Getting sick of your own presence

Do you ever feel like you want to just sit in a quiet, dark room and think about your whole life and where you are heading? I do. A lot. For a while now I feel, all this time, that I want to do something new, yano, like a hobby.

Everyday, I get sick of my own presence. Sometimes I wonder if Alexander is also sick of me, which is why we like to sit in different rooms and distracts ourselves from each other. As all couples do, we all get sick of one another, but when is it right to be sick of ourselves?

Blogging is my main hobby and I love it, but even now, I want to do something new. Don't worry though, my blog is my baby and it will always be here; updated every Monday, Wednesday and Friday for you lovely readers to read about my life but also my Guest Blogger's lives (on Fridays.)

When I was in High School I used to do a lot of things to keep me occupied, however, those hobbies never lasted long. When I left school I became a "voluntary" [I was never paid] Tattoo Apprentice, but after eight months, I had to leave as a result of the Tattoo Shop closing down. After that it was almost impossible to get an apprenticeship elsewhere as everyone wanted to be a Tattooist - Hard times. 

So when I was Eighteen, I began my baby in September of 2013 when I moved out of my parent's home into my own flat. It was a new beginning so I thought I might as well try this whole blogging business out. It grew from there, today, I am more than amazed with what I had created from something so small. 

Alternatively, when you do the same thing day in and day out, you want to start creating new ideas to keep yourself occupied. These last few weeks I have felt like my blog content has gone down a slope, and don't lie to me - I know you have felt the same way. From now on, I am going to make sure my content is top-notch, but also making sure I have new things to explore, and new hobbies to partake in.

Maybe doing something new and keeping my blog will help me understand why I have gotten sick of my own presence, but also help me explore new opportunities and activities. Everyone loves doing something new, everyone doesn't want to be stuck staring at the same four walls and their own feet all the time. I feel like I am turning into some fat, boring, lazy lump and I am sick of myself. 

It's time to make a change. From now on, you will see a whole new Lauren and you will be proud of me!

See you all very soon!

Much love,

Teen Sheep

As typical teenagers we once were, or maybe you are one now, you always follow the latest trends and taboos, but do we ever really see how bad these trends may be?

L.B.R Photography and the Photoshoot

Oh god, I have been meaning to do this post in such a long time but there had always been something stopping me, from no internet, to waiting for all the pictures to be finalised, to waiting for L.B.R Photography to have the site up and running. So now everything is done; everything is fine; everything is edited,  I can now finally do a blog post.

Do you remember the Youtube Video I created for my very first Vlog? Remember you saw L.B.R capture her photos of me? Yeah, that was the day! That was about three weeks ago! Now, I am going to show all the photos she had taken of me that day, but also a few photos she has done in the past, and finally, all about her photography business and why I am referring her. It is not a biased post either, so get that out of your beautiful mind.

This post will be classed as a Sponsored post as I have done work with her in return (and vise versa) for a post.

Good editing, right? I loved working with L.B.R and she makes you feel so at home in front of the camera. There is never a dull moment when it comes to L.B.R and her Photoshoots. She goes all out when it comes to props; later in the post you will see her use chandeliers, mirrors, and you can see here she has used smoke bombs. 

In my opinion, black and white is her strong point, but seen as there were smokebombs there, the colours are so vibrant. L.B.R works in so many different levels - her creativity never stops. If you scroll down a tad you will see the list of topics she does; events such as weddings, christening, and commercial. 

It doesn't stop there, L.B.R also refurbishes photos. What this means is you know the photos your Grandparents had taken of them years and years ago and they are all now tacky, mis-coloured, and had tears in them? Well L.B.R can fix them so they look they were only took yesterday. You will see for yourself in this post soon enough.

Let's just list the TYPES OF PHOTOGRAPHY L.B.R does first and then I will go into more detail with each one:

Refurb Photos

Bookings for Portrait Images are available throughout the Greater Manchester Area - Further locations CAN be negotiated but MAY incur extra charges. - she currently has NO Studio Setting, so Portrait images will be arranged for Locations or Home Sittings.

(No Photos as of yet)
Bookings for Weddings are available throughout the Greater Manchester Area - Further locations CAN be negotiated but MAY incur extra charges. Wedding Photography or Special Anniversary Packages; package prices may vary -  Pre/Post-Wedding Shoots are also available.

Bookings for Christenings are available throughout the Greater Manchester Area - Further locations CAN be negotiated but MAY incur extra charges. Package prices may vary - An email of the set price list will be sent to you on Request. - Pre/Post-Christening shoots are also available.

   She specialises in Restoring Damaged/Tarnished Photographs. For any enquiries on this subject, please contact her with regards to the set price list - including an attachment of the image you wish to have repaired. - (largest size possible).

