breaking. Other than that, my pregnancy is going smoothly and I couldn't be happier.

Much love,


  1. wow, this pregnancy journal is worse than a good drama episode... in the sense there's been plot twists, false alerts, dread and happy ending. Phew! I'm not even pregnant and I was feeling the stress you were going through, well done you for writing that so well! XD

    Can't wait to read the next bit!!! xx

    1. I was surprised to read a comment like this haha. The start was like "what she saying is worse... oh wait!" Seriously, this pregnancy is like a roller coaster; I thought it would be smoother riding than this!

      Thank you so much for reading and taking the time to comment Helena xx


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