It's all looking up

As you all know, I am now getting married and I couldn't be happier, and everyone is supporting my decision because this choice makes me happy. i wouldn't change anything in my life for the world; my life is perfect right now! Daniel and I are planning to have an engagement party as soon as possible where we can celebrate this amazing time with the people we love; family, friends and, of course, the FCUM family; we want everyone to join together (and mingle) so they can all get to know each other, get drunk, celebrate and also meet each other before they all see each other at our wedding! Anway, I am so delighted that my engagement ring is beautiful - Daniel let me pick it myself - and I will wear it with pride! Literally no one is going to put me down about my decision, you can try as much as you like, haters can hate, but i seriously would not give a flying fuck and will continue to be as over joyed as i am right this minute.

Though I am already in a flat and kind-of settled down, Daniel and I are also apartment viewing on Sunday because we need somewhere bigger and better because this flat it so small. We won't be living alone though as Daniel's good friend, Guy, is also moving in with us; I am happy that Guy will be moving in because I get along with him and when Daniel and Guy are together; they are hilarious! I am still skeptical that it is the right decision, would you move in as a couple and then have a friend live with you also?

OMG FINALLY I am able to upgrade my phone to a Samsung Galaxy S4 after having the S2 for over two years! This isn't as big as getting married or viewing apartments, but OMG it feels so good to be able to get a brand new phone and be able to have the new things rather than have an old phone! Samsung's are my all time favourites, as they are quick and easy to use! The thing about having a new phone is that I will have an OBSESSION and I won't put the phone down; i will also craze over phone covers/cases. I love phone cases. If i had lots of money i would have an extreme phone case collection - either pink, tiger print, leopard print, sparkly and bright!

Guess what???? 
I am going to Zurich, Switzerland in May!!!
This is so I get to watch FC United of Manchester play a friendly, and it will also be a an early birthday present from Daniel as he bought the tickets woo! Not being able to go abroad for over 10 years is a drag so being able to visit another country is actually exciting for me. Not being able to remember what it is like to go on a plane makes me so nervous - those Documentaries you see about plane crashes scare me, blah! I'm sure I will be fine. But OMG Switzerland, how exciting!!! New country, new experience, new environment, new culture (I am all for Cultures, it's like an obsession,) new people, new language, NEW EVERYTHING. The butterfly feeling in my stomache is going to drive me crazy but i know it will be the excitement feeling haha! The place is beautiful! 

It will be my 19th birthday on the 31st May (don't forget ;)) and it is my last year of being a teenager eeeeek it's so scary how next year I will be officially an adult. I am going to make sure this last year of being a teen is going to be amazing. I think I have took being young for granted, all I have wanted to do was grow up, but now that next year I will be 20, I wish I didn't wish away my life. Adults have told me never to wish my life away, and what did I do? I wished my life away. Twat. Sometimes I do wish i was young again, but looking at my life now, I actually wouldn't change it at all. I have met Daniel, I am getting married, I have found out who my true friends are, I have met new people, I am moving into a new flat, I am going abroad this year, this is my last year of being a teen, I am standing on my own two feet, and I am HAPPY. WOW, I really am happy hehe! 

This year has started off perfectly, I wished that this year would bring me happiness where I can actually look forward to things; last year was a struggle and there were lots of drama so grateful that this year is a new start and a new beginning to my life.

No one is going to get me down because I have such an amazing life and I am looking forward to every single part of it. 

Travelling is also on the list of what I want to do in my life. Asian countries like Japan, China, Singapore, Malaysia and HongKong are what i really want to visit - I love the culture and would love to be able to see it all for myself!

My life is looking up!

See you later.

Ecstatic - seriously amazing news for you!

Now this post is not the ordinary post that I will do about either my thoughts and opinions, this post is about something that some of you will find shocking or something you will find romantic and you will be happy for me. Which ever you are, I am not bothered if you don't like my decision, I only care about the viewers who support my decision and are happy for me.

This is my life and this is how I roll.

Time to give you the seriously great news you have been waiting for.

I am ecstatic!

I will give you a clue. 

 Is this a great clue? 

If you have guessed Engagement Ring then you are right.

That's right.

I am getting married! 

How exciting! 

Daniel proposed to me on the 25th January 2014 and I couldn't have been happier! This means so much to me and even though I am only eighteen years old (yes 18, so what?) I know what I am doing. I love Daniel so much and I can't believe he has proposed. The proposal was so cute and romantic. At the time he didn't have a ring because he wanted me to choose it myself so he got on one knee and gave me such a romantic speech about how much he loves me and wants to spend the rest of his life with me and then he gave me the serious reason why he wants to marry me. I said yes of course! He then kissed my engagement finger over and over and then hugged and kissed me.

I know there will be plenty of people reading this post thinking I am stupid and I am rushing into things, but do you see the book of rules in a relationship? No? Neither do I! Everyone has their own pace in a relationship and this pace is Daniel and I's - it has always been like this. I am super excited about marrying Daniel. We are organising an engagement party for close family and friends to come and celebrate this with us; people who don't respect our decision will not be coming and they will not be welcome at the wedding.

Daniel and I are planning on getting married in 2015 or 2016. We are not rushing the wedding but we knew getting engaged now was the right decision and I will always treasure today. We will both be in our 20s when we finally get married but we do want a long engagement so we know for sure we are not going to rush into things and tie the knot straight away. I do want a big white wedding and I want it to be an amazing day that I will remember for the rest of my life - I am only ever going to get married once. 

