Will your dream come true?

Everybody has a life they only dream of.

Take mine for example; i want a life like Sarah Jessica Parker in Sex and the City who plays the character, Carrie Bradshaw, who is a columnist for a newspaper and has a group of amazing friends that are by her side through everything. The only things that I don't want with her character's life is that I don't want heart break after heart break, I don't want to go through so much sadness, and I don't want to talk about sex in a column. I want to have the friendship, the laughter, the experience, the travelling, the money, the fame, a column in a magazine/newspaper, and the freedom to do what I want and have fun!

Of course I know that a column is going to take hard work, creativity and great writing skills. Don't get me wrong, I would be working so hard to make sure it was perfect. However, imagine just waking up, putting on the most expensive outfit ever, strutting your booty down the street, shopping, or hanging out with your best friends but also getting paid to sit on your ass and write your column?

It's not asking a lot is it?

Knowing that if you work for something, you will get it, makes me know for a fact that if I work my ass off, I will accomplish my goal in life. Everyone starts off small, everyone has to start somewhere; take the people who created Facebook, Google, Twitter and Blogger for example. Look how far they have come. It is crazy how fast people can becoming millionaires and well known, so what's to say I won't one day have my dream life? If they can do it, anyone can do it. 

On the other hand, I would also like to be an Advertiser creating adverts/commercials for clients and making sure they are amazing. Why would you just settle for 'OK' when you can be the best? I have studied for 4 years in this area of work and I got great grades that would help me with this, why? Because I worked for my grades. Hopefully, applying into this area of work will get me the job I want and I can finally start my dream life. I know it will start of small but I will work my way up to become a Manager or have my own business where I can hire my own staff and become a millionaire because my company will be outstanding.

I may be aiming high here and I know your eyes rolled at my dream life, but who's to say I won't do it? I will prove everyone wrong and prove that I am capable of becoming a columnist or an Advertiser.

Some time in the future I may even get the opportunity to work abroad in many various countries. Why stop at one job in one country when you can travel and work at the same time? Wouldn't that be amazing - travelling to different countries but also earning whilst you're there? Learning the culture and the way of life in each country will be a great experience for you and it will be something to tell the grandchildren, right?

What is your dream life?

Will your dream come true?


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Excuse me?

Who the fuck do people think they are??

Seriously, give me shit and I will give you 10x more shit back.
 Don't start something you can't finish!!!

I have not seen certain people in over a year and a half yet they think they have the right to say that I 'haven't changed' and then start slating me. DON'T EVER slate me when you don't even know me. 

What gives them the right to start calling me and telling me what to do? Go and fuck yourself you prick. OMG I could swing for some people sometimes! UGH! 

A message to all you haters out there:
If you mess with me or the person you are hating on, Karma will be a bitch and shit on your parade. Got that? GOOD. 

Never mess with people you don't know because 9 times out of 10, they are better than you. Selfish as that sounds, it's true. You haters are just jealous and you can't get over the fact that your life is so shitty. 

I'll tell you a little TRUE story.

So I broke up with my awful ex nearly two years ago and all my old 'friends' ditched me. He was a stalker once i broke up with him and would not leave me alone; i would change my number but one way or another he would get it and text me. When he finally couldn't get my newest number, he decided to email me. Of course i blocked him on that. I blocked him on every single social media I have and he would still try and stalk me. He even got my sister under the thumb...

What I mean is, once I had gone out of his life, he decided to lick my sister's ass (metaphorically speaking of course) and he would be all 'buddy buddy' with her. I warned my sister to stay away from him because he will only hurt her, she didn't listen. My ex asked my sister for sex... yep, wrong right? But he only asked because he couldn't get any by himself (he's ugly as fuck) so I laughed when she denied him...Boohoo.

He tried to stay all 'buddy' with her but in the end he showed his true colours to her and she realised how much of a dick he is. She got rid of him from her life and things were good up until today.

The complete and utter idiot decided to crawl back into my sister's life and sweet talk her into being friends with him again... he probably sucked up to her because no one else liked him... 

My sister put on social media that she had 'cleared the air' with him and I just told her to stay away because she doesn't deserve to be hurt again.. Her 'friend' decided to inbox me and tell me what I should and shouldn't do. No one tells me what to do. So what give's him the right to try and parent me? HA! Fuck you motherfucker. 

