Oh, hello Hospital.

If you have been a regular reader of my blog, you would know the complications I had during my pregnancy with Rhea-Jane and all the hospital visits I had, however, with this pregnancy I haven't even done one Pregnancy Diary to keep you lot updated on the happenings so you probably think everything has been hunky-dory.

This is going to be quite a long post, considering I will be talking about four days worth of a scare I had a couple of weeks ago at only 24 weeks 6 days pregnant.

I guess it began a few hours after Rhea-Jane's Dad came to pick her up and take her back to his for a couple nights like he does every week.

28th February 2017
What a way to end the month. In the early hours of the morning, I was taken by ambulance to the hospital as I had been throwing up to the point I had nothing but my gut left to vomit and was beginning to have regular strong contractions. The only reason I really rang the emergency number was the virtue of not even being able to keep a drop of water down, therefore, I knew I would be severely dehydrated in no time; the contractions I just thought were the cause of tensing my stomach too many times.

Following the ambulance, my Mum came with me for support, plus I needed a lift home if I was fine enough to go home. However, when I had gotten to the hospital, I was admitted straight away and put on a drip seen as I had been right - severely dehydrated. Because I had V&D, I was isolated in my own private room as I was highly contagious and could pass this illness onto the other pregnant ladies which is very dangerous for most. Positive: it was quiet and I could keep myself to myself. Negative: it was lonely and time went so slowly when I didn't have visitors.

It wasn't long before a Doctor came in to swab my cervix to check if there was any amniotic fluid leaking or if my cervix had started dilating. Thankfully neither was happening BUT I was in early labour. What I never expected was another swab to be taken that checks for a certain hormone that means a risk of preterm labour. If negative, then there wouldn't be a chance of preterm labour in the next two weeks. If positive, well, you can kinda work that out for yourself, and you can work out what I am about to say next.

Positive fFN (Fetal Fibronectin)

Hunky-Dory was definitely not going to be this pregnancy. Let the time bomb start the countdown. Will I give birth preterm again this time, too? 

When the results came back around 5am, a nurse came to me with pills to stop the contractions and a steroid injection that was inserted at the top of one of my butt cheeks. Let me tell you, the pain was horrendous. I almost cried! Well, I did cry but only after the pain went because it then hit me that I was in early labour and needed to stay in hospital until it stopped completely. I don't think anyone can understand how scary it is unless they have been pregnant and/or had a premature baby in the past.

Luckily, I managed to get a few hours sleep before the nurse's rounds had begun; my blood pressure was checked and my drip was replaced due to still being dehydrated.

2am ish, Adam came to visit me and keep me company whilst I was hooked up to the drip and drugged up on painkillers. The room was spinning slightly and I felt nauseas as a result of all the painkillers I had to take, so lying back and closing my eyes was the only way to stop myself from throwing up all over again. Adam really is a proper supportive gentleman, running around after me to try and make me feel comfortable and happier. I really don't know what I would do without him.

My Mum rang me to let me know she wouldn't visit that day seen as she had caught the V&D bug as well - my bad. Nevertheless, my sister and friend visited me instead for about an hour, bless them, they're so cute. I never expected anyone other than Adam to come and support me. Another friend of mine sent me supportive and loving messages and I kept her updated because I didn't want her to worry.

Hospitals are beyond boring so there wasn't really anything I could do to entertain myself; to be honest I felt bad for Adam being here too as he must have been bored out of his head just sitting by my side. Luckily my contractions weren't regular anymore but I was still being topped up on painkillers just in case. Sadly, I had to spend the night in hospital, reason being, I had to have a second and final steroid injection the following morning at 5am. Splendid. Around 8pm all visitors had to leave and I was left alone all over again; thankfully I just slept until early hour rounds had begun.

1st March 2017
Tell you what, the second steroid injection wasn't as bad as the first one. It was placed in my actual arse cheek this time but on the opposite side; not sure why they have to be on separate sides, but the right side doesn't hurt as much. I was given more painkillers, my blood pressure was rechecked, and I was checked to see if I was still dehydrated. Yup. ANOTHER drip was inserted. 

After a few hours, a nurse came in and took the empty IV bag away and the cannula out of my hand, as I was no longer dehydrated. FINALLY! It wasn't long before the Doctor came to recheck my cervix; long and closed - perfect. I was able to go home! 

Home Sweet Home.

As you know, Rhea-Jane had been with her Dad, so he messaged me asking me if I would like to see her for a few hours before he would take her back to his. Of course I wanted to see her, I missed her so much. For a few hours I played and smothered Rhea in kisses and cuddles before she had to leave again, I would have kept her overnight but I was exhausted and needed to rest because I had a shit time in hospital and needed to relax and bathe for a little while before getting a decent night sleep.

Of course Adam came round that night to help me if I needed it and to look after me. I thought my time in hospital was over and the contractions had completely stopped. Maybe my pregnancy would end when I would be full term and not preterm this time.

Oh so wrong.