Many of you will either be happy or literally could not care less. I have had many congratulations and many different opinions but overall most people are happy for me because I am happy. Fellow bloggers have also congratulated me (if you have checked my Dayre then you would have found out yesterday) but anyway, I am telling you all now woo!

I am so excited!

I never saw this coming and the proposal shocked me. I still haven't digested the fact that I am engaged haha. 

Daniel and I are planning an engagement party at the moment and we would love to have the event at the FC Lounge, where of course our football family, normal family, and friends, will all come together to celebrate Daniel and I's engagement. There will be plenty of pictures that will be shown on Blogger when the time comes. Seeing wedding pictures in a over a year or so - possibly - will also be on Blogger. 

Thought I would share the good news with my viewers and fans of my blog.

2015/2016 will be a great year!

See you later.

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Friendly advice

There comes a time when you realise who your friends really are, you realise who just comes back into your life when there is a bit of gossip or they just feel like it. Real friends stick by you no matter what and actually keep contact with you because they care and respect that my life is completely different to theirs; they actually try and spend time with me by taking time out of their lives to organise an arrangement to meet me so we can catch up and have a girly day - shopping or a chat, whatever we do. Real friends don't swoop into your life when it suits them, it doesn't work like that, you either want to be in my life or you don't - take a pick. Actually don't, if they were my real friends, there wouldn't be a choice in the first place. 

I don't respect the fact that people judge me or they think they have the right to tell me what I should and shouldn't do in my relationship. No one lives with me, no one really know what i know or the way I live. They don't have a clue who I really am or what Daniel and I are like living together. The only people who actually give a fuck and come round to see me and Daniel are my real friends; these people come and visit me whenever and whatever the situation - they come round for general chats or invite me out! 

I am sick and tired of people taking the absolute piss and a mockery of me as if I don't notice. I know who is by my side, I know who will be there for me no matter what, i know who will support every single decision I make. I know who for a fact is trying to take the piss.

Ugh OK, I am going to quit this part of the post because I am just getting too wound up! 


So today something seriously amazing happened and I will tell you when the time is right. Seriously, stay tuned because the news will be posted soon! 

Daniel is now at work and his Dad is at Wetherspoons, where Daniel works, too because he is having a night out haha. I wish I was having a night out but I am so glad it is my friend's birthday next Saturday so I get to see her after so long and finally get to spend some time with her and of course celebrate her birthday. I really do miss hanging out with friends but i know half of them really weren't friends to begin with; as you grow up and mature, you finally realise who is there for you and who isn't. Life is tough but you finally get over it. I got over it. i stand on my own too feet and if I know you are not fully behind me and are just taking the piss then I will just tell you to leave me alone and never get in touch with me. I can't be arsed with fake friends. What's the point in being surrounded in fake friends when you can have a couple, maybe only one, true friend. Everyone has a true friend, you just have to find him/her in time.

If you are young and you think you have loads of 'friends' then you will realise with time and age that most of them are going to leave you. It's not your fault so don't get upset or think it was all you that pushed them away. It's not your fault. They weren't your friends in the first place. If you are sat down right now with over 6 friends in your room, look around, figure out who has been there for you most. Who has been by your side through thick and thin? If you are under the age of 14 then this won't apply to you, you are still discovering new friends and exploring with new people, stick to it because in a couple years, you will only have your true friends left. 

If you are in your final year in high school, then you are going to have a huge shock! Yeah you will tell each other that you will keep in touch and hang out all the time, but reality check, that won't happen. Take it from me who is experienced in this, I only have a couple true friends left. The others I have told to fuck off because I don't want fake people holding me back or making me feel down. You don't need people like that; you only need the people who are there for you.

I am not out to worry you or anything, I am simply just giving you some advice and giving you a reality check. You may think 'this post is a load of bullshit, that won't happen.' Yes it will. Don't think you are any different because you're not. Everyone goes through this and I just want to prepare you. 

Believe it or not, I actually care about people whether I know them or not. I don't ever want to see someone upset or down. I am literally there for everyone - I have been told that I care too much and I take other people's emotions as my own, but that is just me. I will cry if someone is seriously upset because they have been through something so traumatic; I feel your pain even if I have never been through that experience before.

Caring is what I do.

You may think that it isn't possible, but believe me, it is.

Take my advice wisely.

Good luck in the future. 


The day I found Flipagram

I found a new app and now I am hooked... help.

*Warning* You can't view these videos on a Tab, I don't know why. Laptops and Computers can.

Not Advertorial 

At the beginning when I found many people playing around with Flipagram and posting them on Instagram, I thought what a load of rubbish and what is the point in using that app... but as time went on, i gave in and thought I would try this app out. I am now hooked. Why do apps do that? I am perfectly fine without the app but as soon as I try it out BAM i can't get enough of it.

Here are a couple Flipagram's that I have made; some are cheesey but i really couldn't give a fuck. Enjoy!