Her friend had the cheek to tell me i'm spineless and a muppet. Seriously, this made me laugh. People just never grow up do they haha! He got the message to NEVER tell me what to do or call me. 

People that haven't grown up just make me feel so much more grown up and I have matured SO MUCH MORE THAN THEM even if they are older than me. 

Though I am only 18, I have the maturity of a proper adult. I have sorted my life out and got myself a great fiance, a flat and a job, whilst the muppets that think they can talk to me like shit, still live with their parents and have got no where in life. 

Come back and talk to me like shit when you are at my level!

Again, all you haters can all people names, get them down, but you will never be as good as them. They are way better off as they are and don't need jealous pricks like you failing to get them down.

Haters can eat shit.

ps/ you can't sue me for this post because I haven't named names and you can't prove it is about anyone. But if the shoe fits, lace that bad boy up and strut!


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Why me?

Job Hunting.Yet again!.

I can't seem to get shifts where I currently work; I don't even receive the emails that I need to confirm the days where I can work. Sadly, I haven't had work in over a month and it is really taking a toll on me. I am constantly relying on Daniel to save my ass and it is really making me feel guilty - it's not his job to look after me, I should look after myself and be able to provide for myself as well.

Why is this happening to me?

When I am constantly looking for a job, I feel like shit because I know that none of these companies are going to get back to me, but when they do, it's to tell me that 'there were too many applicants' and that 'I am not successful.' Tell me something I don't know!

I got an offer from a Manager because i posted my CV online. It was for a stunning hotel, I mean when I say stunning I mean Holy Shit what an expensive hotel. Believe me, you would have needed to be seriously successful, rich, and probably went to Oxford for this sort of hotel break. They wanted to invite me for an interview! How amazing is that - out of everyone they chose me! The worst part was that it is North Yorkshire and I live in Central Manchester so it is a mission away. I can't believe that they would offer me an interview even with the distance; that must say something about me right?

Am I good enough to work in a super stunning hotel that pretty much has rich people all over it's ass? Think how much I would have got paid and how big the tips would be!!

Too bad I live so far away and can't bloody drive!

Anyway, the big question I ask everyday is... Why me? Why have I deserved to be unemployed and not be able to find another job whilst relying on my Fiance to save my ass all the time? I look, I apply, I fail. I had three jobs (spread out through the year of course) not long ago and I was able to pay for myself, but look at me now; jobless. How did it get to this? Why am i the one to fail? What did I do wrong?

So many questions, no answers.

To be fair, I am grateful to Daniel for saving my ass and I wouldn't know what I would do without him.

For now I just have to hope. Hoping is good right?

Hopefully, one way or another, someone will offer me a job and I will be able to start my life again and be able to do the things I want without being skint all the time...... If only ......

Being the only one out of my siblings to move out and start my own life, (remembering that I once, not long ago, paid for myself,) is an accomplishment and I am able to say that my parents are proud of me. I have come so far and I am not one of those people who would go back to how things were, I fight for what I want and what I need, so going back is not an option.

I believe that I will be able to get a great job, earn money, pay my way, treat myself, and be able to do the things I want to do. I want to travel, get a great car, get a great house.. fuck it.. I want to buy my own house and make it MINE. 

Everyone has a dream, but it takes the dreamer to work his/her ass off and make his/her dreams come true.


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17 hours sleep!

It's so bloody hard to type with long nails!

Not blogged for a while because, honestly, my life hasn't been interesting enough since Valentine's Day!

For the past few days, I have been having trouble sleeping and concentrating and I have no idea why... maybe it is because I have a messed up sleeping pattern. If you follow me on Dayre (dayre.me/laurenohara) you would have seen that  I have an insomnia problem and also that my sleeping pattern is fucked up. On Sunday I woke up at 11am, went back to sleep at 2pm then woke up again around 6pm. I didn't go to sleep until 10pm last night!

I thought if I stayed up then i would be able to sort out my sleeping pattern out and have a routine. I slept for 17 hours last night because I was that tired... stupid thing to do but it worked.
Knowing that i will now have a proper sleeping pattern makes me feel a lot better and I can finally see mornings and do more with my day. I am glad my friend, Loren, will be coming round tomorrow to keep me company, plus Daniel and Loren can hang out a bit more seen as they haven't seen each other for months!

