Who's this new someone?

Have you ever let yourself open up to a complete and utter new person in your life but you just know you can trust them to keep what troubles, feelings, thoughts and problems in your life secret?
I have.
It wasn't that long after coming back from Spain that I felt the need to fully open up to a friend from work.
Oh god, this is going to turn into one of those cringey-pass-me-the-bucket kind of posts. I do apologies in advance.
Let me start from the beginning.
There was this guy at work that kept looking at me in a cute kind of way, like he was shy but I knew he wanted to introduce himself to me yet something was stopping him. Was it me? Who is this guy? He's cute...
Not long starting at my new job I just saw this guy around and never really gave him a second thought, but when we locked eye contact I knew I wanted to get to know him. He was an older guy to what I would normally date but he looked around his late twenties so it wasn't too bad, age is just a number after all, unless there is more than 20 years between a man and woman - no judgement.
We never spoke to one another for days, maybe weeks even, but one random night whilst I was at the bus stop after 10pm, the cute guy took a detour to the same bus stop as me. He was 30 seconds into almost missing his bus, so me being me, I broke the ice and spoke to him for the first time just by simply saying: "good timing." Thank God one of us spoke.
After that, we started messaging each other, seeing each other more at work and making arrangements together to get to the bus stop. This happened before I went to Spain but AFTER I broke up with Daniel, just clarifying that for you. We even had our first kiss at the bus stop - how cute is that haha! Bless us.
I knew I liked this guy from the first moment I started talking to him - we have so much in common it's like he is the male version of me. Sad thing was at the time, was that he wasn't actually in his late twenties, he is in fact thirty-one. It didn't bother me, but it bothered my parents and I don't blame them, but the good thing is that he isn't old enough to be my dad, after all there is only twelve years difference between us.
Though thinking that I liked this guy, I knew I was still going on holiday with my ex-fiancé so thinking anything could happen between this new guy and me was crazy. I hadn't split up with my ex for long so dating again was way too soon. As you know, I went on holiday with my ex. (Go to Archives and go on the blog post before to see what happened.)
I did miss out on some drama that went on on holiday but I am going to keep that to myself because it involves the new guy, his ex, my ex and myself. In the end though, things went back to normal but both ex's are complete whack jobs!
I started dating the new guy. My parents weren't too thrilled about it and I was told to stay away. However, whoever knows me well will know that I always do the opposite of what I am told, and I always will. I kept on seeing him and it was the best decision I ever made - my parents ended up liking him and to this day they all get along. He even goes to the pub sometimes with my Step-Dad. At least this guy actually makes time to spend with my family unlike my nob head of an ex.
My little sister, Caitlin, loves him. And to my surprise, Hayley my twin,likes him too and everyone knows that if Hayley doesn't like someone, then it won't work between me and the new guy. Sooooo relieved she likes him!
As from then, me and the guy started going on proper dates, we even brought Hayley out with us so we could spend some time together and the guy could get to know my family more. The new guy has even met my Grandparents and my Dad and they all like him too!
Why do you keep calling him 'the guy?'
Well I want to keep his name and face private for a little while until I feel fully comfortable for the world to know who he is. I do have permission off him to show pictures and his name to you all though so don't be upset - good things come with time, my beauts.

Do you ever have that feeling that you have known a person for years when it is in fact only a month?

I have.

Once I got to know the guy a bit more and felt like I could trust him, so one night when I was feeling a little depressed and upset, I fully opened up to him because I needed someone to talk to about things my parents don't even know. It is good to have a good cry. I remember something he once said to me when I was upset and it will stick with me for a long long time: "tears are droplets of weakness leaving the body, they only make us stronger." Words of true wisdom right?

He always knows what to say and how to cheer me up.

He genuinely makes me seriously happy and he appreciates me. I don't believe any compliments from him though because, well, I never got any with my ex and was made to feel small so any compliment I hear now I just think is utter bullshit. Though this guy knows how to treat women with respect and is a true gentlemen so I am slowly starting to believe him.

For weeks I have spent a lot of time with the new guy; we travel to and from each other's places because he lives an hour away from me so it's good how he can stay here, and me, there. We both work at the same place so we see each other every so often there which is better than nothing, right?

I knew I would fall for this guy the moment we properly started talking and seeing each other.

I didn't want to... but I did. I don't regret anything.

I really like this guy.

I am so glad I met someone new.