This is the very first flipagram I have made and I am quite proud of it; I love the song and images. This very video is why I am hooked and why I just need to take more pictures to create more Flipagrams! I need someone to hold me back. Kidding, I am not that hooked.
Do you know that feeling where you make one video but then want to make more and more until you have no more pictures to upload? Well I have that feeling and i need more photos to upload onto my Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 so I can make more and more Flipagrams... searching on Facebook for photos woo!
Don't worry, this isn't the last Flipagram I have made. Enjoy this one. I think this one is pretty good. What do you think??
Now this is the last Flipagram for now so keep looking out on Instagram or on my blog for more Flipagrams hehe. My favourite Flipagram is this one and it is the MOST cheesiest video i have ever made haha. Get you sick buckets ready before you watch this video.

I look forward to seeing your Flipagrams if you ever make videos.


Guess what?!

Daniel and I are looking for a house and we have found the perfect one. The thing is... we need a viewing before we can see whether we can move in or not. That's not the only thing... my twin sister will probably be moving in with us! 

I am actually so excited but I know I shouldn't get my hopes up as Daniel, Hayley and I may not even get the house or even a viewing. Fingers and Toes are crossed though; we have left a message with the landlord so hopefully she gets back to us to organise a viewing. Daniel and I want to move out of this flat as soon as possible!

How exciting is moving into a new place though! 


So Daniel has set off to work and he has also applied to be a Fitness instructor, whilst I am at home being turned down for the SECOND time this week. I only applied to a job yesterday and this morning I found out that I wasn't to be accepted. I have the experience, I have the skills, but NOOOO I am still not eligible for the job. WTF! What does it take to get the job when I do have experience and skills the employer is looking for? What am I doing wrong? What will it take?

The email was actually really polite and they didn't go round the houses to tell me that I wasn't successful, they were professional and honest and I actually respect that. I hate emails that take the piss and get your hopes up but then shoot you down further down in the email. This email i liked because it was honest and straight forward.

Okay, so the email said this...

Thank you for your application for the Waiters Community at **** **********.
We have now reviewed your application and we regret to inform you that you have not been successful on this occasion. 
May we thank you for your interest in **** ********** and with you every success in your future career.

With best wishes

**** *********** ****

See how nice is that email! 

i am gutted that i didn't get the job because I would have liked to work at the restaurant as a Waitress; the place actually looks really nice and professional. It was a brand new French Restaurant and it was beautiful inside! 

Ah well, more opportunities will come a long and eventually i will get a great full time job...

... Hopefully...


Should I, Could I, Would I?

Have you ever wondered whether you could make something of yourself? Do you wish that you could try and see if you are capable of doing something completely different? Would you go back to College or University if you could? 

For a while now, I have been thinking if taking a year off was the best idea for me. Should I have carried on with my studies and done the Pre-Degree I was accepted on? Could I go back again and do that course? Would I be capable of doing it? Or should I do something completely different and start a new? I don't want to be a scrounger and need my boyfriend to pay for everything, I don't want to end up being a stay at home girlfriend, wife or even mother, I want to be someone and make something of my life.

Realising that I have no proper job, no steady income, no hobby and I am pretty much doing nothing with my life, I want to be someone. I want to make something of my life and not throw all my studies and hard work away - Should I, Could I, Would I? 

I have looked back at this past year, and yes, I do think I should of, could of, would of. I should of carried on and stayed on the course, I could have gotten a pre-degree then applied into University. I would have been accepted into a University and carried on even further into my studies and become what I dream of. 

However, I do think whether I should just keep trying to find a job instead of going back to College. Should I apply for any sort of job just to be able to have a steady income. Could I become what I dream of by just applying and hoping for the best, then work my way from the bottom. Would I actually be able to do this? Should I get a job in anything like: a receptionist, teaching assistant, waitress or try and jump into the job of becoming an Advertiser. Could I really do that? Would I not need to go back to College, and let's say, waste my time?

It is so confusing!

If I didn't go back to College, would I be able to even be accepted into a job, never mind work from the bottom? But what if I did go back to College; could I complete the course and not pull out because I can't do it or I think I am too stupid. I really need help. I think I should sit down 1:1 with an advisor and talk it through.

Should I go back to College and do the course I was accepted on? Could I afford to go back because I will be nineteen when I go back? Would it be worth it?  

OR, should I apply for a new course and start a new? What could I apply for?
  • Childcare?
  • Health and Social Care?
  • Travel and Tourism?
  • Business Studies?
I could try and do business studies because one day I do want to run my own business. Wouldn't it be amazing if one day you see my face and hear my name wherever you go in a certain area, wouldn't it be great to have my name on billboards and on the front page of magazines and newspapers. Imagine being big and running a multimillionaire business - no, a billionaire business! Dreams could come true, all I have to do is try my hardest; one day all my hard work could pay of. 

If you fight for it, you will get it. Never give up.

Working my arse off, doing what I dream of, running my own business, having nice things, having a huge house, amazing car, the career of my dreams and the fact that I accomplished it on my own would be the most incredible feeling ever! Hard work does pay off and I WILL get my dream career even if it made me sweat blood and tears. 

Trying something new could be the best thing i have ever done.

I can see what I am capable of.

If all else fails, I could try something else. 

There is no complete garentee that I would accomplish a course just from trying; I would have to study until my eyes and hands bleed - I know that. If I have the determination and motivation to do what's needed to be done, then I will accomplish what I want; so can you. If you want to go back to college, do it. If you want to go straight into a job and work from the bottom, do it. Do what you want, you can do it.

Things to do, lots to think about! 

Remember, Should I, Could I, Would I?


Stressed out

Three more jobs applied for.