Excited is definitely the word I would use to describe how i feel to finally see my best friend tomorrow! We have lots to catch up on!! 


Would it be a good idea that I do a blogger's chat?

I have wanting to do one for a while and I just haven't been able to do one.

Now is the time to set a date to finally do one and explore the experience; I could meet new bloggers and see their blogs and how they do things. I love new experiences so this can be a good thing for me, I have seen many people do these chats and I have joined in as well - I met a few bloggers on the chats and I would love to talk or meet more.

Okay, doing a chat is a good idea.

Time to sort the plans out and set a date to do this!

You should join in. 

Follow me on Twitter @lnohara95 !

See you later.

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Happy Valentine's Day!

How was everyone's Valentine's Day? 

Even though I celebrated V Day a day early because Daniel had to work on V Day, it was still an amazing night and I loved it! We went out for a meal and had wine (special occasion) and then we headed out to the Gay Village on Canal Street, Manchester. I don't like going to typical bars and pubs because they are full of nob heads and creepy people; i would much rather go to the Gay Village and surround myself with friendly guys and girls that won't get creepy and weird. There are no fights, no arguements or drama, and i can have a really good night out!

The Gay Village is actually so fun, and to be honest, i think gay people are so much more fun than Straight people. Get offended all you want but it's true. 

The Bar Staff and the DJ's are so friendly and easy to get along with! My favourite bar in the Gay Village is Barpop! Daniel and I decided that we would have a few drinks but a few became a lot... hehe.  Whoops..  we danced, sang, socialised and met new people; i am definitely applying for a job there. I would love to work at my favourite bar! 

Daniel and I got along with the DJ quickly and he congratulated us on our engagement. I have found that the DJ's at Barpop are hilarious and they are so friendly. Daniel decided to unexpectidely do a shoutout; all i heard was 'Daniel wants to wish a Happy Valentine's day to his Fiancè, Lauren O'Hara.' It was soooo cute and people looked and smiled at us and some of them even clapped - I loved it! 

Have you ever had Trifle Shots? OMG they are so nice. I am not sure what the shot is, but i do think it is a thicker version of Cherry Sourz, but on top of the shot is Whip Cream and sprinkles and it is so tasty! Last night was the first time I have ever had them and I couldn't get enough. 

I love trying new things.

Daniel and I stayed at Barpop until it closed at 4pm but then we headed off to AXM which is also a Gay Bar. We stayed there for a while and we met a cute couple of people and we got along with them quickly; i did find them a little weird but they were fun to hang out with for the rest of the night out. 

Have you ever had Poppers? It is a legal high and they make you feel so weird but in a good way. Daniel had them before in AXM, where they sell them, and i tried it. I wouldn't ever do it Sober but last night was pretty much a one off. It made me feel dizzy and sick so I didn't have much of the Poppers. Poppers is a liquid that you just smell. If you drink it, it can be really harmful and could possibly kill you so don't drink it, just smell it.

Anyway... After AXM, Daniel and I wanted to go home seen as it was about 5am and I was really tired. I do wish I hadn't drank so much because I am suffering today haha! Hangovers suck. I have loved my early Valentine's Day prior to the suffering today though, I don't normally go out properly with Daniel so going out this time was really fun and I enjoyed spending proper time with him.

Picture spam:

 Okay, we had a little too much to drink so that explains these photos haha!

So that was my Valentine's Day celebration.

What did you do for Valentine's?

See you later.

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V day

How is your boyfriend, fiance or husband celebrating valentines with you?

Do you think he is going to surprise you?

Repeat questions for opposite sex.

Daniel has already planned valentines day, but for us, our valentines day is going to be a day earlier - Daniel has work blah! Okay.

The plan as far as I know is that we are going to a restaurant where we would have great meal with a bottle of Rose Wine. I reckon Daniel will want to get drunk too which I am not complaining about. Hmm.. i am not too sure what else is going to happen but i am so excited to find out!!

On the day, I am going to wear a red dress because obviously the theme is red for Valentines! I wonder what Daniel is going to wear; hopefully something smart but casual. How cute would it be if he bought me flowers... won't happen though because I told him I am not keen on romance and flowers. Going out for a meal is good enough for me! 

