Toddlers, Tiaras, and attitude problems.

Happy 10th Anniversary to Mean Girls. I can't believe it has been 10 years since the film has been out already!

This morning I was thinking about the girls is the film and how much of a bitch they all are. It got me thinking about my High School and how different High Schools in America are portrait. None of my High School friends or any of the school girls acted like that. Yes there were bullies and people who thought they were better than the rest, but no one acting like Queen Bee; the nicest person got a lot of attention of course, but she didn't rub it in anyone's faces.

I guess people in my High School were brought up right without attitude problems.

Speaking of attitude problems.

I recently watched an episode of Toddlers & Tiaras, which is a show where American mum's enter their daughter's into a beauty pageant, which I am against of because it is showing all age groups of girls that there will always be someone prettier and better than them. 

The girls think that:
1. If they win, they are better than the other girls, they are much prettier, they have a better personality, they look so much better with a fake tan and make-up on, and having an attitude is the best thing.
2. If they don't win, they are ugly, they haven't got a good personality, they will never be good enough.
3. The only way to look good is to wear hair extensions, slap on make-up, have fake nails, fake tan, fake eye lashes, and to walk around in short dresses and heels.

In life there are many people who think they are beautiful. Some actually are, but some look so cheap that you just want to laugh at them. You can also tell beauty through a personality; a beautiful personality makes the person look so much more beautiful on the outside.

There is beautiful ugly, and beautiful pretty.

Beautiful ugly - this is where the child is beautiful on the outside, but is in actually fact, a gobby little brat with a bad attitude problem and thinks s/he is better than everyone else. When in fact they are not. Yes they may be beautiful in looks, but they will have an ugly personality - this won't help them as they grow older.

Beautiful pretty - this is the complete opposite to beautiful ugly. This is where the child is beautiful in their own way (or beautiful in looks as well) and have a gorgeous personality. They don't have a bad attitude, they care for others, they have a heart of gold and they don't act cocky to other people and think they are better than them.

Whilst I was watching the show, I saw a Mother treat her daughter seriously unfair just because of a stupid pageant. Yes she is already tanned because she comes from an African American culture, but the Mother shouldn't keep her from going outside to play with her brother's because the Mother 'doesn't want to ruin her complexion.' Bullshit. 

The little girl entering the pageant is only three years old and having a little NATURAL tan is not going to make her look worse. She is an adorable little girl, even though she is on the chubby side, but that makes her look so much cuter - especially with those little chubby cheeks that you just want to squeeze!

It showed a clip of the three year old girl standing at the window almost crying whilst she watched her brothers play outside in the sun. I would never do that to my child; she is only a kid, she deserves to go outside and play with her brothers; it's only a beauty pageant, you can't keep freedom away from your child just because of that. It's inhumane. 

Perhaps, the Mother's have taught the young girls how to have an attitude problem because everything they do, say, or even act, makes them look like a little brat. The little girls would huff and puff if they don't get their own way - well the Mother's do that as well.

Some of the things the little girls say are:

"I am so much prettier than all the other girls, because I rock and they don't."
"OMG you're getting on my nerves!"
"Leave me alone, I want to do it myself. I can do it because I am better."
"I am going to win grand supreme. The other girls have nothing on me."
"I am going to win even though some girls did have a good personality, some had ridiculous outfits on that I didn't even know what they were wearing."
"She didn't have the same prettiness as me, she didn't have my attitude enough." - she didn't win supreme.

One Mother was the worst of all! No wonder her little girl had an attitude problem! These are some of the things she said:

"I don't care if her legs don't work or her head falls off, she is doing this routine right."
"This child best have her f****** act together." 
"I don't care what anyone else wants, she will get what I want her to have."
"Do her f***** hair right."
"Her name is Faithlyn, not Faith Lyn, don't pause in between her name. It makes it her sound horrible and ugly."
"She always wins most beautiful, you don't need to tell me she's beautiful. Thats exactly why I brought her to the pageant."
"If I wanted her to just win 'most beautiful' I would have just given her something to wear off the rack."
"Most Beautiful supreme is the most pointless award, I have seen the most ugly child in the world win that award."
Who the hell does this Mum think she is?! You could tell she was in many pageants when she was younger because she looks like a spoilt brat herself.