Team leader
Teaching Assistant

Hopefully, I will get an interview for the Receptionist Job as it is only round the corner from my flat; it will be easy to get there - no excuses to be late! I seriously cross-my-fingers hope I get an interview, as I have been applying for so many jobs and so far I have been turned down for one of them. Why can't it be easier to get a job like it was in the 'olden days' where people used to walk into a shop or company and ask for a job. BUT NO, in the 21st Century, people want CV's, Cover letters, and Lick-my-arses. Okay not lick-my-arses but you get my drift?

Being turned down and needing a job is stressing me out a lot! I need a job, no one understand's how much i actually need one. I have bills to pay and under-working at the Phones4u Arena is not helping one little bit - I do love my job there but I am not getting many hours. I mean c'mon, one shift this month! No wonder Daniel is paying the bills for me UGH! So annoyed!! 

This is my forth job in less than a year and it still isn't good enough. Nothing is good enough. I want something to come at me with a great wage and great hours... but nooooo... some tosser has to be more qualified or more experienced than me. Where am I going to get experience if I can't get another job in the first place. To get experience, you need a job, but to get a job, you need experience.. common sense is miles from the employers minds. 

I am so pessimistic. 

If I can't get a job then i can't live with Daniel anymore because I don't have money to pay the bills and eventually he won't have the money to pay for all the bills. If Daniel and I live long distance, then we won't be able to cope and there is a 80% chance that we would break up. The 20% is the effort that we will do but with no money, we wouldn't be able to travel over an hour to each other and then we will be just seeing each other once a week like we used to. Yeah you read right, ONCE a week! How mad is that?? We managed to keep a relationship by seeing each other so little. Now that we have been living with each other and seeing each other every day, I don't think we could cope without seeing each other that long again.

I need money to pay bills.

I need a job.



Illness, Job applying and a quick question

Reason to not blogging often: been suffering with headaches and illness.

Being on Antibiotics is going to be annoying, i have to take one tablet four times a day. The thing is, I don't have a proper sleeping routine so I will wake up randomly at any time - I have not seen morning for a long time - so having to take antibiotics the way I should will be hard. I am never healthy, there is always something wrong with me and it is seriously getting on my nerves; why is my body punishing me!

I have also been suffering from mild headaches for weeks and one of those nights I was in extreme pain that I actually ended up crying. It took so long to get a doctors appointment because my GP is almost impossible to see; there will always be an excuse to why I can't see him on a certain day - either he is 'out of the office' or he is 'ill' or 'on a business meeting.' Well what pissed me off yesterday was that I was to see my GP first but I ended up waiting half an hour to see him so Daniel went to the receptionist to ask him why it is taking so long. Turns out my GP was sorting out an 'emergency appointment' when that was just BS; there was no one in his room and when he called out my name for me to finally see him, no one left his office; he was either on the phone or he was having a brew. 

When I went to the Doctors yesterday I had my blood pressure done and then the doctor looked into my eyes with a bright light - which made me laugh. I always end up laughing at eye tests; someone is moving their head side to side with some funny looking light so how can I not laugh haha! I am now being put on a different Contraceptive pill because the other pill might be causing the headaches, but if the headaches continue then I will probably be having tests to find out what it is blah! 

Daniel's PlayStation 4 was delivered today.... goodbye relationship... kidding, i just won't be able to communicate as much as we do but at least i get to play on it whilst he is at work haha; he needs another remote for me hehe! This morning, Daniel played on his PS4 for three hours straight, and to be honest, it was starting to annoy me; Daniel talks to the TV and shouts at it when something that he didn't want to happen happens - it's funny for a while. Typical lad on the PS4 though eh? I wish i had a Nintendo Wii so I can play my favourite chill-out game which is Animal Crossing; yes it looks boring and childish but omg it doesn't half relax and entertain you. I love playing Animal Crossing, i have it on my DS but I can't find my charger and it is the very first animal crossing so the Graphics aren't that good. I am going to find my charger now.

What games on the PS4 or Nintendo Wii or DS would you recommend to be good?

Quick Question:
Would you ever make a fake account of someone famous or steal someone else's pictures to hide your real self then talk to random people and make them feel something for you?

Example 1: I have been watching the TV Show called Catfish where real people fall in love online with someone they have never met before and 9 time out of 10, the person they have been speaking to is some spiteful bitch playing a trick, or someone ugly pretending they are someone they are not. The guy who's show it is goes out to the real people and help them meet the person they have fell in love with online, but sometimes the person online is the real deal and they do either become friends or go into a relationship

Example 2: There are people out there making fake profiles of someone famous and pretending to be them; they steal pictures and try and either ruin the famous person's career or they just pretend to act like them and make other people believe it is them. Why would anyone do that? Is it because they have no life, think they are not worth making their own profile of themselves, or they want to hurt someones feelings? Stop making fake accounts, it is low and stupid. 

Example 3: Online Dating sites have some fake people where they steal real people's identities and pictures and pretend to be them. These people are either stalkers, rapists or pedophiles, so everyone has to be careful. Online Dating sites are for real people who want to find love and people who make fake accounts just ruin that, they have to be mentally psychotic or just sick in the head to do such a thing; everyone has to be so cautious and it ruins the whole 'meeting the one' experience.

So i will ask you again, would you ever make a fake account?

If yes. then you're a dick and completely stupid!  


I wonder how Daniel is doing at work; he finally put his PS4 down and went to work about an hour ago. 