Last year Daniel and I didn't celebrate Valentine's Day because we were newly together and I didn't like V day at all. After being with Daniel, I came to realise that a day to celebrate love for another person is what is needed! Here are my reasons why:
  1. Realistically, not many couples actually get to spend quality time together as they work or travel around a lot or they have kids, which as you probably know, get more attention and have more needs that yourself.
  2. Children and teenagers want to find a way to express their affection for their crush. Cute right?
  3. How often do you or your partner spend time going on dates and buying flowers for the person you love? When was the last time you had a proper celebration of your love? V Day lets you do that. I mean by all means you can still do what you would do on V Day on any other day but having the 14th February as a set date to celebrate is a great idea.
Reasons why V Day could be a bad thing to some of you
  1. You are alone
  2. You may not receive anything, not even a card
  3. You don't believe in love
  4. You have no emotion
  5. Heartless
I could go on but some of the other points may offend you. 

Knowing V day is only a couple days away get's me excited because I get to go out on a date with Daniel and spend proper time together, I can see how other people have celebrated (through pictures and blogs,) I see many people's happy faces when they are with their loved one... and... i get too see what Daniel has in store for me hehe :)

Can't wait to see how you spend your Valentine's Day!

See you later.

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Mermaids - Do we really co-exist?

Are we the only humans that have and still walk on two legs and two feet? Did our ancestors really stay together or land or did a group stay in water?

Having watched a Documentary called 'Mermaids - the found body' has made me optimistic about whether Mermaids are fairy tale creatures or really are the culture of the sea. I have believed we are not the only humans that have walked the Earth for a while now since I first saw footage from a couple of hikers walking a cliff and seeing what looked like a mermaid sitting on a rock then swimming into the sea when it saw the hikers.

Makes you wonder whether Mermaid are real, doesn't it?

This Documentary is amazing and I do advise you to watch it if you are skeptical about Mermaids. A group of Scientists explain their findings in a shark (parts of an animal that they have never seen before) and they tell you how they analysed it. They discovered that it wasn't any mammal of the sea that they have seen before but they found that this animal had hips and joints like humans - this made them discover that this animal once walked on land. Finding little bones and not being able to fit them together until they realised the bones were from a hand, made the scientists want to bring in experts or second opinions. This animal was looking like a mythical creature called a Mermaid. 

Scientists have to stay away from fairy tale animals but this animal could not be explained any other way. Are humans really co-existing with these 'mythical creatures?' 

There have been ancestral drawing in many different parts of the world; in that time there was no communication between each country and culture, so have these drawing of Mermaids been actual seeings in the sea by our ancestors? How can so many tribes draw such similar drawings if they have never had contact before? Have they really seen these mythical creatures?

It is to be believed that Mermaids hide from humans because in the ancestral drawings, it shows humans attacking the Mermaids. Are Mermaids protecting themselves from the humans that walk the Earth? 

So do you want some proof of these mythical creatures? Actual footage has been leaked and you can now see it on YouTube. If you watch the Documentary, the actual footage is on there. 

In the Documentary, there are a couple of boys that visited washed up whales and sea creatures on a beach and one of the boys videoed the other boy exploring a certain animal. Now this animal looked nothing like the other sea creatures that were washed up, so the boy decided to poke it with a stick, (as every child does when he/she is fascinated by something,) and the creatures 'hand' moved. The boy looked at his friend but then the creature sat up and reached for the boy making a scream noise and then the boy runs off. Apparently the Military talked the boys into thinking this creature was a deformed seal, but the boys weren't stupid.

Further into the research and analysis, the Scientists visited these two boys and discovered that the Military didn't think of checking the boy's phones for evidence, so the boys showed the Scientists. What they have revealed, is exactly what the Scientists thought they were researching. 

Was this the mythical creature the Scientists believe roam the seas of Earth?

Apparently Whales and Mermaids are believed to be friends and roam the sea together and help each other hunt. The thing is, the Whales aren't the only ones that Mermaids are believed to be hand in hand.

Dolphins and Mermaids are believed to hunt together and share out the fish that they have hunted. Apparently, Dolphins and Mermaids are believed to be able to communicate to each other through sound and echos and be able to help each other and also talk. How cool is that? 

Knowing this, we believe that humans and dolphins have had interaction for generations where Dolphins help fisherman catch fish and help humans when needed. Dolphins are also seriously friendly with humans, but where did this friendship and communication start from?

