Being A Blogging Outsider

At the beginning of my blog years, I blogged because I wanted an online diary; I didn't even know a community on twitter existed back in 2013. To be honest, that was the best year for my blog. In my first year, I gained two blogging friends from Malaysia and started an email pen pal sort of thing where every day I spoke to them and learnt about their cultures. Sure, I could of Googled Malaysia and seen what their culture is like, but for two girls that lives there emailing me about it, it felt more educating and personal.

Back in 2013, I didn't care about how many people read my blog; I just enjoyed typing my thoughts and about my day EVERYDAY. People read it; people loved it. I used to get emails of compliments from readers. Then I joined the Twitter Community and lost myself in the world - I became a cliche.

Three years of blogging had past and I joined the twitter community everyday communicating and publishing posts. Second year was great as the community felt supportive. I may have been blind in love with community. This third year I have opened my eyes more; the blogging community is NOT nice. Bloggers are all about power: numbers, sponsors, glory. Well, there are the few that are like me and don't do it for the numbers, glory, and sponsors; it's nice to know they are in it just for the support.

Recently I did a poll on Twitter for my followers to tell me honestly and anonymously if they read my blog and if they only follow my twitter for my tweets, for my blog, or for both. The results were interesting.

50% of my followers read my blog every so often but are not dedicated. There are only 21% that say they are dedicated. And after three years of blogging, 29% barely even read my blog - sad times! I'm not sure what I had done for people not to read my blog but I guess you can't please everyone!

Any who, back to why I am an outsider in the Blogging World.

If you follow my blog and twitter, you will know I am not always positive. I, in fact, show real life emotions where I will tweet and blog about how I truly feel. With my depression and my life currently, it is very hard to be positive all the time. Too much positivity =sickening and fake. Some positivity = good. You can tell people are being fake with their constant positivity because NO ONE is all rainbows and butterflies 24/7. It's impossible! I do like seeing REAL emotions, it helps me relate to the person.

Blog Chats: 
Have you noticed chats have the same topic, same questions, same old shit? It's exhausting repeating myself over and over. Don't get me wrong, the chats are a great way of meeting new bloggers and for newbie bloggers to open up and promote themselves. What I don't like, however, is during the chats I see bloggers use the hashtags during chats to link dump. Don't. Ever. Link. Dump. It irritates bloggers who are there to chat. By all means use the hashtag when the chat has ended. Promoting is key in helping your blog become successful! You will rarely see me join a chat, but if you do see me, know that the chat is worth joining because the topic is different and interests me.

Props & photography: 
I envy those who have the time, effort, and skill to create such stunning photography. I will applaud and admire you for your photography if you catch my eye. What makes me an outsider in this is I have no actual camera, don't care about my own photography, and I feel content is more important to me. Rose gold & marble is everywhere I go and I hate it - personal opinion - it's just not me. Lately the photography and props involved looks all so similar; i like to be different. No amazing photography from me.

Scheduling & planning: 
Lately, I am too busy to blog more than once a week,  so I blog when I have something worth blogging about; quality over quantity. Am I right? I don't force or plan or schedule posts because I am a 'publish a post when I can be arsed' kinda blogger. Nothing wrong with that. It's fascinating to me how bloggers have so much to write about and spend sooo many hours putting hard work into their blog. Again, I applaud you.

Blogging Community: 
To put it bluntly - Pah! I don't like it, too many fakes; following for followings; buying followers; and over sponsoring. I mean, yeah, not ALL the Bloggers are like this, there are a minority that are described in the before-sentence. There are Bloggers that are legit, and if you are a legit Blogger reading this, then HI I LOVE YOU SO MUCH. THANK YOU FOR BEING REAL!

Beauty & Fashion: 
I don't read it, I don't blog about it, I don't like it. Have you noticed Bloggers copy beauty & fashion more than lifestyle posts? I prefer real life content rather than reviews anyway. To be honest, I only follow bloggers of these genres on twitter to support them, plus if their tweets are funny and real then of course I follow them. I can support bloggers and egg them on even if I don't read the content of their blog. 50% of those who answered my second poll (above) support me just for my tweets, whilst the other 50% follow me for both my twitter and blog. It's all the same.

Most, maybe all bloggers go and take their expensive cameras and take amazing photos, whilst I sip the free cocktails, socialise and barely take photos. I'm there to meet new people not just for the photos for blog posts/instagram/twitter. When I write about the events, I use mostly content with the odd photo that is barely edited from my shitty Android Camera. I guess I am old fashioned and would rather use my phone to take photos but concentrate on having a good time rather than putting pressure on myself to take dazzling images. If you can do all of it and still have a good time with no pressure, then good on you - show me the ropes!

Honestly, I am definitely an odd one out in the blogging world. I join chats when I feel like having a good natter but only if the topic is worth it. Definitely won't join in the topic is: "what are your blogging goals". Too many clichè answers like: "I want my blog to grow, my followers to grow, have more sponsors, be known. Blah!" Give me strength. My answer will always be "keep my blogging going for another year."

Very, very disappointed. Fame and money is [almost] everyone's goal. Bring blogging back to the early days, please!

Please be open in your comments.

I guess after reading this you can call me a lazy outsider of a Blogger, but I am still a Blogger no matter how many faults I have and how many cliche's I don't join in with.

Much love,


  1. You're post is so true! I agree with you about the rose gold. Personally I like white gold which is why I went for a silver iPhone! I also don't own a camera, all my photos are taken on an iPhone and they're alright. Sure I'll never win photography of the year but I take photos because I enjoy it not to gain recognition from it. And as for props, well I try not to have a dirty nappy in the background if that counts?! :D I've kind of fallen out of love with blog chats because they always seem to be at an awkward time for me. Although when I catch the occasional one it can be good. I believe I came across your blog via a Twitter chat for example! :D

    I started (this version of) the blog in 2013 and it was to record my pregnancy journey. 3 years on and I'm still enjoying it. I hope that I'm one of those bloggers who's keeping it real for you! And I'll hold my hands up and say I haven't visited for a while *hangs head in shame* But I keep seeing your Instagram photos - your little one is so gorgeous!! xx

  2. *wave!* and I'm still the lazy ass blogger from that time! xD

  3. I am a terrible blogger, I don't even know what my DA is, and genuinely, I don't care. numbers mean nothing to me, if I ever give up blogging, I will finish my blog with my You Are Not Alone post which I do every year which is a list of helplines for over xmas. I agree with a lot of your post, I cannot be dealing with fakes or people who only talk to you if they can get something out of you. Would much rather surround myself with nice people like you xxxxxx


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