Anyway, I have been applying for jobs for so long and I have literally applied for executive and Manager jobs because I want to see if I am capable of being so high in the job. If i am not that qualified and I can't cope with being a manager then I will know for sure and then I know I will be OK for a normal steady job without seriously high demands. I can deal with high demands and deadlines but I am not sure about proper HIGH demands haha! We'll see though won't we. 

This morning I heard back from a Creative Designer job that I applied for a couple days ago. Turns out i am not being accepted due to the 'calibre of other candidates' they won't be taking my application any further. In other words, I am shit and they don't want me to be a part of their team. Typical, I actually expected that! 

On that note, I better get applying for more jobs.


Never give up

I am still thinking about whether I should do a Vlog on Youtube or not. Hmm... who would actually be interested in my thoughts and opinions? Most youtube videos are the same; some funny, some stupid, some idiotic, some boring, some are tutorials, some are just plain bollocks and some you can't stop watching because they are so damn interesting. I guess I should give it a go - no harm in trying and doing new things. New year, new start bullshit comes into play here. 

Early this morning, well midnight, i watched a video on Youtube about a girl giving other bloggers advice on not to take advice. She tells you that there really isn't away to get Followers and to be well known; if you ask any successful blogger how they got blog famous, they will just say that they don't know. The key to a successful blog is to keep going, don't give up, make a few twitches here and there and figure out yourself what you want to do in YOUR blog to make it better. To be honest, your blog can't get better because it is YOURS. Your blog is what you write about, not what everyone else wants you to write. The blog is yours to run freely with; have your thoughts and opinions written down in the way you want it to be. Someone out there is reading every single one of your posts and being there every step of the way; they are there from the beginning - you don't know them but they are watching your blog. Kind of creepy right? But think about it, someone is actually reading your blog.

Don't feel down because you have 0 followers or a low count of followers; take me for instance. I have 2 followers on blogger and 1 follower on my Google+ and I don't mind. I have only started to seriously write my blog for just under 4 months - I am not going to give up and neither should you. It takes years to become blog famous and I am determined to keep blogging the way I do; I used to blog every single day - I find time to blog. If you miss a few days of blogging, so what? Have a day to catch up with your blog. One day you will become blog famous and one day all your hard work is going to pay off. 

Everyday I read blogs, mainly in Asian Countries. Why? Because I am interested in their culture and the beauty of the places e.g Singapore, Malaysia, China, Japan. Everyone has an interest and for some strange reason, these cultures are mine. I have said many times in my blog that I would love to travel there, and with my determination to become a successful blogger, one day I may have the money to travel over to those countries. I have the determination to do this. Where is your determination?

Don't give up blogging if you feel down because you feel no one is reading your blog. Believe me, someone is. One day in the near or distant future, there will be thousands of people reading your blog and you will feel like you have worked your hardest to accomplish what you have done. Imagine waking up and seeing thousands upon thousands of page views from people around the world. imagine seeing comments praising your hard work and your blog. Imagine the feeling and buzz that you will have that you are, in fact, interesting and people read your thoughts and opinion with interest. Imagine where your career will take you. Imagine it all!

How proud would you feel?

If you really are determined and motivated to become blog famous, then you won't give up on your blog. If you are not feeling determined and you are blogging for fun then fair play, you do that, but for those who are committed, good luck and keep going!

Now are you going to change your mind about giving up on your blog? I am never going to give up for sure. My blog is my blog; forever. 

Becoming a model and more!

(Personal use. Non-advertorial. Researched on behalf of myself; not copyrighting.)

I have applied to BossModelManagement to become, of course, a model; i know the chances of becoming a model is like one in a million... or more! But hey, worth a try right? I hope someone gets back to me and I know that there will be thousands more applicants and prettier, sexier girls than me, but there is no harm in trying and wanted to do what I want to do; becoming a model is every girls dream and I want to see if I have any chance to become one. 

There are hundreds of scamming schemes out there and I have learnt that from a fellow friend that is currently a model. I have researched a lot and found out illegal and legal things about companies who advertise to model wanna-be's and scam them; some companies are legit and do not scam - these companies I am trying to find.

Here is some information I have found on - a legit model and talent management company:

'Select Model Management is a professional model and talent management company. We are qualified to provide all the guidance and support services that professional models need and deserve.
  • Models are hired by a Client through an Agency. The Agency charges a commission fee to both the Client and the Model. This is how a legitimate Agency earns their income.
  • From years of experience and close communication with their clients, a legitimate Agency will only represent those that they believe they can work for.
  • We do NOT charge our models for our photography, training, website and registration fees.
  • No other modeling agency or management company in our region comes close to our experience and skill level.
  • Select Model Management is in a customer service business. The people that we represent are with us because they want to be... not because we have a contract saying they have to be.'
This website also has some advice to other from Experts to help model wanna-be's, like myself. I find this information so helpful and I am sharing this with you just in case you are wanting to become a model yourself. I am talking to men and women.

'Advice from the Experts

Some tips
  • Avoid anyone that wants money from you to make you a model or to 'sign' you.
  • Avoid any Agency that wants to lock you into a contract, binding you to them for years.
  • In the modeling industry, it is unethical for an agency to charge money for training and marketing models, it is a conflict of interest. Some states have made this practice illegal.
  • the internet is a good source to research modeling scams and related topics. These include modeling schools, model searches, conventions, and portfolio photography.'
This information has helped me and I have actually learnt what to avoid. I hope this information has also helped you if you are also looking to become a model. Please remember that this is for personal use and not advertising the website at all.