One Mum was amazing. Even though her daughter didn't win, she said : "if my daughter had fun with it and is happy, so am I." Now that is what a Mother should say!

Beauty Pageants send out the wrong message to the girls and I completely disagree with pageants. I would NEVER enter my kid into them because I want my kid to know that s/he is beautiful inside and out and they don't need a judge to tell them whether they are beautiful or not. I will teach my child that people all look so different, but everyone is beautiful. 

I hope more and more people watch the show 'Toddlers & Tiaras' so they can see for themselves that parents should not teach kids how to 'be pretty,' and how to 'have an attitude,' to make them look better because that is not the case. 

Beauty Pageants are a waste of time and they give out the wrong impressions.

Would you want your child to act the way those Mothers and Children do?

I wouldnt.

The WANT in life.

Today's theme is my most WANT in life. 

Which, in fact, (wow I say that a lot nowadays) is to visit the Asian countries such as, Singapore, Malaysia, Japan, China, HongKong, Bangkok, etc etc etc. 

"Why am I so obsessed?" You ask.

Well let me tell you the main reasons for this, let's say, amazing-obsession.

1. I want to travel. Yes everyone wants to travel, but most of the friends I have asked, wish to travel to America, Australia, Europe and New Zealand. But in all honesty, it seems like these are obviously places to go - everyone wants to go there! 

2. I want to go to the Asian countries due to (i) how beautiful they are (ii) the landscapes and buildings are unbelievable (iii) The culture is mesmerising

3. I want to meet the people in these countries. In all honesty, I think people in Malaysia are beautiful people (male and female) and I don't mean like I am attracted to them and my mouth waters every time I see a picture of them, but beautiful as in the way they are, the way they act, the facial structures, the way they are so different to anyone anywhere else. 

4. I want to go to Japan to see the 'Sakura' trees that look so beautiful in spring. I want to be on a bridge that goes over a river surrounded my Sakura trees. It is so *Disney but is true! 

*  You have seen Mulan right? Well, you will know what I am talking about when I talk about the Sakura - beautiful isn't it? -->

(Image is off Google)

So those are the reasons I want to visit those certain Asian countries. They are my top places to go, and of course, I want to visit the rest of the world too. BUT, I don't want to just visit the obvious places, I want to go somewhere where it is hardly heard of but not where I will go and get shot, kidnapped, or sold for a trade. 

Does anyone want to recommend any places for me? 
Email me if you want to do it privately:

The sad thing is that I do have a problem.. no.. an obsession. It is a healthy obsession but it isn't healthy to crave it as much as I do. Why do I crave to go to the Asian countries so bad?

Someone please by me a 1st or 2nd class ticket to your country. I will be forever thankful! 

As Ellie Goulding says: "anything can happen."

This I believe. Anything can happen. Who says I can't one day conquer my dream of travelling to these gorgeous, fascinating, mesmerising, beautiful countries? I can, and will do, anything I want and no one will stop me. Heck, if Daniel doesn't want to travel to them with me, I will go myself. (He will go with me btw) 

Many people wish things but never actually get off their arses to conquer it, but I am soon to be going to Switzerland in 23 DAYS oh yeah!! I am sooo excited. It will be the first time I have been abroad since I was 11/12 years old - even then I only went to Paris; it was winter, cold, rainy, and i hated it. Maybe if it was sunny then I would have liked it more! 

Now I have re-newed my passport, I am sure to be travelling more, and me and Daniel will be able to travel the countries we would love to go to. Daniel isn't to keen on the countries I want to go, but seen as we will be travelling together, we will both go to the countries we both want to go to.

Wouldn't it be great to just get on a plane not knowing what the country you are going to is like? How good or bad it may seem? The excitement will just be killing you, you will feel both nerves and excitement like you are going to puke. 

Imagine sitting by a swimming pool, in the blazing hot sun, with the blue sky above you, tanning your pale body, (if you are as white as I am) sipping strong cocktails, whilst admiring the view. wow.. just wow... it is exactly what I want. Oh, and with no annoying kids around, just mature adults sunbathing and having a dip in the pool.