Much love,

Lauren Nicole O'Hara


Palma Spain. Back track - travelogue

Oh how things change in such a short amount of time. Remember when I was soon-to-be living in a two bed house with my fiancé and puppy? Well all that has gone down the drain.
I broke up with my fiancé in September this year only a week and a bit before we were due to go on our little 'couple's holiday' to Palma, Majorca, Spain for eleven days, so things got a little awkward.
My ex-fiancé started dating not long after we broke up... well specifically, he liked this girl before I even broke up with him. Low life. I know what you all might be thinking: "jealous." Well as a matter of fact, I am so glad he had met this girl, but the timing was way off and it feels like I have been cheated on - I probably have knowing my ex.
The day came where I was all packed and ready to go to Spain and headed off to the Airport - yeah I still went; it's a free holiday after all. However, this time that me and Daniel were going on holiday, we absolutely could not stand each other and we were both planning different ways we could kill each other - obviously joking of course - but if it was legal......

Awkward doesn't even come close to how I felt when I first saw him strolling through the busy crowd at the Airport, I also felt so many different emotions. I loved him after all - well I thought I did. I wanted to punch the bastard.

It was soon time to get on the plane and things between us got a little less awkward and we both felt more relaxed. The plane lights were dimmed and Daniel was staring out the window all the way through the flight until he decided to grab my hand... erm. I didn't know what to do except hold his hand back.

He knew this but I had already started talking to a guy at work and wanted to see where things lead with him but when you're sat next to your ex and he's getting all soppy and cute, you wouldn't know how to feel. What I felt was that I liked it, but I also hated it. How dare he. After all he did and said, after dating that girl, after telling me he wished he never asked me to marry him.. I just fell apart.

Two hours and 15 minutes later I finally got to 'sunny Spain.' Such a drag. At this point, Daniel and I kind of made friends and we told each other that there is no point being in another country for eleven days and despising one another when we can at least enjoy these last few days together.

First night - boring. We just went to the local bar and drank, then headed back to the hotel.

Second night we were doing touristy things and looked at what was about and planning on what we could do and when. Pretty dull day again, but at least the weather was beautiful and there was a pool and bar at the hotel. Talk about thanking God.

I loved the hotel, the staff were unbelievably friendly and provided you with everything I wanted and needed. They were the ones that made me enjoy the holiday!

You know what, this is going to turn into a boring blog post so lets cut to the chase.

Every other day was the same, except on some days we went to the Zoo, Beach, and Aquarium. Don't get me wrong, the beach was gorgeous but I did get sun stroke haha. Oh I suffered that day - I caught a tan though! The Zoo was crap, and I mean utter crap and small and a waste of my time. Palma Aquarium was good and I loved watching the Dolphins.

Dolphin shows are so good, but the bad thing was that it didn't last that very long - so I watched the show twice. I had time to kill... my ex... I'm joking, but there was plenty of time to watch all the shows at least three times each.

Why did I want to kill my ex when we made friends again on the flight? Good question.

The bastard slagged me off to his new girlfriend and you wouldn't believe what he had called both myself and my parents - that's right, he slagged off my parents.

I don't even care about my ex's privacy and what he said. I screen shot everything he said to the girl and I can easily paste them on my blog. Comment below if you want to see what he had said.

I can't be dealing with children. Yeah I got my ex drunk to the point where he was throwing his guts up in the bathroom and passing out on the floor, just so I could nosy through his messages. NO I am not some stalker ex-fiancé, I was merely just looking at what they both said because I had a hunch that something was said about me. I have never looked through his phone before and this was my first ever time.

Yeah, I was right in the end. My hunch was correct.

Again, if you want to see what he said, please comment.

As from this point on I couldn't stand my ex, I absolutely hated him and this was only a few days into the holiday. Things just got bad to worse and Daniel got back to his old tricks of TELLING ME WHAT I SHOULD AND SHOULDN'T DO.

It was both our holiday so I can do what I want. If I was sunbathing by the pool, Daniel would moan and get angry because I wouldn't get in the pool - I had just had my new extensions put in and didn't want to ruin them... I gave up though to keep him happy. Don't ask me why he won, I don't even know myself.

Everything had to be done his way, every day I had to do what he wanted to do. If I wanted to do something I had to ask him and see if he wanted to do the same thing. Yeah I enjoyed doing things together but once in a while I would have at least liked to do something myself and enjoy a little Me time.

After a week I just wanted to go home. I hated him. I hated Spain. I just wanted to get back home to my parents and siblings so that I could remove my ex from my life for good. He could then play happy families with MY PUPPY HE STOLE and spend time with his girl as well. The last four days of Spain was hell - there was a storm every night and it rained through the day.

I told you it got bad to worse.

Finally after eleven days of torture I was on my way home to England where I could finally be myself and enjoy work.

I also met someone.

Much Love.

Lauren Nicole O'Hara

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