Once I had researched and sent an application to BossModelManagement, I am now struggling on how to keep myself entertained. Daniel has gone to work and I have done all the housework. The only hobby I actually have is Blogging - which I love - but it really isn't getting my ass of the couch and I am not getting out the house. I am due to visit family soon, which is what I am probably going to do soon. 

Any ideas on how to keep myself entertained?

I am still looking for a full time job seen as I am not getting much work at the moment - ARTISTS, HAVE SHOWS AT THE ARENA GOD DAMN IT! Blah! I need more work!!

Good news. Daniel has finished work early and he is going to head home soon woo! No more being bored on my own, he can be bored with me.... i want to go out. hmmm.. town? Gay Village!!

That reminds me! 

Date night.

Daniel took me out on a date on Wednesday; I love it when we go on dates hehe! We went to the cinema to watch The Secret Life of Walter Mitty which FYI is amazing. It is such a heart-melting films and inspires me to go travelling. Apparently it is the new 'Forest Gump' but, in my own opinion, it is nothing like Forest Gump! Once we had watched the film, we then went over the road to Lloyd's bar to have a meal and have a few drinks. We decided that we wanted to go to the Gay Village, for my first time there, and it was soo funny and such a good night. I would definitely go there again. Daniel and I decided to go on a small bar crawl so we went in one pub, has one drink, then went to the next bar we thought would be fun; well we found out that on a Wednesday, mostly old men go out drinking on Canal Street. However, Daniel and I found the bar, Barpop, and to be honest, we loved it in there. The DJ, who was a man dressed as a woman, was hilarious. (Should I call the DJ a he or a she is he is dressed like a woman?) Okay, I will call the DJ a he-she just to make it easier. Well the he-she just kept insulting people and being a bitch towards them but you know he-she was just joking about; he also kept saying 'alright stop milking it' which was quite annoying after a while. Jeez get a knew saying! Anyway, around 2am, the bar closed so Daniel and I had to head home blah, we wanted to stay out! 

So that was date night.

Back to now.

What was i saying?
Oh yeh, Daniel is heading home, but now thinking of it, I have no money to go to the Gay Village ugh!
I wish I was one of those people who are financially stable and are able to blow money whenever they want - one day eh? One day i will have the amazing career, the big house, the beautiful car, the big white wedding, and the baby to complete the family. Why not? I woman can dream right? 

Do you know what is so annoying about living in a flat surrounded by other flats? The fact that there are loud, annoying, weirdos that have parties and don't keep the noise down. Jesus Christ, shut the fuck up! No one wants to hear your crappy chavy music. Shush. Now. Thanks. Whenever people open the main door to the flat, they always slam it, stamp up the stairs, and shout talk. Why shout talk? The person you are talking to is right next to you. No one else wants to know about your sad life. 

Why the hell am I ranting? 
Stop Lauren.

See you later

On request

For the first time, I have a request on what to blog on today's post. My first requester is Darcie; please visit if you ever want to talk and get to know her -she has many fans and would like any one else to feel free and speak to her. She is such a friendly girl and I get along with her a lot. She is a great girl! 

On request, today's post will be about what music I like. Now this is a challenging question because I like all sorts of music; I do have my favourites and I do have my all time hate genres. 

Time to be geeky; i have done my homework and found all the genres in music which I am now going to share with you. then I will tell you my favourites, hates, and the artists I listen too. i hope this educates you as much as it educated me.