Though I would love to sunbathe and do what I said in the previous paragraph, I would also like to hike in mountains, around rivers and lakes, walk the entire length of the Great Wall of China, walk aimlessly around forests to find a cute little hut and meet the people who live there. Or even find an ancient temple. Temples are so cool and beautiful. I love architectural things that fascinate me; I like museums, dinosaur bones/skeletons etc etc; well basically anything that is centuries old.

Anything new to me is interesting. I am like a baby when you hand them something simple. It is effective for the baby because they have no idea what it is or where it originated from; they will even bite, lick and smell it to see what it tastes or smells like.... Don't worry, I won't be licking walls, chewing on a gravel, or walking around like a dog taking in everyone and everything's scent when I go travelling.

I wish... I wish... I wish... I wish I didn't have to stop wishing and be in these countries already!

What is your most WANT in life?
*please comment*


Have you ever....?

Have you ever thought: 'I absolutely love my life right now?'

Well, I have that thought right now. Though obviously, my life is not perfect and there are a few hiccups here and there, I do genuinely love my life right now. Ignoring all the hiccups and obstacles, I do in fact, have a great life and I do believe everything is looking great in my future.

For one, my blog is getting more and more views everyday so I am getting more confidence in my writing skills and in the way I can express my thoughts, feelings, views and opinions without getting any grief off a single viewer. Believe it or not, I haven't had one bad review on my blog - this may be down to people not wanted to express their thoughts in my comment box, or the fact there is nothing bad to say. Who knows... 

I can feel my head growing right now. 

You many be thinking:

"She is so full of herself."

"She isn't that good a writer anyway."

"She sucks... and she's ugly"


"She is actually a good writer so she is right to feel happy about herself and more confident."

"If I was her, I would feel confident too."

"She should write a book."

"She should put all of her posts in a book - I'd buy it."

"I love her blog, I read all of them and keep upto date."

"Everyone should follow Lauren Nicole O'Hara."

If anyone thinks the same as the good thoughts, I thank you and I appreciate it.

Hopefully, most of you have the same humour as me and don't think I am self-centred bitch, or big-headed. Well this is MY blog so I do have the right to be self-centred about it; I am proud of it and I love my blog - it is my life.

I know at some point in the future, there will be spammers and haters that will try and put me down, but I know for a fact that they will just be jealous of me because my blog is awesome and theirs suck (if they have a blog) or their lives suck. If you are a soon-to-be-spammer on my blog, boohoo you suck! I hate you. Haha come and try and attack me, it won't put me down - not even a little bit.

Bring. It. On.

Two, I have the most amazing family, friends and Fiance that support every decision i make, even if it is the worst decision of my life! I will learn from my mistakes, but they will always be there to pick up the pieces; i can't learn with people telling me what I should and shouldn't do - the advice will stick in my mind anyway. 

(i) Family will always be there for you, they will love you unconditionally, but they will also shout and discipline you (for your own good) but no matter what, they will always be there for you to cry to, gossip to, moan to, and even fight with.

(ii) Friends come and go, but there will always be that one friend that sticks with you through thick and thin. That friend deserves a medal. The most important, and most loved, friend I have in my life is Loren. If you don't know who Loren is, please see the Archives.

(iii) My Fiance, Daniel, will stick by me with whatever I decided, and right now he is doing so with my Blogging. He has said he is so proud of me and of my writing; the fact that my blogging career is starting off is making Daniel incourage me more and more each day! He wants me to accomplish my goal in life. I support him all the same, tit for tat, love for love, support for support. Without his support in my Blogging, I will just feel so down that I would stop blogging all together.

You family will love you unconditionally, friends will come and go, boyfriends will come and go, but eventually there will be the ONE that comes along to sweep you off your feet. I have found the ONE and I couldn't be happier in my life. I have a loving family, an amazing best friend, and a Fiance that makes me so happy.

So that is why I love my life right now.

Have you ever felt that some of your viewers just want to hate on you and be nasty just to put you down?

