Being A Blogging Outsider

At the beginning of my blog years, I blogged because I wanted an online diary; I didn't even know a community on twitter existed back in 2013. To be honest, that was the best year for my blog. In my first year, I gained two blogging friends from Malaysia and started an email pen pal sort of thing where every day I spoke to them and learnt about their cultures. Sure, I could of Googled Malaysia and seen what their culture is like, but for two girls that lives there emailing me about it, it felt more educating and personal.

10 Types Of Mums I Hate in Mum Groups

Every new mum-to-be searches for groups that support one another and give guidance throughout your pregnancy; we crave reassurance that we are doing things 'perfectly' and 'how it should be done.' First time mums look for answers from mums of more than one child because they think they are 'more experienced' and 'know better than everyone else.' Mums-to-be add themselves to groups in hopes that they can talk to other mums without being judged or insulted.

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