African: Afrobeat, bengo, bongo flava, fuji, hip life, sakara, semba, taarab, zouglou.
Avan - Garde: experimental, noise, lo-fi, musique concrete, electroacoustic
Blues: african, british, contemporary, R&B, soul, texas
Caribbean: mambo, punta, reggae music, salsa
Brazilian: samba, samba rock, tropicalia 
Comedy: comedy music, comedy rock, parody music
Country: blues, rap, country, country rock, soul, christian country, lubbock sound, pop, western swing
East Asian: Cantopop, C-pop, Hong Kong English pop, J-pop, K-pop, Korean pop, Mando pop, Onkyokei, Taiwanese pop
Southern and Southeast Asian: Baila, bhangra, dangdut, filmi, indian pop, lavani, luk thung, morlam, pop sunda, thai pop, ragin
Easy Listening: background, beautiful, elevator, furniture, lounge, middle of the road, and new age music
Ambient: techno, house, dark, drone, dub
Electronicure: Illbient, isolationism, lowercase
Asian: underground
Breakbeat: Acid break, big beat, broken beat, florida breaks, 4-beat
Chiptune: bitpop, game boy, nintendocore, video game
Disco: cosmic, disco polo, europop, space disco, italo disco
Downtempo: Acid jazz, chill out, dub music, dubtronica, ethnic electronica, new age music, nu jazz, trip hop
Drum bass: Dark core, darkstep, drumfunk, drumstep, jump-up, old school jungle, ragga core, sambass
Electro: Crunk, electro backbeat, electro-grime, electro pop
Electroacoustic: acousmatic, computer, field recording, live coding, soundscape composition, tape music
Electronica: berlin school, chill wave, IDM, glitch, freestyle, skweee, sound art
Electronic rock: baggy, madchester, dance-punk, dance-rock, dark wave, electropunk, new rave, trip rock
Eurodance: bubblegum, italo, turbo folk
Hardcore/Hard dance: bouncy house, bouncy techno, break core, dark core, digital hardcore, doom core, dubstyle, happy hardcore, jump style, makina, UK hardcore
Hi-NRG: eurobeat, hard NRG, new beat
House: acid, chicago, deep, diva, dutch, electro, french, freestyle, funky, ghetto, hardbag, hip, italo, latin, minimal, microhouse, progressive, rave music, swing, tech, tribal, uk hard, us garage, vocal
Industrial: aggrotech, coldwave, cybergrind, dark electro, industrial metal, noisee
Post Disco: boogie, dance-pop
Progressive: breaks, drum and bass, house/trance, disco house, space house
Techno: acid, detroit, free tekno, ghetto tech, minimal, nortec, rotterdam techno, schranz, symphonic
Trance: acid, classic, dream, goa, dark psytrance, full on, psyprog, psybreaks, suomisuad, hard trance, tech dance
UK Garage: 2-step, 4x4, bassline, breakstep, dubstep, trap, funky, grime, speed
Modern folk: contemporary, indie, neofolk, progressive, anti-folk, filk, american, british, folk revival, industrial, techno-folk, psychedelic, sung poetry
Hip Hop: old school, new school, olden age, alternative, avant-garde, chaphop, crunk, freestyle, gangsta rap, ghetto house, grime, hardcore, horrorcore, jazz rap, rap rock, urban
Jazz: acid, bebop, boogie-woogie, freefunk, free jazz, jazz blues, neo-swing, orchestral jazz, punk jazz, swing, vocal jazz
Pop: arab, bubblegum, classical crossover, disco, electropop, iranian, jangle, motorpop, pop rap, soft rock, surf pop, teen pop, wonky pop
R&B: contemporary, deep funk, disco, go-go, soul, hip hop soul, northern soul
Rock: alternative, dream pop, indie pop, indie rock, heavy, doom, death, new wave, acid, punk rock, art punk, death rock, anarcho, christian punk, garage punk, grindcore, horror punk, pop punk, post-punk, rap rock, no wave, rapcore, sufi rock, visual kei
Ska: 2 tone, dance hall, dub, lovers roock, ragga, reggae, rock steady, ragga jungle

As you can see, there is a LOT of genres there, and to be honest, that isn't all of them. There are soo many that I couldn't even be bothered typing them; most of the genres I have never even heard of! I never realised there were so many whhhaaa! This is educating me, I hope it has educated you as well.

(I used wikipedia to find all the genres.)

Okay, back to business. Though i have never heard of most of these genres, including the ones I haven't typed out, I do have some favourites, some that I can listen to, and some that I will turn off straight away because I hate them that much.

Favourite: soft rock, some trance
Can listen to: Reggae, Country, soul blues, easy listening, drum and bass, jazz blues, some R&B,
Absolutely hate: Heavy rock, allll rock basically (except soft), dubstep, grime.

80's soft rock is my all time favourite and I listen to it whenever I go on seriously long journey's. Have you seen the film 'Rock of Ages' with Tom Cruise? Well every single track that is in that is what I love. It always puts me in a good mood wherever and whenever I put the music on.

Clubland/trance is what I can listen to when I go to parties or whenever I am in a party mood. What is a party without club music eh? This includes: Avicci, Chase and Status, and Calvin Harris.

Reggae is what I can listen to just for fun. Bob Marley is a favourite for Reggae music; he is so laid back and chilled that his songs just make everyone else laid back and chilled. Seriously, go listen to some of his tracks.

Heavy metal/rock is what I can NOT stand. OMG if you put this on, I will go crazy and turn it off. Why would anyone want to listen to that crap? It is just people screaming down a microphone and going crazy on instruments; there is no temp, just plain and utter bollocks. NEVER put this on in my company - i will break whatever device it is playing on.

Here are some of the Artists that I listen too:
  • 2 chainz
  • Adele
  • Aerosmith
  • B.O.B
  • Bastille
  • Coldplay
  • Daniel Bedingfield
  • Daniel Powter
  • Daughtry
  • David Guetta
  • Disclosure
  • Ellie Goulding
  • Eminem
  • Fun.
  • Gabrielle Aplin
  • Imagine Dragons
  • Jason Derulo
  • Katy Perry
  • Keane
  • Lana Del Rey
  • Macklemore
  • Maroon 5
  • Miley Cyrus
  • Natasha Bedingfield
  • Naughty Boy
  • Nickleback
  • Olly Murrs
  • One Republic
  • P!nk
  • Passenger
  • Pixie Lott
  • Robbie Williams
  • Sean Paul
  • Selena Gomez
  • Snow Patrol
  • The Fray
  • The Veronicas
  • Wiz Khalifa
The Artists in bold are my all time favourites and the ones that I have the most songs by. I love these are artists; on my phone, I have an album called 'Favourites' and all of the bold artists are on it. In my 'All' album, the rest of my favourite artists are in it. Whenever i go to the gym, my favourite album is always played. 

Please exclude the Snow Patrol from the above paragraph because there is only one song that I love and it has so much meaning too it. Get your sick buckets at the ready. The reason it is in bold is because one of their songs is Daniel and I's 'Song.' It is 'our song' because of one memory we have together and the song was playing in the background as it happened. (No it was not during sexual activities so get that out of your mind you filthy minded people!) So the song is Snow Patrol - Chasing Cars. It is such an amazing, heart-melting song and having it as 'our song' is amazing.