Have Mermaids taught Dolphins to help humans catch fish, have Mermaids taught the Dolphins to communicate, care for and befriend humans? It makes you wonder...

Did our ancestors break off and stay in the sea, and through millions of years of evolution, become what we call 'Mermaids?' 

Are Mermaids hiding from humans.

Do Mermaids really not want to be found?

Are these Fairy Tale Creatures actually real?

Have Mermaids taught Dolphins to help fisherman fish?

So many questions.

After watching this Documentary and seeing proof, I am more optimistic about these mythical creatures being real and actually roaming the Earth's water. 

I need to see one, to believe that this creature actually co-exists.

Do we really co-exist with mermaids?

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Plans that don't plan out



Things got cancelled.

As you well know, I was supposed to go out for my friends 19th but she cancelled it due to certain reasons, but then I changed my plans to go out with my fiance, Daniel, and his friend, Guy. This didn't plan out either; it turns out that it was too cold and rainy to go out so Daniel and I decided to go to Guys. 

When guys come together, they instantly go on a console, in this case, the PlayStation4. Blah! What is it with guys and consoles??? After a while, they decided to come off the console and watch a film with me, we wouldn't even watch 20 minutes of a film before putting another one in; this happened about 3 or 4 times which was pretty annoying. We gave up in the end because it was just frustrating us that we couldn't find a good film to watch. In the end we decided to play board games.. Yes, board games! Guy picked a game called 'Pay Day' which seemed pretty shit at the beginning but after a while and after I learnt the rules, it was pretty good and funny. The game is close to Monopoly.

How comfy does this two foot slipper look? It's a sheep and it is so cute and I loved wearing it; it was Guy's Mum's slipper. Guy threw it at me so I thought i would rob it for the night haha. I need to invest in one of these!

The next day...

Ever wondered that a friend's house is haunted and they didn't tell you? I didn't think there was any sort of paranormal activity or anything weird that would happen at Guy's house but it turned out there was some strange happenings. OK, the first happening was the night I stayed over; I saw a face at the window and Daniel saw it too - I saw it at the corner of my eye so I couldn't say that it was the trick of the eye and also from being a bit tired. Secondly, the morning I woke up, I heard strange vibrations and noise near the bedroom window but I couldn't tell what it was. Finally, when I was lay in bed, the bedroom door unlatched itself and opened slowly but there was no one outside the room to open it - the only people upstairs we Daniel and I. Daniel saw and heard the noises and the door open but we didn't think much of it; we wasn't scared and we just stayed normal.

Around 12:00pm, Daniel, Guy and I needed to get out the house because we were due to view a flat at 01:00pm; luckily Guy's Dad gave us a lift so we got to the flat on time. To be honest, the flat we viewed is definitely an upgrade compared to the flat that Daniel and I are living in now! Having Guy move in with us will be a laugh and I would actually be happy with him living with us. Anyway, whilst we were viewing the flat, the woman who showed us round was a bit edgy and wanted to rush us; it was like she didn't have a clue what she was talking about! Whenever I asked questions about the flat, she kept saying that she didn't know because she 'doesn't work in the office.' But if she knew that there have been many applications sent in, how does she know if she doesn't work in the office? Strange. It was soon time to go as the woman kept rushing us so we gave in and left. I would definitely consider moving into that flat but I am going to find out more before so.

Have you ever been to the Football Museum in Manchester? If yes, did you find it boring? I did. I only went because it was something to do and Daniel and Guy wanted to visit it. It was better than going straight back to my flat anyway! 

Guy (left) Daniel (Right) at the start of the Museum. They looked at everything they went past, it was such a drag! The Football Museum used to be an art museum and it was so much better then; it was full of different art e.g Manga, Performing Arts, Painting etc. I love Manga, it was fun and so interesting looking at the different types of Art. 

Anyway, back to the football... actually.. Pass....

Here are some trophies and plaques that were in the centre of the museum in some glass tube thing; it was huge! I thought it was quite pretty because it was shiny and the light illuminated it. I don't have a clue what the trophies are for and why a certain team got it. Daniel and Guy will probably know. I have no interest in a asking though!

FC United of Manchester - the only team I support! I couldn't believe a non-league team is in a football museum! I thought it would be like the rest of the museum where it is full of what happened in the 1800s and past matches with other teams. Having FCUM in this museum is an honour and the fans are quite proud to be honest! I love the pink/purple as well hehehe.

