10 Biggest Pet Peeves

Some of these points may come across petty and bitchy but I really couldn't give a hoot. These are what bug ME. Most of them are small, some of them you will agree with, and some you will just want to slap me for.

1. Pregnancy Test pictures posted on Mum Groups that clearly need to be taken again in a few more days because there is barely a positive to see.
"Can you see a faint-faint line? Like if you squint-squint until you're vision is basically blurred and you're seeing spots, you can see a second line, right?'

2. Wheelchair/Pram Section on Trams/Buses being used by abled people.
People standing in pram/wheelchair areas and refusing to move even when there are seats open for them further up the aisle. It makes Mums and Dads feel awkward stood there with a pram like wtf, where do I go when my pram doesn't fold down? Want me to carry my baby like a rugby ball whilst balancing on top of the pram? Where are wheelchair users supposed to park themselves, too?

3. The 'msg me bbe, it's too personal to post on Facebook publicly' status'
After writing a massive indirect status about her ex and his dog's pet gold fish, she still feels the need to think her privacy should be respected and she looks for a pity party anyway. (Males as well.) Like no, i'm drawn in now, give me more details!

4. Breastfeeding Shamers.
Who put an arsehole-pill in your formula as a baby? Babies are born to feed from the breast, some women are actually able to do it the 'natural' way and hats off to them! If a bit of boob-age and nipple offends you, you need your head testing.

5. Over positivity on Social Media.
No one is buying it. No one is that positive, stop faking because you are so transparent. Everyone loves to express their thoughts whether it is negative or not. Be real. Be human. 

6. Making a light hearted joke and some sensitive sod goes OTT.
You should see all the dark humour, sweetheart, then you'll have something to complain about.

7. Forced opinions which make me feel uncomfortable.
This includes religion. I respect your beliefs, just don't shove them down my throat and criticise me for not wanting to hear them. Don't even get me started on the 'perfect' mums bragging about their 'perfect' kids to make you feel shit; especially when people tell you how you should parent your OWN child. 

8. Comments that are pretty much word for word underneath yours.
Okay, yes some people type at the same time and it becomes a coincidence or some comments don't load. But please, don't word for word me if you comment after about 20 minutes because it's clearly been read. If you agree, just like it or do a whole "^what she said" comment instead.

9. Sensory overload.
I suffer with it but it can't be helped - still pecks my head. 
What it means: "Sensory overload occurs when one or more of the body's senses experiences over-stimulation from the environment. ... Sensory overload is commonly associated with sensory processing disorder. Like its opposite sensory deprivation, it has been used as a means of torture."

10. People chewing with their mouths open.
If anyone doesn't mind this, then you were obviously raised by a bunch of pigs. Disgusting creatures. I really don't understand how people who chew with their mouths open weren't taught manners as a child. It makes me want to punch you in the face.

If any of you have any pet peeves whether they are petty or not, feel free to comment them and give me something to laugh about!

Much love,

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  1. One I've thought of many times is when the "noisy" photographers have the need to brag about their camera model every time they share a photo. It's not like I am going to go buy a new camera just to be able to take a specific kind of photo? What's interesting is what settings they used.... and maybe what type (type, not brand) of lens. But that doesn't give them status enough I guess... eww.


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