Bookings for Events are available throughout the Greater Manchester Area - Further locations CAN be negotiated but MAY incur extra charges. Events can include things such as - Concerts, Proms, Baby Showers, Parties Etc.

If you have any Commercial Requests, or Requests Alternate from what has already been listed, please get in touch.. Ideas can be discussed, Arrangements can be made and Prices will be negotiated.

How gorgeous are L.B.R's Photographs? I love her variety and I am sire you love them too! 
If you want to get in touch just scroll down to all of her details. She is available 24/7 and she is amazing and very flexible! Please don't hesitate to call or email her, she is polite and very, very, respectful. 

Please be respectful and appreciate the work she does.

More info from her website

How to get in touch with L.B.R




Other Contact Details

41 Shipston Close, Bury, Lancs

07833 726113

Price list will be sent back on Request

Much love,

Make-up Travel Bag | Jennifer | Guest Blog

Monday is going to be a little different today. Don't expect this to be a regular thing, but I am currently going through a block in motivation and writing and I don't want to leave you lovely readers with no posts. As I have guest bloggers, the lovely Jennifer is taking over today as one. I hope you don't mind.

I'd rather have a guest blogger than leave my blog dry with nothing for you to read. This post is all about make-up and what to take with you when you travel. 

Here's Jeniifer's Make-up Travel Bag.

Hey everyone, I’m Jennifer from The American Faultier. I’m an American who moved to Germany in June of 2014. This August I will be traveling back to America for a few weeks to get married to my German fiancé.
I have kind of become a makeup junkie. Combine this with my need to pack everything I own, and you have a recipe for disaster when traveling. I have a roll-up travel makeup bag that I use to restrain myself, but I end up stuffing it with way too much stuff. As with my TSA restricted liquids bag, I'm attempting to cut down and be more efficient. Unfortunately, at least in terms of packing, I will need to look done up several times during my trip. I am getting married after all! For a trip with only casual events, I could probably get away with less, but that is not going to happen this time.


My tinted moisturizer will be in my liquids bag, so I save a little space here.
My current foundation, All Matt Plus in Light Beige from Catrice, can sometimes be tricky. It can be slightly too dark if I don't blend properly, but I have gotten very slight sun from walking around this summer, so it fits much better now. I really like the finish of it. It says "matt", but that's a lie. It's only semi-matte if that, but it doesn't leave me shiny. It's got decent staying power and medium, but build-able coverage. It evens out my skin tone, but you can still see my freckles through it, which is what I currently prefer. Also, I worry that anything thicker will slide off on the day of the wedding when we go outside to take pictures, and I don't want to end up with foundation all over my dress.
My current favorite concealers are The Wakeup Concealer by Manhattan for under the eyes and redness and this Müller (a German drugstore) brand concealer stick for blemishes. The Manhattan concealer offers nice coverage, but is thin enough to blend nicely. The stick concealer takes a bit of working with, but it’s full coverage and contains anti-acne (“pickel” if you’re German) ingredients, which make me feel like I’m at least not making everything worse.
For blush, I’m just going to bring a warm toned one and a cooler toned one from Catrice. They’re light enough to keep me from looking like a clown, but look quite nice on the skin. I am also going to bring my Glow Pearls highlighter from Physicians Formula, it’s glowy without being too glittery, which is basically all I want in a highlight.
My setting powder is the 2 in 1 Perfect Teint Powder & Makeup from Manhattan. It says that you can use it wet for heavier coverage, I would suggest not to, as it made me really cakey looking. However, it does work well dry and adds a small amount of coverage.
I chose not to pack any bronzer or contour products, because I don't really bronze or contour much. I will probably stop by Ulta and/or Sephora while I'm in America, and I will look to see if they have anything cool enough to keep me from looking like an oompa loompa. Though apparently highlighting without contouring is a thing now (strobbing?) so I can pretend that I'm just being trendy.


This is the area where I'm most likely to overdo it. Lipsticks are small, and so I get quite tempted to grab several crazy ones that I might use, but never end up actually putting on my face. This time I'm sticking with a nude, a natural, something pink, and something bold. That is probably still overdoing it, but it's better than what I normally bring. I need to get better with using lipliner, but for simplicity's sake, I'm just going to bring my clear one from Essence - the ultimate multitasker.
My Covergirl lipsticks have some killer lasting power, and I'm tempted to pick up more while in America. In Germany we have MaxFactor instead (0wned by the same company), but I think their similar lipsticks run around 10€ as opposed to the $6-$7 for the Covergirl ones.