Perhaps I am just thinking negatively about some of my viewers, maybe you actually are all great and nice people who don't hate my blog and do, in fact, look forward to my next blog post. Am I right? My viewers are whom keep me going and keep this blog going, without you then my blog would have ended long ago. Seen as this my 123rd post, I can conclude that I am no sooner to stop blogging than when I had done my first 10 blog posts.

But if any of you are haters and are dying to call me horrible names and put me down, then please feel free to email me at: . You can even put the RE as: "READ THIS YOU UGLY BITCH" but I will no sooner delete it. Or, if I am feeling like I need some amusement, I would read it with delight. This is not a bluff, so seriously, go a head and email me. 

If you have any issues, or just want to say your opinion on anything that I have blogged today, or in my past archives (doesn't even have to relate to my blog), feel free to email me also. It's not a problem and I will reply to them all! Don't be shy.

Have you ever felt that this? Do you worry that there are people out there dying to put you down and bad mouthing your blog on the interent?

Well I have checked many websites to see if anyone has badly reviewed my blog, but there isn't...yet... I know there will be soon though. Stuff like this will always happen after some time!

What is wrong with people? Can't people just enjoy blogging without bullies and insecure people trying to make you out to be a bimbo, an ugly bitch, a horrible creep, a bitch.. well I can be a bitch. 

Everyone can be a bitch if they want to be.

More blogging tomorrow.

See you later!


This blog post is going to be a long one, just to warn you. I have been craving to blog seen as I have been so deprived due to certain reasons. You may now throw your confetti in the air, stand on your table and dad dance, do crazy stunts like Chuck Norris, and throw a party in my honour because you know you love my long posts and there will be plenty of them now that I have time on my hands! Plus, I now blog from my phone so when I have something interesting i want to type up, I can just whip out my phone and give you something to indulge over.

I woke up (properly) to the smell of freshly poured coffee, and rattling in the kitchen.. I wondered whether Daniel was making a proper breakfast but I couldn't put an answer to it; what was happening. What was that noise?

Suddenly, Daniel came in to the bedroom with a cheeky little 'sorry' grin explaining that he had gotten his crumpet stuck in the toaster (we are so English) and decided to stick a knife in but blew the electric... smooth going Daniel.. luckily he managed to put the electric back on again but now there was some horrible beeping going on outside the front door.

Perfect. Now I had ringing in my ears. 

The only good thing about having the ringing in my ears was that it was blocking the sound of the beeping outside the door, but only for the little while.

Strolling out of the bedroom, I decided to get myself a cup of tea (OK, I am a true English gal) seen as Daniel didn't make me one.. the ass... only joking, I love him really! There's nothing like having a brew in the morning, unless you hate tea/coffee, then you're just weird.

Daniel had decided that he would watch Harry Potter on his laptop LOUDLY - Harry Potter is not my kind of film anymore. You know what I mean when I say that when you watch a film over and over again you get sick of it. But then you happen to, unfortunately, be sat next to someone wants to watch it, and you just want to catch the first bus to the train station, to catch the train down south somewhere, and then run to the edge of the coast to a cliff, jump off backwards, all the while, doing a few back flips and taking in the view, before plummeting to your horrific death? Yeah, you know what I mean.

It's like a song.. the more you play it, the more you hate it, and the more crappy it sounds. If you haven't heard a song for a few years, it then becomes good again. Well, it's like that with me and films; if I watch it over and over again, I will hate it, but if I don't watch it for years, I will like it again. 

OMG! What is happening??! Checked my statistics on my blog and I saw my pageviews getting higher and higher. I am now on about 300 pageviews a day which is really unexpected! Thank you readers. 

So anyway, the beeping has now stopped thank god. I think today is just going to be 'one of those days' where you sit around doing nothing, praying that something good will pop up and you go out for the day.

I don't really pray. I am an Atheist. Which means, that I don't believe there is a man in the sky that created the Earth, the animals, and everything in between. No offence. Optimistically, i do believe in other stuff, just not God, or Jesus, i believe in After Life and re-incarnation. 

Can we really choose whether we want to either re-incarnate in to a chosen animal or come back as a human, or whether we want to walk the Earth as a Ghost, OR if we want to go to 'Heaven?' Yes, I know, religious people believe Heaven is a place where God is and it is where all the good people go when they die. But no, to me, heaven is a place where the soul from humans go to live forever; no God, just passed away people enjoying eternity in a place where there is no violence, inhumane acts, or disagreements - everyone is happy and safe.