So there you have it - request complete.

Thank you for your request Darcie!

if anyone else has any requests, please email me at

See you later

5th January 2014

I have a thing for food. I love food - all types.

The good thing about my love for food, having a fast metabolism and the fact that I eat slowly, is that I stay the same weight. My weight has been up and down but not by much and I have always had a slim figure; the bad thing is that I have been underweight for a while. I think I have put on weight and becoming a healthy weight which is great but I am not used to my figure now; you can't see my hips as much as you used too - sometimes I miss that but I know I am healthier this way.

I love Sunday Lunch; Daniel made one today and omg it was amazing! I have not had it in a long time. The good thing about our cooker is that it is too good, it cooks things faster than they should. The chicken was supposed to take over two hours to cook but i only took us an hour and a half; we thought we were going crazy but when we cut down the centre of the chicken's spine, it was perfect - no blood, just nice, juicy and white! I thoroughly enjoyed my sunday lunch and it was Daniel first time cooking a chicken; I am so proud hehe. I couldn't even cut the potatoes because I was scared i would cut myself with the knife; I peeled about half a potato then gave up - i am such a chicken. Everything has been eaten and I am left with the dishes now blah! I best get cleaning. 

(This is the point where I would have a picture of my
Sunday lunch, but it was too good not to
eat straight away.)

Daniel has set off to work and i am, yet again, left at home alone and bored. I really need to get a hobby and think of things to do with myself. What should I do as a hobby? Being an ex-gymnast, I really want to teach younger gymnasts - a coach - but I need the money to get there and back seen as being a gymnast coach is voluntary. if I had a full time job and a steady income, I would happily be a gymnast coach on my days off or in the evenings. We'll just have to wait and see.


I asked fellow bloggers to send me their link via Twitter so I could explore their blogs to see what they write about and to see how different people's blogs are compared to each other. Honestly, every single blog that I looked at were completely different; layouts, pictures, fonts, the writing, and the information they write about are different. I love it! I do have a few favourite blogs that I now follow because they relate to me, or i find them so interesting; some warm my heart. 

Feel free to comment with the link to your blog - I would love to read them.


Short and sweet post today; not much has happened so i am not going to bore you and chat a load of rubbish.

See you later.

The big wheel and piercings

So far this year is going pretty well, but the bad news is that i don't have any work until the 31st January blah! I am currently looking for jobs, I used to be a tattoo artist apprentice but due to some issues, i could not carry on; i would love to get back into it so I am looking for jobs in that area. Also, because I blog, I have been looking into becoming a columnist; I would love for a column of mine to be in newspapers or magazines for hundreds, maybe thousands, of people to read. There is also the basic jobs I am looking at where I can just get working properly again - I need a full time job! 

Daniel is at work and I am stuck at home AGAIN ugh, i am sick of being at home alone doing nothing with my life except do what I enjoy, which is blogging. i love telling you about my life and letting you into my day to day life; I like how you are free to seek information and be by my side everyday through anything. However, though Daniel has been at work since 20:00pm, we have had the whole day together and to be honest, it has been pretty enjoyable and we have done something new together. Want to know what we have done?

Well first thing first: we went shopping but there wasn't much to look at. I got some new trainers/high top things and I love them! They are a beige colour and they have a fluffy inside; looks like converse. I will eventually put a picture on soon of them. Second, we went to get piercings but the piercer said to come back in an hour and a half ugh it was dragging so we decided to go on the Freij Wheel in the Centre of town hehe!

Queueing up
Started to move, hehe was exciting!
Getting higher
Daniel smiling (he feels sick at this point haha!)

Time for pictures of the view!

Feeling dizzy blah!
Piccadilly Gardens
Metrolink lines and tiny people hehe
I felt sick looking down!
The sunset looked amazing

I loved going on the wheel; it cost £7 just to go round 4 times which was quite expensive. The view was incredible and it was higher than i expected so it made me feel a bit sick and dizzy when I was going round. After the first rotation it became fun and i loved it; even Daniel loved going round. He kept trying to rock the carage and say that bolts have come loose and we are going to fall and crash on the floor. It was not the funny 'haha' but the funny 'fuck off' type. He also reminded me of the film 'Final Destination' where things in real life could kill someone i.e a rollercoaster crashing and people falling out, the sunbeds getting stuck then setting on fire and burning the people alive.. yeah, stuff like that!! 

Once we had finished on the Big Wheel, then went and finally got our piercings; Daniel got the top of his ear pierced and I got my lip pierced. After waiting for an hour and a half, it was safe to say that I was relieved to get it over and done with! Tattitude are so good when it comes to piercings and it is the cheapest place in town. Afflecks and other places charge £20 for the lip piercing and £25 for the top of the ear when Tattitude only charge £15 each! Oh how i love cheap - yes I am maybe a cheapskate, haha i'm joking, I wouldn't go as far as a Cheapskate. Time for the pictures!

Can you see it?
Here's a clearer view

Okay I admit it... it kind of hurt... a lot! Especially when he put the needle through my lip ahh! The pain was even worse when the needle was in my lip and Daniel was making me laugh, bloody bugger! He didn't even flinch when he had a needle put through his ear but his bled loads and the blood was dripping down the back of his ear. 

Do you like my piercing?

See you later
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