My mascara will be in my liquids bag, and I don't really feel the need to bring several. I'm low-maintenance like that – as I’m sure you can tell by my super minimalist packing list.
My fiancé got me the Naked 3 palette as a birthday present, and it is perfect for trips like this. I can get a wide range of looks from it and the colors suit my skin tone very well. I would probably bring this even if I didn't have a fancy event to prepare for, since it's such a great palette for daily looks as well.
I also threw in a few of my Maybelline Color Tattoos because they are boss at staying on through the heat. They also look quite nice if you are lazy and just want to use one product and be done - and you can apply with fingers, so no need to bother with brushes! The colors I chose also play nicely with the Naked 3 palette.
I'm not bringing any bright colors, even though I'm tempted to, because in all reality, I'm not likely to use them. Or if I do, it would be once and I'd probably only do it to justify bringing them along in the first place. Neutral is totally fine for this trip.
As you can see by the generous amount of pan showing, I use this eyebrow gel from e.l.f. a lot. I use it daily and it's easy to use, so pretty much a no brainer to throw it in. I naturally have very thick eyebrows, so they require minimal filling and the tinted gel is an easy way to do just that and keep everything in place.
I’ve got a few Essence eyeliner pencils that I use fairly often. The silver and gold one I will use on a daily basis in the summer. Rather than cover my entire lid in eyeshadow, I’ll stick with just a line of bright liner. It’s less likely to crease and smudge than a full eyeshadow look (unless you use the Maybelline Color Tattoos, those things stay put!). A warning for contact lens wearers – these do have a tendency to get on my lenses if I put them in the waterline, particularly the darker colors, so I would suggest testing them out at home first to see if it happens to you.
I haven’t been too into liquid liner later, but I will probably want to use some for the special events during my trip, so I’m packing my e.l.f. ones in brown and black. They’re nothing fancy, but they’re cheap and they work. I’ve also got the e.l.f. Eyeshadow Primer for the exact same reason.


I got a fake Beauty Blender from dm (a German drugstore) and I love it. I had had so-so luck with drugstore spongey things before, so I was unsure, but I really like this one. I have never had a legit Beauty Blender, so I can't compare, but I think this "makeup-egg" blends everything quite nicely when used damp and the pointy end is great for concealer. As stated above, I'm worried my foundation will slide off on my wedding day if it is too thick, and this will definitely help keep things thin and blended.
My face brushes are from e.l.f. because I really like their studio line. I may invest in some high-end eyeshadow brushes at some point, but I've got some Essence ones that work well enough. I can't imagine them holding up as long as something that is higher-quality, though. I also have a cheapo pencil sharpener from I-don’t-know-where, because I have to keep my pencils sharp somehow – but I forgot to throw it in the close up picture. It’s nothing special, it just has one side for larger pencils and one for smaller.
I am on the fence about bringing false lashes with me, I’m not sure if I want to wear them or not. If I choose to bring some, I will probably go buy a very natural looking set, as that will fit better with the looks I think I’ll be using. I don’t normally wear false lashes, so I wouldn’t even consider them for a casual trip.

I mentioned a lot of products in this post, but it is not sponsored. I'll let you know if anyone ever sends me stuff or pays me to talk about it, and I will always tell you what I really think about something. I refer to online reviews all the time when deciding to purchase products, so it's important to me that people are honest, and I hold myself to that standard as well.
And a thank-you to Lauren for having me! I love having the opportunity to meet and work with new people! If you have any comments or think I left something super important out, please let me know!

Much love,

When you haven't blogged "your way" in a long time

My favourite summer look!
Top - £6.00
Skirt - MissGuided £8.00
Jelly Shoes - Varani £2.99

4 Basic HTML Codes for Beginner Bloggers

As a Blogger, we all want to latest codes for our own Blog, but even so, we all want to have a unique blog. To be honest, all codes are the same, it's the images we create ourselves and place codes on them that make our blogs unique and interesting to the eye.

Every time we publish posts, no matter how hard we worked on our content, I bet it's 99.9% possible that even if your content is good, if your blog page is not eye-catching, the reader will click straight off your page and not bother.

Would you rather have a page where readers will read posts after post; nosy through pictures; relate and observe; and most importantly want to come back and visit your blog again? Of course you do! 

So as I am a kind, helpful and really appreciative blogger for all the help I get, here are 4 basic codes I use on my own blog that I want to share with you.

2True Make-up Set Review | Part 2


Products that help go from pale natural beauty, to stunning beauty.

All the products you need to have a subtle yet vibrant look any time of the day.