I am not against religions, to be honest, I am happy people have their own beliefs and stick to them where they are passed down generations and they are happy being who they are. Honestly, it fascinates me. It's the extremists that I absolutely cant stand. They twist what is said in their 'Bible' (the quote marks are because there are many types of bibles in a religion e.g the Qu'ran) so they will do inhumane things. I could go on forever arguing my point about extremists and how, perhaps, they should all be shot... whoops have I said too much? Shame.. anyway, they shouldn't exist. 

I think I have said my point. Moving on...

Though it is getting warmer in Britain, I really do feel like I should be in another country right now, lying on a beach in my skimpy bikini, drinking strong cocktails, feeling the heat of the blazing sun hitting my English skin, whilst tanning my little white ass. I am so pale it's scary; I would fit in with the dead. I am jealous of those who live in a hot country and get summer almost all year round; how lucky are they though! 

Here, in the sad, dull, drizzly, wet England, it is very rare to have a long hot summer - we get a week or two of a heat wave at most. It's depressing. The sun is supposed to give you Vitamin D, but here, it's like The Walking Dead. You don't often see a happy person being themselves, wearing a cute little summer dress, or shorts and T-shirt if you're a lad. You basically see (some) moody, trampy, unenthusiastic morons that roam the streets wishing they were somewhere else - somewhere lively.

I don't even think England has seasons anymore (hypothetically speaking) the only way you can tell is if there are pink flowers, green leaves, autumn leaves, or no leaves at all on the trees. England is a wet country. The temperature rarely goes over 25 degrees (maybe less) and you rarely see the sun. It's cold and damp. Someone please whisk me off to a beautiful, cultural, hot, sunny place! I will owe you big time?

Hearing Daniel commentate his mock theory test is hilarious. Though he is actually trying to learn, he also makes it fun to listen to. For example:

Q: there is a learner driver that stalls at a junction. What should you do?

To which there are four answers, the correct answer is basically 'wait patiently.' 

Because Daniel can relate to this question as he is in fact a learner driver, he decided to go on a rant. 

"I hate that, people these days don't even have the patience to wait even a 0.00001th of a second."

"I even hate old men drivers - like that driver that kept beeping me."

"I got beeped when the light only just turned green."

"I hate this, I hate that." 

"What a n*b."

There was a lot more, but because it was too funny that I forgot most of it. 

Daniel even commentates the TV, which is quite annoying but i have learnt to blank it out. Blanking it out is good for one reason - to not hear Daniel commentate, but there is also the bad - when he asks you a question you can't hear it so you can't answer, therefore, you have pissed him off. I am still currently learning how to control the blanking so i can wonder off into my own little world when he is commentating, but instantly come back to Earth when he is in fact talking to me. Win win.

*CLICK* I hope that was the mouse trap going off with one of the ugly little rodants trapped inside. Lately, Daniel has walked into the front room to hear something scuttle under our fridge (yes, the fridge is in the front room.) so he called me in to see what it is whilst he scared it out. It was a hugggeee mouse! The next day Daniel decided to buy four mouse traps and spread them out near the hole in the wall and place one next to the fridge; obviously putting them out of our toe's reach. 

Imagine one of those bastards setting off on your little toe.. OUCH! 

Well anyway, Daniel and I went to check on the mouse traps, and NOTHING. Not even a hair. We don't know what caused the click, but as soon as we sat down, it happened again. WTF.

Anyway, all I can here now on Daniel's laptop is *click* *click* *beep* *horn* *smack* *smack* *smack* *beep* *ting* and that, my friends, is the sound of a shitty game on the internet for football fans called "Ultras."

It is the most appalling, transparent, pathetic game ever. You literally walk around beating people, cars and buildings up to earn money and get to a higher level. The higher the level, the more stocky you are...

I bet you lads are thinking:

"Oh wow sounds like a sick game, I wanna start playing."

"What the website called?"

"I wanna hit people virtually."