How cute is this Womble Mascot? I love this, even though I don't know what team it Mascot'ed for! I love the Wombles, it was a 90s Children Program in the 80s and 90s but it isn't on TV anymore blah! If you go on YouTube and type in 'The Wombles' then it may possibly come up. Wombles are so cute aren't they :')

Daniel and Guy decided that they would draw badges from a certain team haha. Daniel chose to draw.....

.... Celtic... Why would he draw Celtic out of all teams? Celtic is an Irish team and Daniel is English! How funny is his drawing haha, appauling right?

Finally this is when we left the Museum... They decided to take their time and look at everything slowly with concentration.. Just to piss me off a bit... Bastards. Haha! We finally left the museum, got something to eat and then left to go back to the flat.

So that was the couple of days I spent with Daniel and Guy.



Even though I went to work, I might as well not have even been there. It was dead. Hardly anyone bought beverages because the show was 'Young Voices' where choirs from Primary Schools get up on stage and perform, therefore teachers wouldn't go up to the bars and buy every single child a drink when drinks are over £3. That would have cost a fortune! The only people I served were parents. Stacy Solomon was performing today as well because even though children were singing, there were a few acts where celebrities and actually singers would perform to keep things interesting.

The show was live on TV so you could watch it if you really wanted. 

Once my shift had finished, I got on the tram to find around five of my Primary School teachers on there will a group of kids that watched the show. It was such a surprise to see my old teachers that I haven't seen for over 7 years! Having conversations with my old teachers was quite weird; my Auntie still works at the Primary School so the teachers knew who I were so it wasn't awkward. I would have seen my Auntie but she got on the tram before haha!

 I am now home, warm, cosy, watching TV eating sweets and drinking strawberry milkshake.

See you later.

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Last minute sh*t

No rants, no bad mouthing, no moaning on this post. Happy thoughts, happy thoughts. Making the situation better. Keep calm, don't get annoyed, everything is going to work out.

Firstly, I just want to say a big Happy 19th Birthday for tomorrow to my friend, Sara. I hope you have a great time tomorrow and get whatever you want, like you always do ;) haha I love you though! Sorry that plans had to get cancelled tonight, I was looking forward to it because I have never been on a girls night out with you. Again, Happy Birthday, have a great day, and don't get too pissed!

The plan at the beginning was to go to Manchester with my friend to celebrate her birthday and then after I have celebrated with her I would then go and find Daniel and his friend so i could join them, but now at last minute, plans have changed and it is not happening that way. Pretty dull right? Ahh... but it's not all doom and gloom ;)

Now that plans have changed tonight and I am not able to have a girly night out with Sara and a couple of friends. I am now going to go out with le fiance, Guy and possibly my gorgeous friend, Loren. Though plans get changed a last minute, I will always be able to find a way to have a good night still - no one was going to stop me from having a good time tonight wuahaha! I am not too sure where we are all going but we will figure it out eventually.

Though i have been invited to go somewhere else, I have decided not to go because i am now going out with Daniel, Guy and possibly Loren so I am not going to re-change plans again. That would just mess everyone about and I seriously don't want to do that. Plus, Manchester is better; to be honest the place I have also been invited to is horrible and I can't be bothered with stupid people that surround the area. As you know the original plan was to celebrate with a friends then go and join Daniel and Guy, but if I went to this new place, I wouldn't be able to meet him or be able to get home. From Manchester, the taxi is cheap (£4 ish) to my place, but from this new place, taxi's are about £30! 

I normally don't go out on Friday or Saturday nights because I am skint or Daniel is working, but when I do have the chance to go out, I feel so much better. Staring at the same four walls every single day, doing the same routine and just feeling depressed, really gets me down and makes me feel like I have no purpose in life to do anything. 

However, now I have the chance to feel happier due to the fact I am going out tonight and then I have work 6 out of 7 days next week. I am going to feel so glad I am going to be out of this flat and actually doing something with my life; I am still searching for a full time job but now i am practically full time at the Phones4u Arena, I am glad that there are plenty of shifts coming up - this means more money for bills and for myself woo! 


It's not all doom a gloom.

Wow, this is my first short entry for a while.

I shall post pictures from tonight on tomorrow's entry. 

See you later.
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