Horrible neglect from me

I have neglecting my blog for far too long. Life has just gotten in the way it is it so manic. SO much has changed - there is so much to tell.

First thing's first, I have a new job working in a factory - yeah it's not some swanky job but I like it there. Even if there are a few nob heads that I want to punch. Don't even get me started on some of the foreigners that can't speak English and try and bully me.

NOT ALL FOREIGNERS. I get a long with quite a few and they are soo nice, it is just some of the women in my area that barge into me, do next-to-nothing work, stand around speaking in their own language, and acting like total bitches. Oh yeah, they are not allowed to speak their own language in work hours but they can on their breaks - work rule.

One day this past week one of the Romanian Gypsy women were taking the piss and leaving boxes all over the floor to try and make me clean up after them, and because I had gotten so wound up, I booted a box at her. She then put her face right next to mine and shouted: "YOU GOT A PROBLEM?" As a matter of fact, yes I do

Another time I was working where I always work and the same woman barged into me to move me, she didn't ask me to move and I couldn't see her because I was too busy concentrating on what I had to do. You know... the work she was supposed to be doing AS WELL! 

Ugh what a bitch.

Other than all that, I enjoy my work and I have made quite a few friends - all older people, the younger ones don't really like me for some reason. I am pretty much the only young English girl there anyway.

Bad news.

Daniel and I broke up. I don't want to get into too much detail but let's just say our feelings changed and we decided to stay friends instead.

On a brighter note, we are both going on holiday together (I told you in May when he booked a trip to Spain for my birthday) and I am pretty excited about it! We both feel mutual about each other so there shouldn't be too much awkwardness.

This is a quick update.

In about 2 weeks I will blog again. A travelogue from Spain! Stay tuned beautifuls!

Much love,

Lauren O'Hara

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