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I'm so Adult

This post may come off as a Diary entry.
Love it or hate it; consider it the Marmite of the internet.

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I've been kinda getting used to doing these tags, or reading Tags for that matter. I love learning new things about other people (being the nosy person I am) and I think that you like reading my Tags, right? Well if you don't, you can skip this and read previous posts you've not read yet!


Brutal honesty

Sometimes I just want to write how I feel. Brutal honesty. But if I did, no one would bother to read past this next full stop. 
So enjoy my honesty in third person.

When times are hard, she finds herself trying to keep a positive light on the worst of darknesses. Life around her seems so negative, there were those who were supposed to be the ones that help her get back on her feet. Sat in a field surrounded by life, she felt the wall of trees closing in as if it is her turn to not make anything of herself.

A cry for help, turns into screams in the middle of the forest with only the birds and the animals to listen to her sorrows. Whenever she wanted and needed help, only the crusted Autumn leaves swished past her with no care in the world; the Autumn breeze whistled tormentingly into her ear; the grass danced by her feet, and the birds tweeted their ever so beautiful tune. Everything around her so carefree. Why did she feel so much like Simba strolling across the forbidden land so lost and alone? 

Slowly, she pushes on across the land she once felt she loved more than anything; the land that once gave her a boost of hope and happiness, but also the light of positivity and creativity. She once earned herself a life, willing to put anyone else before her, but as she strolled further across the field, creatures of all shapes and sizes began to gloat and rain on her parade.

Life is what makes the world go around; life makes mothers and fathers; life is the main thing she wanted to bring into this world. As the blue sky and bright glistening sun began to fade, she saw thick, choking smoke of unconscious disbelief swarm above the trees that fed the animals. There was a fire building up and heading towards her. Trying to run, she was surrounded - trapped. 

Fouls, puppies, calves and cubs all hung onto their mothers. Running over to the new lives, she felt the sudden urge to protect and admire that she does not have herself. Everyday she would wonder around the forest she became lost in, watching animals become mothers whilst it tugged on her heart strings. Positivity was beginning to fade, as well as the light of day. Flowers that bloomed began to wilt as the Autumn season clawed against every living plant it ran into; sadness took over as she felt their pain. 

Choking so quickly on the smog of the fire forest, she saw a field across a fast running river of clear water that shone rainbows and blue skies so bright - it was heaven to her. Looking over, she saw rabbits, bears, deer, and all their offspring playing, eating and loving life; she was envious and in awe of their carefree lives. Faster and faster she ran towards the land she dreamt of being in, but as she ran, the trees around her closed in more. Was she trapped forever? 

Astonishingly, she found a gap; a gap to set her free and gain access to her heaven. She ran, quicker and quicker, jumping over each and every obstacle that stood in her way, but something stopped her in her tracks. Her hands were pressed against it; she could feel but she could not see; she pushed but could not move; she climbed but she could not soar; she tried but she could not succeed. A barrier was keeping her trapped and the longing to be on the other side was not in her reach. The fire was roaring and destroying in its path; her expression was of terrified and traumatised; and the smoke smothered her until the barrier was no more clear.

To be Continued...

Much love,
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