How about you get a life? It is a shocking game, but if it keeps the Fiance happy, then I'm all for it. But the volume needs to be MUTE! I don't want to hear *click* *click* *beep* *horn* *smack* *smack* *smack* *beep* *ting* every bloody 2 minutes. It is driving me crazy! 

There are plenty of random virtual games out there that are seriously pointless, but we don't judge. If you like a certain game, go ahead and play it. It's like Social Media - there are plenty off apps and websites for all sorts of Media, some are good for other, some of them suck, but one way or another, there will always be one or more person on that certain Media.

I don't know what I would do without the internet or Social Media.. well i will probably:
1. go on a rampage
2. cry and rock a corner until i die
3. try and rob someone's laptop and internet 
4. turn crazy
5. drive others crazy
6. have a mental break down

"Someone call the Asylum, we have a live crazy one over here!!"

I'm exaggerating of course, but I probably will go crazy without my internet and my source to communicate with the rest of the world. I also can't stalk (yes, i said stalk) without the internet. Boooooo!

WOW.Seriously long post for you guys and gals. 

See you later!

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Good luck!

I wonder who will get the 'Very Inspiring Blogger Award...' I hope it is one of the blogger's that I nominated on my previous blog post; every day they write something you just want to read and you never get bored. (Well not every day but sometimes i do read the posts over again. Call me sad, I don't care.) There are many inspiring bloggers out there that I haven't even fallen upon yet, but with whom I have nominated now, do really deserve it.

Good luck!

Being a new-ish blogger makes me feel like the 'new kid in school,' but eventually I will fit in - I hope. I am thrilled to be nominated for the award and even my readers have picked up and I am having almost 300 or more views a day, which is a drastic change to last month. I obviously may be doing something right here.

It's a strange feeling knowing so many people (may not seem a lot to you, but it is for me.) Over 300 people a day!! I have noticed that for the past few weeks, more and more Americans are viewing my blog. If you are one of them reading this right now - THANK YOU, I LOVE YOU! Hypothetical love of course. Words can't describe how I feel right now, but one thing is for sure, I am seriously happy and it is all down to you.

Not forgetting the other people in all sorts of different countries, I appreciate you all too! Don't think I can forget about all of you, you make my blog keep going round and one of the reasons I blog is for my beautiful viewers! I thank you, and I love you all the same.

Now seeing that my views are going up, I must continue to give you guys and gals something good to read and look forward to. I've got to show my love like you show me yours! Tit for Tat remember.

Wow my legs are hurting and they are in an awkward stretched position.

As i kid, i used to be a Gymnast (you'd know this if you have read previous posts going back about 50 haha!) and being a gymnast I had to be really flexible and could do the splits, lean back so my head was between my ankles, and all that jazz. i was training for the 2012 olympics, but sadly had to quit! Boohoo! I wish I could go back, or at least teach young kids gymnastics and give them the opportunity that I never had.

I want to talk about to Today. It might be distressing and disturbing to you.

Okay, so Daniel and I got up this morning (Duh!) and as I checked my Twitter feed i notice the police posted about something in Crumpsall - just up the road from where I live. There had been a burglary but that wasn't the worse thing... 

... a guy had been found dead in a front garden of a near by house...

Horrific right??

Turns out that the guy who had been found dead, could have in fact been The, or one of The, burglars. Karma? (No disrespect to the guy who died or to his loved ones.)

Wasn't a good start to the day at all! The only really good thing about today was the fact that a fellow blogger had nominated me for an award. Chuffed! Though it has been a 'do nothing Sunday,' I have been reading blogs and seeing what inspires them to write what they do. Some people really are talented writers and I do learn a lot from different bloggers. 

Learning about other's cultures is great, it is like they are giving you a lesson but in a way you don't even notice. You see so much beauty in the writing, the pictures, and the cultures. Does England have a culture? 

Being an English girl, I find that my own country doesn't have a culture, but does it seem like that to you? If you live in a different country, do you feel that your country doesn't have a culture... or is it just me? 

I think it is just me.