Eyeliner - a) 2True Effortless Waterproof liquid Eyeliner No.2 b) 2True Pro Tech extreme Tapered Tip Eyeliner No.1
Lipstick - a) 2True Colour Drench Lipstick No.1 b) 2True Colour Drench Lipstick No.2
Nail Varnish - a) 2True Fast Dry Colour Quick Nail Polish Shade 23 b) 2True Fast Dry Colour Quick Nail Polish Shade 29

 Click here for Part 1 of the 2True review.

Foundation - 2True Pro BB Beautiful No.1. 8 in 1 formula.
Concealer - 2True Pro Bright Touch Concealer Pen No.1 
Eyeshadow - 2True Pro Eyeshadow Quad Palette Shade 1 
Eye Pencil - WOW! Color for eyes Shade 4 Amethyst

Effortless Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner No.2 (Not in Stock yet)

Pros-  Easy applicable. The picture does no justice by the way! The liquid is thick but easy to spread across the eyelid. You will be happy with this as much as I was.

Cons - It is very hard to do a point if you're a wing lover like myself. Using tape, however, will help tons more! There are no proper cons with this. Very happy with this product.

To be honest, everyone loves a liquid eyeliner for the quick swipe of make-up to make your eye shape pop out. I love, love, love, liquid eyeliners and I am pretty sure I own about three of the same brand. Comparing the eyeliner I already own to 2True's eyeliner, I actually prefer 2True's. Even my boyfriend prefers this eyeliner on me, but he's one of those boyfriends who are like: "yeah, looks great, can we go now?" Feeling the love haha! Anyway, he loves the packaging and so do I - it has such a summer feel!

Picture of the liquid eyeliner on below.

Pro Tech Extreme Tapered Tip Eyeliner No.2 £4.49

Pros - Precise and lovable! I used this for the first time and I was so impressed with how much pressure you could put on the point without it bending. It doesn't bend! You can create a gorgeous wing at any angle and it would do exactly what you want. It is perfect for a sharp point on your wing. Love this product!

Cons- When using the sharpy for a few minutes whilst concentrating on the wing or the line on your eyelid, you have to then shake the sharpy a little to bring back the liquid into the point. Not a big deal, but I am not a lover of stopping in the middle of doing my eyeliner to shake the pen.

Being a wing lover like I said before, I find it hard to use everyday liquid eyeliners, but the help of a sharpy eyeliner means your life will be made so much easier. I used this eyeliner to create the wing, but used the liquid eyeliner to create a line on my eyelid. Though I used this sharpy for the wing, it is just as good to use on your eyelid. I just found it quicker to do a quick smooth line with the liquid version and use the sharpy to do the wing!

Picture below of wing and line on eyelid. You will see why I love it.

Colour Drench Lipstick No.1 £2.29 No. 2 (Not in Stock Yet)
Pros - The packaging is so gorgeous - I am a big fan of silver! These lipsticks are great for a night out and a casual day, but also you can slide these into your purse as they do not take up any room. You can guess that these colours are bright and beautiful. Who doesn't love read? Maybe go daring with brown!

Cons - Even though this is a moisturising lipstick, when you have a drink or give your partner a sneaky kiss, the lipstick will easily smudge and/or come off (depending on what you are doing at the time.) 

Who doesn't love lipsticks? BUT who doesn't love a moisturising lipstick?! Oh yes, you read right! The colours are amazing and suit my skin colour extremely well! 2True, you really did go to the extent to check my skin colour but also what colour I normally use. Thank you!

Picture below of me using both lipsticks at the same time. You can then see both lipsticks on me at the same time, and how well they go with my skin tone.

Fast Dry Quick Colour Nail Polish Shade 23 £1.99 Shade 29 (Not in Stock Yet)

Pros - Even though on the bottle it says "two coats," you actually on need one! Two you will do if you want the nail varnish to pop out, but if you're like me and like subtle, you will just use one. None of your actual normal nail colour shows through with one coat. These are perfect summer colours, don't you agree?

Cons - When trying to photography the nail varnishes, I noticed the blue is more thinner than the pink. As a cluts, I accidentally dropped the blue nail varnish *whoops* which is where I did notice how thin it was.

Perfect summer colours but the pale pink is also good for the Autumn time! (Fall if you're Amercian) The colours also go so well side by side so if you're a pattern lover, then you will love these two in a design! (I haven't took any photos of them being used a) I have very small, chewed nails b) I would have took photos of the colours on my toes but even I don't feel comfortable showing my feet, never mind how you feel about feet!)

If you loved this review, how about checking out Part 1? If you are a company owner, I would love to hear from you - I am open to all kinds of products to an extent of course. My email is

Leave comments too you lovely lot! I really do appreciate opinions of all kinds!

❤ ❤ 2TRUE ❤ ❤

I hope you loved these second half of the review.
Please leave opinions in the comment box, thank you!

Much love,

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