2nd March 2017
Around 3am strong, regular contractions awoke me. They were so painful that I had to wake Adam up to let him know that I will be timing them and there was a possibility that we would have to go back to hospital. Great. After two and a half hours, I couldn't stay like this; no sleep; not comfortable; in pain; time to call the hospital.

As I suspected, I had to go straight to Triage to be checked over. MUM! Luckily Mum was able to take me there, I felt sorry for her that I had to wake her up again in the early hours so she could carpool me and Adam back to the hospital. It was time to message Alex to organise childcare for Rhea-Jane seen as I wasn't going to be able to have her back.

When I got there, I was checked over by nurses and a doctor. Cervix still shut tight, but because I had a positive fFN I had to be admitted to a Ward and monitored all over again. What a wonderful time to be alive. Luckily, it was almost visiting hours at this point so Adam was allowed to stay by my side instead of going home or waiting in the hallway before coming to my bedside. This time I was able to go into an actual Ward Room, unfortunately, I was in a room with a woman that pecked head. SO LOUD and constantly had her phone ringing and not answering, and the calls she did answer to, she spoke on a high volume that the women on the other side of the ward probably could hear her. There was just no need.

Not even 24 hours after I had been discharged I was back in the hospital, I didn't even know why they didn't just monitor me a bit longer to make sure the contractions would stop and not come back until the real deal. Such a ball ache, seriously.

All day I was monitored and given painkillers. The ward was so busy that I think I saw a midwife and/or a nurse every four to five hours at a time; so understaffed it was ridiculous. Mum managed to visit for a little while and I just updated her of what was happening. Adam tried his best to keep me upbeat, happy, entertained and comfortable; he has been my rock through it all, I am so thankful for him.

Overhearing, which couldn't be helped, midwives told the pregnant ladies that were being induced/in labour that there was a QUEUE for the birth suite and the delivery suite. That's how busy the ward was! Women popping babies out left, right and centre. Really is one born every minute, bloody hell.

Sadly, again, 8pm rolled around and Adam had to leave. Time to sleep the night away and wait for the rounds to begin and painkillers to be popped.

3rd March 2017
During the night I had a few strong contractions, although, they didn't regulate and I could go back to sleep until Adam arrived at the very start of visiting time. I hate being alone in hospitals, they make me feel uncomfortable, though safe, they just have a weird vibe to them. Possibly because I spent over a week in the same place when I was in with Rhea-Jane and it just reminded me all over again of what it felt like to be in the same rooms.

Again, the ward was understaffed and there were emergencies left, right and centre, so it was hours before I was seen. Literally the only time I was checked was when I was handed painkillers and my blood pressure was checked; it was hours before a doctor came to see me. Finally, I was told I would have a scan at 3:15pm and after that, if all was good, I was to have my cervix checked. If that was all good I would be able to go home seen as the contractions had subsided.

3:15pm rolled by slowly and I arrived at the sonographer. They were running late, so obviously my scan wasn't on time, great. When I was finally seen, the whole scan was perfect and my little boy was growing on target; my amniotic fluid was also at the normal depth too. Nothing to be concerned over so I headed back to the ward, updated the midwife, and awaited the awkward cervical check every woman dreads.

Probably as you are expecting, it was over an hour and a bit before I was checked, thankfully everything was still tightly closed and there was no change whatsoever. Time to finally go back home! 

Unfortunately, Rhea-Jane was at Alex's as the day was his day to have her. So sad. I missed her so much and in four days I only saw her for a couple hours. It was too late for her to come back to mine so I just had to wait. Like this whole pregnancy is a waiting game. 

When will I go into full blown labour?
Will I go into preterm labour again?
How early will my water's break this time?
Will my little boy be okay if he came this early?
How long would he have to be in hospital before he would be strong enough to come home?
How will I manage without Rhea for so long?
Am I a bad Mum for not seeing her for four days, par a couple hours?
Am I ready for my baby to come?

These past four days scared the living shit out of me, at only 24 weeks and 6 days I went into early labour. I am so grateful that the Doctors, Midwives, and Nurses were able to keep an eye on me and make sure my contractions had stopped completely. Even when they took precaution and gave me steroid injections to strengthen my boy's lungs just in case he decided to enter the world prematurely. 

I am so thankful that my Mum and Adam were really supportive of me and helped me through all of this, too. Need this little man to cook in my belly for another fifteen weeks! 

Hospitals creep me out a lot nowadays because of my past experience with Rhea-Jane so going in that early with this pregnancy really did make me freak quite a bit. I didn't want to go through the trauma all over again, it was hard enough the first time.

I want both my babies to be perfectly healthy, and I want this pregnancy to go to at least term this time! 

Never do I want to go into early labour, and even though I got a Positive fFN, I am going to try and keep this baby in as long as I can. I will beg for the pills to stop contractions. If I could put a cork up there, I would. Guess I am just a ticking time bomb. Please don't come early baby boy.

Much love,

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