Daniel has been doing Mock Driving Theory Tests and he was getting better on each try - he catches on quick. I hope he goes for his real test soon so he can be a qualified driver. the bad thing he got told today, was the fact that his driving instructor had just 'quit.' He now needed to find a new instructor asap, but shouldn't that have been the instructors duty? He was the one that quit, so why is it down to Daniel to sort out the mess? Selfish.

The sooner he learns to drive, the sooner he can take me to the ZOO! Okay, I will explain.... we have had a thing that we want to go to the Zoo for a long time, and for some reason, I will check Facebook and see that many friends of mine have been going to the Zoo. Coincidence? Weird... Anyway, though Daniel and I are going to Switzerland next month, we are also going to the Zoo there. Well because... the penguins walk around with the people. HOW CUTE! Do they bite? I hope not!

Haha, but seriously, the sooner Daniel drives, the more freedom he has and the more job opportunities he can have. Plus, public transport really does take the piss and is really expensive.

If you get on a bus round here, you will either get: 
1. a tramp sat next to you sneezing and coughing
2. A woman shouting down the phone rather than shouting
3. High School kids talking really loud, act cool, talk about sex and relationships, jump about breaking things, or causing havoc. I really do hate High School kids.
4. There will always be someone sucking their teeth really loud.
5. Someone always smells... it's like, seriously, have you heard of deodorant? Here, have some of mine. You stink.

Etc etc etc etc!

The Metrolink Tram is exactly the same!

Daniel can be my personal taxi driver - without the expenses - for a while before I can drive also. public transport is pathetic, and it is most-of-the-time late. No wonder people go on about how they prefer to drive rather than go on buses. Sad thing is, I know for a fact that I will probably take about a year to learn to drive, no one can imagine me behind the wheel and I completely agree... I suck.

Though I have been talking a lot today, I just want to finally say that once again, I love all of my viewers and I thank you all so much. Without you, there would not be a blog by me going on this long; keep on reading, and please follow! 

See you later!

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Very Inspiring Blogger Award!

Unexpectedly, the very talented Jenny nominated me for the 'Very Inspiring Blogger Award' but do i really deserve it? I never thought that my blog was inspiring enough to earn a reward but honestly i have to admit, I am super excited that I have this chance. I am in awe of Jenny and her blog so please go and visit her blog! Thank you so much Jenny!

To those who follow, view, even share my blog, i thank you with all my heart. You beautiful people are what makes the blog go round. Without you, there would be no blog, no more posts, and well, no more 'Life as an Independent Woman.' You all rule!

Anyway, as this is the nomination for the award, there are some rules. So i best get cracking!

1) Thank and link the person who nominated you
2) List the rules and display the award
3) Share 7 things/facts about yourself
4) Nominate 7 blogs who inspire you
5) Let them know you have nominated them!

There are many different, weird, maybe wonderful facts about me, but i will tell you the few that maybe interesting to you! 

Seven Facts:
1. I have an identical twin sister called Hayley, but she is the complete opposite to me. (She is a Tom-Boy so she loves football, whilst I am the girly-girl.)
2. I have a thing for Gravy. Weird right? I can drink mugs and mugs of the stuff!
3. Snakes are my favourite animals, especially Pythons, but I also have a soft spot for Tigers. Beautiful animals!
4. I am engaged to my beautiful Fiance, Daniel.
5. My dream is to travel all around the world, but I would love to visit the South Asian countries; Malaysia, Singapore, Japan, China etc.
6. I try to share my blog as much as possible and inspire others to blog. To me, my blog is a live journal that I put my heart and soul into.
7. I have been talking to more bloggers in both the UK and Malaysia; I love to learn about their culture but also to make friends.

I'm quite a weird person but theres no fun in being 'normal.' What is normal anyway?? 
Okay so I shall start my nominations. Not all of them are from the UK.

I nominate:

Laura - Shimmer of Pink

Riley Tang - Rilestang

Elaine - Addiction

Xiaxue - Xiaxue

Qiu Qiu - Bong Qiu Qiu

Jenny - Small Girl Big Dreams (Not sure if  ican nominate who nominated me but she inspires me and others to blog so she deserves it.

Taylor McPherson - taylor's collection 

These seven bloggers inspire me, and the best thing is, they are all different types of blogs. I don't just read what relates to my blog. I love to read new and different type of posts, even if they are weird. 

Thank you again Jenny for nominating me. I really appreciate it and I feel honoured! Please follow Jenny's blog!  

See you later!


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Making Friends Not Millionaires

The Journey

With the wind brushing lightly against my face, and the sun shining brightly through the car window, The Stone Roses were being played loudly and three guys including Daniel and Robert (Driver and fellow FCUM fan) were talking football. We were on our way to Barwell to watch them play against FC United and it was a long drive; the passengers were excited, including me of course.

The scent of eggs, bacon, coffee and tea, wafted past my nose, it smelt so familiar; it was like a long drive to a holiday or trip. I was wondering if perhaps, like true Mancunians, if the lads would have a few drinks to celebrate how far FC United of Manchester have come in this year's season and how we are proud of them. As Mancunians love to celebrate with an ice cold pint, i was sure they would drink to celebrate the win afterwards.

There is nothing like spending time with the FC family before watching our players beat Barwell until their players throw tantrums, strops, and hissy fits - I wasn't far off the truth. 

Attendance: 1709

Starters and Subs


12. Byrne
14. Neville
15. Fox
16. Mulholland
17. Hazel


1. Carnell
2. Brownhill
3. Lacy
4. Stott
5. Davies
6. Raglan
7. Wolfenden
8. Birch
9. Norton
10. Wright
11. Greaves 

So the game began

As the players were warming up, so were the FC United fans. The cheers, chanting and singing of the fans was electric, as always. FC United's atmosphere was immense and you wouldn't believe how amazing it is until you see for yourself. Just imagine  hearing everthing around you on loud, the vibrations under your feet, the cheer and happiness everywhere you look, and a heart warming welcome to your favourite team. Picture that. Amazing right?

However, the weather wasn't completely on our side; though it was a beautiful sunny day, the wind picked up and benefited the other team, also making it difficult for the other team as well but that wouldn't have changed the way FC United play, and the way they kick ass. 

GOAL! At 21:50 the first goal for FC United was scored by the one and only Tom Davies. You should have heard the crowd roar, everywhere you could see fans jump up and down, hugging, screaming, and chanting with glee! Scarfs were swinging in the air as the fans sang 'ohhh FC United, ooooh FC United!' This is what we came to see; the players and the fans doing what they do best.

ANOTHER GOAL! 31:30 minutes in, it was Michael Norton that kicked that bad boy into the back of the net. Again, another roar, it was electric! In the first half, FC United scored 2 goals, poor Barwell were starting to get stroppy and throwing hissy fit. Number 6 from Barwell was quite that bastard haha! But who gives a shit, FC United were whooping ass!

Sitting next to Number 6's young son was quite funny because he was all hearts for his Dad, as he would be, but to be honest, his Dad is a bit of a twat for doing what he did. He really should have gotten a red card for that abuse!

The funny thing about sitting near the Barwell fans, were that they were slating their own team off more than they were against the rival team. I couldn't have agreed more that they were slack, rubbish, and not making any effort.

With the second half beginning, the wind was not letting up and was swirling round the pitch and at the fans - nothing was going to distract the players though, or the fans for that matter.

Unfortunately, Dave Birch got a Yellow card (60:03), but also so did Barwell's Richard Lavery (60:06) but Lavery really should have gotten a red card after slapping Birch. I really do hate Barwell players, they get on my nerves! 

.... still no goal for Barwell.... shame....

THIRD GOAL! This goal was from Callum Byrne who really did smack that ball in the net. Well played Byrne! 

At full time, the score was  3 - 0 to FC United. Well done lads! I am so proud to support and follow you all to games. You have made your fans and yourselves proud. Give yourselves a pat on the back. Much love!!


Well played lads! *Clap clap* back to you Jerome and Tommy!

Smile for the Camera!

(Left) Norton with the Goal Keeper, David Carnell, who did play well today.

Hey Karl, (Manager) 

*Clap clap* Well done! Astley clap to you too! 

Today was such a great day and I told you (on Twitter) that FC United were 'obviously going to win.' I was right woo! See you FC United players on Tuesday!

Follow FC United of Manchester's Twitter page for live pictures and updates.

See you later.

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